Sullivan’s memorable day

The arrival of Seb Haller as a Hammer has been universally hailed as something of a near miracle and to everybody involved at the club we have to say huge congratulations!

Everybody knows that Haller is one of the brightest young strikers in Europe with 16 goals and 12 assists to his name at Frankfurt last season.

Linked with Man United for a long time, there were very few of us who probably genuinely believed that the fabulous young striker would become an Iron.

And when it became clear that the director of football Mario Husillos had joined the boss in China, serious doubts crept in following the Maxi Gomez saga.

It meant the negotiating was left to co chairman David Sullivan, and whatever your feelings towards him, this has to be said.

His ability to get the deal over the line in the face of some very big issues is worthy of the biggest  praise. Only the unreasonable, prejudiced or logically unbalanced would surely argue the opposite.

It has become clear since CandH started following every step of the talks that there were huge issues  unfolding all the way including:

O the player being sold against the better judgement of his former club;

O that Frankfurt, in a bid to stop it its tracks, initially asked for 75 per cent of the eventual €45 million fee up front;

O that was later moderated to the full fee within 18 months

O that the agents put it around that other clubs were involved when they weren’t – something for which many fell

O and that they also wanted a clause included which would force us to sell him to a Champions League club next summer if offers came in.

Sullivan stood firm and finally sealed a five year deal with a further 12 month option refusing to give way on the Champions League clause.

And it all meant that one way or another, over the next 18 months the board will need to find up to €50 million. That is commitment!

Every bit of skullduggery we have come to expect in such situations was involved in this deal and that it was tied up as quickly as it was is pretty amazing.

We have done a top deal and on this occasion Mr Sullivan takes the plaudits. This is a memorable day for him and us.

Congratulations as well to the management team who identified the striker.

It’s been a great day!



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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

15 comments on “Sullivan’s memorable day

  1. Credit, where credit is due. The board and owners have invested dramatically to secure one of the best young strikers in Europe.I know there are a lot that will not say a good word towards the owners, Hopefully those fans can concentrate on what happens on the pitch, rather than constantly looking to jump on anything they can to bash the board and owners.

  2. I’m not sullys biggest fan to start with but warming to the main ma personally as time goes on. Why this is has a few reasons one being he woke up after the Burnley at home game two seasons ago as fans showed they had enough of talking and wanted action. Secondly even if that’s the wrong way to demonstrate it actually worked and pelle was brought in much to golds plea for Moyes to become the main guy in the future and remember sully is the main man here actually doing what he feels is right and not gold like when he brought in his mate grant as a coach (disaster). He actually now is letting a top coach buy the right players and giving him the chance to do his magic . Anyway well done sully mate hope you keep this change of heart going until you sell or pass on to the family as we can become a top four club seeing the demise of manure and others not so far in front of our squad ( bar man city of course ) who are way ahead of all others imo

  3. So there’s no release clause?

  4. The change in SuGo is remarkable. From being major pains in arse to nearly invisible in such a short period of time is the biggest improvement we could have ever wished for. Sully has put his money where his mouth is & has backed Pelle.
    It wasn’t that long ago when all that nonsense with Sporting Lisbon was making us a laughing stock.
    Let’s hope it stays that way.

  5. well said credit where credits due. anyine slagging off sullivan still is jjust plain deluded or addicted to moaning. just look at newcastle…

  6. Congrats for all those involved in getting this deal over the line.I am 100% sure this will be seen in a few years as the biggest turning point in a positive way for the fantastic West Ham..All other prem teams need to be scared now!!!,,COYI!!!

  7. Hugh, now I believe it lol!!
    Sullivan is now backing up all the talk.
    The majority of the signings made since the appointments of Pellegrini and Husillos have been a step up from previous seasons.
    I must admit that I wasn’t totally convinced by the appointment of Pellegrini but it has been a shrewd bit of business by the board. That decision signalled their intent to take the club to the next level and so far they are doing that…long may it continue.

  8. Whatever some may have said about Mr Sullivan and Mr Gold, they are not faceless overseas owners who jet in and out for only some of the games. They do not have the same level of resources that some Premiership club owners have, but they are backing our manager with their cash as much as they probably can. They appear to me to be real supporters of our great club, so in some ways they are a bit of a throwback to the club owners of yester-year. On balance, I know which kind of owners I would prefer. Good for them for stumping up for Haller. Let’s just hope he does the business on the pitch. If they could just dig a bit deeper in their pockets to get another CDM and a LB (unless Johnson’s the answer), then things would really be looking good … COYI

  9. Let me start by saying that I am overjoyed by the Haller signing and in my 35yrs+ of supporting us I cannot remember the last time we signed a top notch striker in his prime. We have frightening attacking talent at the club now like never before.

    In terms of the owners, they are clearly dressing the club up for a sale. When we moved in to the OS the owners made a deal with the Gov that in the event that they sold the club a portion of the proceeds would go to the Gov. This portion ratchets down and I believe it falls away after 4 years. As such, they ran the club on a absolute shoe string during the years where they knew they would not sell due to the ratchet clause, and now that the end of the clause is in sight they are investing in the club to the get as attractive a valuation as possible.

    I do not disagree with what they have done as owners – they are shrewd businessmen – but anyone who thinks these sums being invested are being done so out of pure love for the club / reaction to the Burnley game are not seeing the full picture.

  10. This is absolutely extraordinary stuff, even by your standards Hugh. Super Sullivan saving the deal after Husillos’ ineptitude nearly caused it to collapse – do you seriously think anyone is going to swallow this? It’s frankly disrespectful to the intelligence of the average West Ham fan if you do. Soviet Russia eat your heart out! Yes, they’re spending money, but please stop pretending it’s their own – it’s TV money, and on the rare occasion when they do dip their hand in their pocket, it’s because they know they will profit handsomely from the interest they charge the club they “love”. 99% of fans would have a lot more respect for the board if they were honest about this.

  11. Sullivans signing of Pellegrini and Husillios has been crucial. The mistake that had been made since moving to the new stadium was that the move alone would improve the quality of players arriving. The new manager has proven he’s the key. The backing of the new manager with club funds ( not personal funds) has been vital. In fact the stark difference in the player profiles / quality since they taken over the signings couldn’t be clearer. We know Sullivan loves a pound note and he must see that getting these younger (albeit more expensive) players will lead to increased riches when they eventually get flogged on, in contrast to the likes of Hernandez.

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