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Pellegrini: The Fans React

Wow, what a day. The club decided to hit us with the news early this morning as many of the fans were heading for work (or in my case finishing one last bowl of Crunchy Nut) with sleep in their eyes. Clearly those sneaky elves in the West Ham media department had put their videos […]

Chicharito: Leading The Line at The LS

Finally Javier Hernandez is being deployed in his favoured position and it’s not surprising that the run of games has yielded goals and assists. It’s not rocket science, Chicharito has scored goals at international, domestic and European level for his whole career when deployed as a striker. Yet for some unknown reason when he was […]

Transfer Window: Fans Verdict

We’re back with our first ‘Your Shout’ of the silly season where rumours are rife and our beloved Hammers continue to get linked with anyone capable of lacing some expensive football boots. For the uninitiated amongst you ‘Your Shout’ is the show where we ask West Ham fans to send in clips of themselves talking […]

Hammer Horror Show

Sorry but I couldn’t resist the Halloween themed headline but it is quite apt. Our inability to hold on to a 2-0 lead against a struggling team without a striker was horrific whilst Antonio displayed the dexterity of Herman Munster at the end. Anyway what started out as a promising day turned quite sour at […]

Bilic on The Brink: Blowing Bubbles Special

That was the title of Septembers Blowing Bubbles Magazine and it looks quite prophetic as October draws to a close. When the team from the popular West Ham publication sent me their clips on Friday even the most pessimistic of us never imagined that we’d lose 3-0 at home to Brighton Hove Albion. What might […]

Carroll Ban a Blessing?

It’s been spoken of at length since the the final whistle blew against Burnley but it does appear that Andy Carroll’s idiotic double lunge may well pave the way for a more attractive (not to mention effective) style of play. I’m surely not the only person who is concerned that Slav will shoehorn the big […]

Your Shout: Masuaku Must Start

We’re back with our show from our fans channel that gives the West Ham supporters the chance to voice their opinions on all the West Ham related issues. This time we welcome Paul back to ‘Your Shout’  for the third time and on this occasion he discusses the game against Swansea City as well as […]

Matchday Video:Defiant Bilic Bounces Back

Our first home game of the season seemed an awful long time in coming and it was fantastic to see so many familiar faces on the pre-match boats and in the ground. I’ve had a season to get to know a few of the people around me and it was good to see that so […]

More Mischief Canning Town Style

Well it’s David Golds birthday and there is no better way to celebrate than amongst friends and in this animation ‘Goldie’ eagerly awaits his gift from co-chairman David Sullivan. For those who don’t know this is the new West Ham parody account known only as Canning Town Len who puts a quirky twist on all […]

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

I’m talking about West Ham of course and specifically the the amount of fuel we seem to continuously donate to feed the media’s fire. This first international week is supposed to provide meagre pickings for those who seek to fill the column inches and 24 hours news channels.  The World Cup qualifying break has just started […]