Swansea 0 Irons 0 – what the fans thought!

West Ham fans have been reacting to the 0-0 draw against Swansea on the ClaretandHugh Facebook forum at https://www.facebook.com/groups/363174467150521/permalink/739222066212424/?comment_id=739229752878322¬if_t=group_comment

Here’s what several of them have to say


Toby Cole I knew we wouldn’t score when jelavic was announced as our striker today

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David Bray
David Bray It was awful, jelavic shocking. 7 games without a win, when should we start to worry ?

Niall McDonald
Niall McDonald i started worrying at the Sunderland away game

Niall McDonald
Niall McDonald at least there’ll be no complaints when Carroll’s back

Carol Combes
Carol Combes We need to come out fighting in these games. Today we let them totally dominate, showed no determination to get the ball back! I’m not worried, just disappointed.

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Mark John Candler
Mark John Candler With the players missing 3 0-0’s on the trot is frustrating but it could be a god send we get players back in new year when other teams could have our luck in the 2nd half of the season!

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Martin Pacetti
Martin Pacetti It’s just so frustrating when we play like we did today, we were happy to let Swansea have 73% possession, but we should have played more on the front foot,

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Brian Neil Gay
Brian Neil Gaythe few times we did start to press a bit Swansea did start to make mistakes themselves, we should have kept that up. What really concerns me with the way we played today is that it is all very we’ll sitting back and remaining compact but we didn’t have the pace and guile to counter attack decisively. Its clear that not all the replacements are capable of playing understudy to those out injured.
Graham Herbert Surely, we must also take into account that Swansea also made it very difficult for Man City before losing narrowly. These teams are fighting for points.
Rob Elliott The negativity is crazy – we are 8th at christmas…I’ll take that


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12 comments on “Swansea 0 Irons 0 – what the fans thought!

  1. Made my point earlier lol!
    Swansea the poorest side we have played this year are disappointed they didn’t beat us ?
    Says it all really !!
    Make song or read captain and get rid of noble in Jan and play Cullen or oxford !!
    Get a grip Bilic ! He ain’t no captain ??? They lead by example don’t they ! Oh yes I forgot ,
    He did and they followed !
    Happy with a point !! Not today . It was hurt full watching our midfield play ! Not !

  2. If, at the beginning of the season (after our ignominious exit from Europe-lite) you had given me 8th after 17 games, I (and most of you if you’re honest) would have snapped your hand off.
    We are playing difficult games without our three best attacking players, Payet, Lanzini and Sakho. No games are easy in the Prem – Norwich just beat Man U FFS!) .
    Today’s game was awful, but we still got something out of it. Wake up folks and enjoy where we are. We’re a developing side with a new manager who inherited a lot of (TBH) mediocre players.
    Once the three important absentees mentioned above are back, the football will improve.
    Get behind Bilic and the team and stop moaning!

  3. 4 defeats all league season what’s the problem ?
    ManU,Liverpool,Everton,West Brom, would have swapped with us today,
    In fact most would have swapped our whole season
    Yes I want to win yes I want us to play better yes I want us to get our best players back ,
    But I can wait like I have most of my life
    All good things come to those that wait,

  4. Trouble is Jelavic is turning into Bilic’s Nolan.
    Surely Valencia was fit enough to play from the start,
    Bilic is seetting us up now to not lose.
    Gone is the adventure of early season.
    Teams like Watford and Palace are carrying on with a more limited team than we are putting out despite the injuries.
    Give Cullen a game, I’m sure he’ll give us the drive needed.
    Jenkinson for Antonio at the end was ridiculous.

  5. I think johnboy is a glass half empty kinda guy

    • I think dainon should not get personal and respect others opinion
      Who with their hand on heart thought noble led by example as his predecessor s did !
      Moore ,bonds , martin , dicks .?
      I’ve been coming here for 54 years and always got behind the team no matter what!
      And as its my right as a hammer to express my dissapointment when we witness a performance as poor as that , and to be honest I’m getting sick of the cliches by people saying get behind the team and stop moaning !!! Pansy talk ?
      Its a supporters right as he pays good money which the players and club live off !!
      Everyone saw noble struggle today ! He is not a leader !

  6. It is incredible to think that today we played the bottom team in the PL and we couldn’t score a single goal.
    How anyone could find any kind of satisfaction out of today is mind boggling. And bibs you might not have that much waiting time.
    As johnboy says he’s been waiting 54 years and there’s thousands for whom the clock ran out

  7. If Slav had maximized the time that Zarate and Valencia could have played together, the probability of scoring a couple of goals, and securing a much needed win, would have increased considerably. I am at a total loss as to why he started the game with Jelavic; by doing so, we were effectively playing with 10 men! He never looked like doing anything constructive, and I fear his best days are well behind him. Assuming that Valencia was fit enough to begin the game,, he was the obvious choice as start-up striker, with Zarate playing next and/or near to him. No further arguments needed..

  8. …both respect your view and your right to have it Johnboy – but “Pansy talk” ha, ha, ha…oh dear. (Now who’s being personal?)

  9. Start with Valencia let him run himself out . Then switch Antonio into the centre . His pace and turn would have troubled their cb s. Hes played there before and got goals/

  10. Canchaz bottom means no one above you,
    We are still 8th we have lost to the top team in the league,Bournemouth when they had a full team and buzzing a good Watford team that is beating everyone at the moment and a Spuds team that we were not at the races otherwise we have had great results,
    Why all the down beat attitude from fans that very really have much to cheer for do you really want to be in Sunderlands boots boring Hippo and defeats even when you set up to get a draw as usual,or Liverpool under the mighty Klopp still the bad squad of players as when he took over but other wise rubbish,
    Or Man U under another boring manager who can’t buy a win and the premier would be better with his absence,
    Ho Ho Ho happy Xmas and a great result for Boxing Day and all will b well

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