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Thank God for the Hammers winterval

It’s been a long time coming but maybe the Hammers and us long suffering supporters have been finally given a break!

I’m no lover in wintervals and international fortnights but to be honest the one we are currently travelling through – bad though it is for news flows – has to be welcomed by those looking for a rest from the dramas surrounding this club right now.

The ridiculous publicity – much of it self inflicted by those inside the club who should know better –  plus a series of results which have left us deep in the mire have had the potential to turn all of us into mental wrecks.

But apart from a few odd comments on forums where much the same sort of moan is repeated over and over again to the point of ad nausem, all is quiet.

Beyond that, Storm Ciara ensured the Hammers would have an 18 days free of any match action, the players went  off to refresh their obviously troubled  minds before returning to three more training days before taking on City.

I don’t think there is any club in Britain which attracts the sort of media attention we do and it’s wearying when it reaches the extremes of the past few weeks.

It’s nice to have a rest (UNTIL THE NEXT TIME) and be able to hope that Moyes, the backroom staff and the players can return with something a bit special.

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About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

11 comments on “Thank God for the Hammers winterval

  1. Hugh

    As a life long hammer of supporting them for over 55 years I do find it funny and perhaps worrying that on your site which i read a lot, on the GOOGLE advertisers Ann Summers ( golds company ) pops up.

    Knowing your views on the running of WHU which i share in most cases find it worrying this advertisement is shown.


    • I’ll have it stopped Richard. I am editorial and my ad partners should be looking after that. I don’t quite get that cos we don’t use Google Ads. All is done through ad partners Snack Media. I’ll let them know

      • Hi Hugh Could you possibly ask the Ad company to stop the full page pop up ads which often appear when viewing on a mobile device. These are difficult to close and I often inadvertently get taken to the advertiser’s page which I have no interest in. This makes viewing the article very difficult.

        Enjoy the break everyone. Hopefully much more positive news when they return.

    • I’ve blocked them as of tomorrow morning Richard

  2. Sorry hugh but I think most are resigned to what’ they thinks going to happen..me included….we can only hope ..

  3. I can’t believe all the gloom and dormers saying we’re down already. I admit the next few games are difficult, but five of our last six games are Newcastle, Norwich, Villa, Watford and Burnley – all potentially six pointers. Some people are too busy whining to see any chink of light, and in some cases I think they’d secretly love too see us go down just to make the Board suffer.

    • Moaning without offering any hope solution is normally called whining 🙂

    • Diamond Geezer…..You’re right. For all of the rubbish about our tough run…..our run (Ignoring the next few) is actually one of the best runs home of all clubs in the league. I think we will pick up at least another 12-13 points and stay up. My picks for relegantion are Watford (only definite win is against Norwich), Norwich (unlikiely to get another victory) and Villa (May steal one). If we get our confidence back and steal a surprise or two, and win those 3-4 of the last 6, we could easily end up 14th or 15th. Higher if another team or two start to struggle. It’s not ideal, considering where we started the season. But beats the hell out of relegation.

    • This is were I think it’s wrong..your opinion is we stay up and that’s ok ..I hope we don’t go down .but think we will and I’m whining….I thought opinions were allowed….mmmmmm

      • Ooooh . I hadn’t noticed opinions being excluded – perhaps mine should be for the more sensitive among us mmmmm. Extraordinary that of all the comments here you should believe that one is aimed at you personally. We merely tick approval and don’t bother looking at names anyway

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