Team and subs for Palace game



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13 comments on “Team and subs for Palace game

  1. Interesting, I thought Kouyate was ill. Mind games from Slav perhaps?
    Not sure about Emenike, would have preferred Sakho. Still, Slav knows best.
    2-0 to the irons!!!

  2. He has picked Sakho as well,
    Only problem is weather Antonio can keep their wingers Quite,but I think he is playing Emineke because he works harder then Moses and Valencia but offers speed and width in front of Antonio,
    Not a bad team just hope Tomo gets some playing time before Manure turn up

  3. Incredible goal by Dimitri again,just unbelievable.Mind if you go on the Wetpants match thread you would think we were losing.Crikey there are some miseries on there,lol

  4. Beautiful strike from Payet wasn’t it Gobs.What a player.
    Thought you would have realised as a West Ham fan if you want to keep your sanity you steer clear of the Wetpants match comments.Some of them have budgies flying round in their heads,lol.Shockers mate,absolute shockers 😀

    • Yes I have drawn the conclusion that you are correct Billy.Having read some of the post match comments then I admit a few of them are totally full of crap,lol.

  5. I’m getting so fed up of these sh#t refereeing decisions.It’s a joke!

  6. Clatternburg needs to be struck off. When is he going to realise he is not the star of the show? He always has to put the attention on himself. Why can’t he just referee a game without doing something outrageous? He is always ruining games. I know we will win an appeal but that’s 4 points dropped for poor refereeing decisions. It’s not funny, this is about millions of pounds of revenue lost.

    We need video replays. Referees cannot be trusted to make the correct decisions.

  7. If I were even MORE paranoid than I actually am, I would begin to think conspiracy.
    Would the FA really want teams such as Leicester and West Ham in the CL at the expense of the more ‘glamorous’ clubs?

  8. Nearly all refs are a total joke these days.They ruin matches & the overall league with their useless decision making.
    Gobby,honestly mate some of the match comment guys on WHTID are the worst of the worst.They only go on there to moan about our team & players instead of dishing it out their wives.Total tossers,they are a ‘kin joke.Even some of the regulars on there get p#ssed off with them,lol

  9. If that red doesn’t get rescinded then I will be amazed.Absolute bolloxs up from Clattenburg.I can handle the odd refs balls up but three in our last few matches is taking the p#ss!!!

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