Talk Sport Hosts Massive Bowen Clanger

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YouTuber and Talk Sport host Mark Goldbridge has gone viral on social media today for all the wrong reasons.

West Ham supporters are laughing at the expense of the Manchester United fan after Goldbridge was caught criticising Gareth Southgate’s decision to bring on substitute Jarrod Bowen during a live stream of the Serbia vs. England match.

During the broadcast, Goldbridge couldn’t hide his irritation and confusion over Southgate’s choice to replace Bukayo Saka with West Ham’s Bowen. With England struggling in the second half of their Euro 2024 match against Serbia, Southgate needed to make a change as the influential Saka’s impact began to wane.

Goldbridge had a notable outburst as Bowen trotted onto the pitch, exclaiming: “Jarrod Bowen, Jarrod Bowen! What the bloody hell, for Saka? Jarrod Bowen. What the f***.”

However, the YouTuber quickly backtracked as Bowen skilfully jinked down the wing and created a brilliant opportunity for Harry Kane.

“That actually would’ve been a great cross by Bowen,” he admitted. “That would’ve been a very good goal actually. Did well, Bowen, put the cross in.”

Before Bowen’s near-assist, Goldbridge had listed several players he would have preferred to see instead of Bowen and even offered some advice to Southgate. “Nothing against Bowen, we’ve got better players on the bench,” he said.

In all honesty, I can’t criticise too much. I seem to remember demanding Terry Venables drop Alan Shearer before Euro 96 . . . Shearer went on to win the Golden Boot.

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  • Dave says:

    Anyone who’s seen clips of this clown when talking about Man U should know not to take one second of what he says serious. Another online know nothing who wants to be famous.

    • Allan says:

      every one of the guys who do a “watch along” ni matter what team they follow are a tool

  • dani blu says:

    When will I be famous ?
    When will I get my picture in the papers ?

  • Zippy says:

    Bowen was doing more at the back towards the end than Saka would have. He had a great 15-20 minutes. Talk sport tools.

  • Ian says:

    Just google mark goldbridge real name. You can thank me later😅

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