Talk a Good Game LIVE

We’ll be broadcasting our post match reaction live on Claret & Hugh so join as for full match analysis . . .  . . .  . if you can bear it.

Click on the link below 1 minute after the referee blows his whistle for full-time



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3 comments on “Talk a Good Game LIVE

  1. There were enough poor defensive performances last season to show we were not quite up to the necessary standard. Things were not looked at in the close season and we are now paying the price. I don’t want to go completely over the top (as it is easy to do just after a loss) and I think the squad does have talent but something isn’t quite right. Billic has two winnable home games to Southampton and Middlesborough to get it right otherwise we need to move on.

    Another thing, I don’t know why we couldn’t have spend our transfer money on 3 or 4 top quality players to really make a difference. 1 striker, 1 CM, 1 CB and 1 RB. We tried to get too many in on the cheap and now we are suffering. Leicester only added a few to last seasons squad but they have hit the ground running and are making a difference.

  2. One word – unacceptable!

  3. There are no words to describe how poor we are without the ball, not that I can repeat without censorship, the only defender that has been playing well has some sort of nervous twitch and gives away a ridiculous penalty… I feel sorry for Bilic the players are letting him down, to have 72% possession and concede 4 goals tells you two things, you are woeful defensively and not using the ball effectively, we should be scoring 4 or 5 ourselves with that kind of dominance.

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