Ten interesting facts

If you are a die-hard Hammers fan, chances are that you are already familiar with some of these interesting facts. Nonetheless, it’s always nice to recall some of them and feel the pride of being a Hammers supporter.

On the other hand, if you are a casual West Ham fan, you are definitely going to love some of the interesting trivia presented in this article. Without further ado, let’s check out some of these facts.

The Hammers Used To Be Called Thames Ironworks FC

Before their current name West Ham United FC, the Hammers were called Thames Ironworks FC. The team disbanded in 1900 only to reunite once again under a new name which is still in use today.

The Hammers Are a Favourite Team on Top Football Betting Sites

According to many of the best football betting sites featured on bestbettingsites.uk, the Hammers are often given great odds, even if they play against much stronger opponents. It seems that many bookies are West Ham United fans as well.

Three Players from the Hammers Won the World Cup

One of the most glorious days of British football was when they won the World Cup back in 1966. West Ham wrote some of the most important pages of its history back then, as three of the Hammers were part of the national team that returned with a trophy. The three winners were Martin Peters, Bobby Moore, and Geoff Hurst. If you are one of the younger fans, you might not know about these players. However, all you need to know is that Hurst scored a hat-trick in that finals, securing the World Cup trophy for England.

A 99-Year Lease

Back in 2013, the club signed a 99-year lease for the Olympic Stadium (aka London Stadium). In other words, they were granted a new home by moving from Upton Park back in 2016. If all goes well, the club will remain there until 2115.

The Hammers Never Dropped Below the Second League

Not many English clubs stayed in the top two tiers since their founding year. In fact, the only clubs to have never dropped below the second league are Tottenham Hotsup, Newcastle United, Liverpool, Everton, Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal… and West Ham United.

The Hammers Played the First FA Cup Final at Wembley

The first FA cup final that took place at Wembley Stadium (which was called Empire Stadium back in the day) was in 1923, and the Hammers made it to the very end. However, they did not manage to win the cup, losing to Bolton Wanderers 2–0. One of the things that made this final memorable is that the number of spectators who attended the game was about 200,000. At that time, the maximum possible capacity of the stadium was 127,000.

It’s Not Just the Hammers

The Hammers is perhaps the most popular nickname for the football club from England. However, their fans love calling them various nicknames as well. One of the first nicknames was The Irons (since the club was named Thames Ironworks). Moreover, fans like to call the club The Academy of Football (sometimes just The Academy). Perhaps the most interesting nickname is The Cockney Boys!

Brian Dear Holds a Record for Quickest Five Goals Scored

Brian Charles Dear, who was called Stag by West Ham fans, managed to break one of the club’s records by having scored five quickest goals ever. It only took him twenty minutes to achieve this in a game against West Brom back in 1965. Dear’s senior career started in the Hammers where he played from 1962 to 1969. In fact, it’s actually the only team he had ever played for and thus his reputation of a true Hammer.

The Hammers Got a Team of the Year Award in 1965

The 60s were pretty good for the Hammers. Not only did they set new records but also managed to be voted Team of the Year in 1965. The award is a part of the BBC’s Sports Personality of the Year Awards ceremony.

The Hammers Were The First Winners of the FLWC

The Football League War Cup took place for the first time during WWII. The Hammers played well during the wartime and managed to win the first FLWC ever, winning against Blackburn Rovers in the decisive game.