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Super bowl comparisons with Hammers


NRg2I couldn’t help but feel sorry for the Atalanta Falcons in the early hours of this morning. There they were 28-3 ahead at the third quarter only for the New England Patriots draw level 28-28 before full time in dramatic fashion with the Patriots going on to win the Superbowl 38-28 in extra time (over time).

It reminded me of that painful day in 2006 when Liverpool did the same to us in the FA Cup. We were 2-0 up after 28 minutes only to concede late in injury time to make it 3-3. The rest as they say is history, we lost 3-1 on penalties. It still hurts now 10 years later! We feel your pain Atlanta fans!

NRG1Another comparison with West Ham was the stadium used last night.  The 71,000 capacity NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas was designed by the same company as the London Stadium which was Populous.

The stadium is also a multi use stadium which is home to National Football League’s Houston Texans, the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, the Texas Bowl, host to many international soccer matches for the USA National Football (Soccer) Team and WrestlMania. The stadium served as the host facility for Super Bowl in 2004 and 2017.

However, unlike the London Stadium it cost just £282m to build  the purpose built stadium and has a 32-year naming rights deal worth £241m. Oh and the seats are slightly closer to the pitch.

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  • West Ham Fan No 32 says:

    What a superbowl it was, I thought at 28 – 3 it was all done and dusted but you can never write Tom Brady off, I won’t write too much about it unless people have recorded it and want too watch it but it was a very special match.

  • Stan The Man says:

    I see it hasnt taken long for the wally brains on whitid to get popping about this place as a fresh week begins.I think it is a smashing site for articles but a few b!tches on there spoil reading it.

  • Sticky Fingers says:

    I thinks you will finds they had already had a go at a couple of users on here becoz they had the audacity to question nigels involement on whuisa.Then the proof readings the poll what next? They reminds me of a load of ugly birds b1tching about the good looking gals in a pub.

  • Radai Lama-.Sky Bet 15/8 as West Hams Next Manager says:

    Ffs the geezers who were on here slagging off Nigels involvement in WHUISA like that Billy i had never even seen on here until last week.Is that how it works now,one randow w*nker turns up to have a go & what he says reflects all of our views does it 😬😀
    It wouldn’t surprise me if it was one of them calling themselves Billy just to cause some sh*t 😂😂

  • Stan The Man says:

    Nothing will ever change fellas.Not while you have stirrers like the one who makes comments like the ‘on the hitlist’ one.Same fella everytime turns up on posts about this place to keep the problems going.Its what they want,they know who they are & why they do it.
    Im in my 69th year and really dont need their childish stirring behaviour.If they are West Ham fans they are type i dont need to ever meet!!
    Im sure they come here regualrly to see what they can have a go about.If you dont like the place dont read it.Is it that hard to not do.But then if they didnt read the place they would have nothing to stir about.Its like having a group of children on a blog it really is.Keyboard cowards at its worse.

    • WHU647580 says:

      Fella all due respect, but i don’t only go on WHTID to talk about this place, it just ****es me off a little that nearly every day for months there would be snide comments on here. The moment C&H is mentioned over there (which has been more recently I’ll admit that) all hell breaks loose! I’ve never bad mouthed anyone by name (that I can remember) so dry your powder, I also never came out with some of the other stuff that got so many backs up over here but I could see why it was said when you look at some of things that got out of hand when Hugh intervened.

      Anyway as HH constantly says I have no idea why these two sites can’t get along, there doesn’t seem to be a beef with any other sites. Anyway peace out we’re all hammers after all and it’s just opinions about football.

      • Sticky Fingers says:

        Mush you are like a sniffer dog when it comes to this place getting mentioned.Meself i aint got a clue what floats your boat but i dont thinks there is a single comment mentioned about this place where you dont get excitable If you are really that bothered about folks getting on you wouldnt get involved with the comments but you loves it How about you ignore them instead of rubbing your paws with glee If fellas from both sites dont get involved then they trouble makers will give up Maybe some of you on both sites dont want it to die a death
        Like Stan im too old for your kiddies games so i have had enough of sites I would prefer to talk in the pub than on these playgrounds

      • If people on WHTID wanna have a pop no issue. It’s probably more to do with me personally than anything else. And I don’t care. Let it go guys. Shame we can’t have some peace and quiet but avoid winding it up.Moaning, and griping is an addiction – avoid…LOL

  • Radai Lama-.Sky Bet 15/8 as West Hams Next Manager says:

    Lol since i read someone on here say a geezer on there said this was a classless chav site i have been feeling good about myself.Being nearer to 35 than 30 it has made me feel young again.Cant find my Burberry baseball cap anywhere though,i have been searching high & low 😂😂

  • You can all help by letting us know what’s what . We can’t be on here all the time – so much to do. Write to letting us know. One or two of you are already and it helps us

  • Irons Fanatic says:

    There is only one main person dissing this forum and thats a Tom who has been storming across whtid like a dose of epsom salts recently.Continually referring to this place in derogatory terms and now shouting the odds about some author on there offering apoligises.Talk about empty vessels make the most noise.He needs to keep his nose out of things that dont concern him & stick to being a fan.Not a site moderator,owner or critic of other sites.
    Some people have no off button or filter…

      • Radai Lama-.Sky Bet 15/8 as West Hams Next Manager says:

        Think he is on about a geezer on the other site who says it on there Hugh.Wouldnt know i dont read it.As a chav what i cant see cant bother me 😀

        • Can’t be arsed really Rads/Irons fanatic. Sounds as tho he has what is politely known as a personality disorder. IQ size of my shoe. May speak with ID at some point but really much too busy finding stories. Your support means an awful lot. Many thanks guys. Jut gotta go now and polish up my chain and gong. Where do I get those caps with the peak at the back 😉

          • West Ham Fan No 32 says:

            just ignore it, what another keyboard warrior with a chip on their shoulder. They get called Wetties and what not by some over here, so what if they call us a few names its all meaningless.

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