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Thank God Nobes wasn’t a part of that

6MarkNobleI wasn’t surprised or therefore disappointed as we slumped out against Iceland.

There was just one overwhelming emotion for me and it was this – thank God our Nobes wasn’t a part of the shambles that was Roy Hodgson’s England.

The geezer has now gone thanking his players …err WHY? They were dreadful and that Mark not being a part of it was a massive result for the skipper.

He doesn’t deserve that sort of hangover ahead of what is a huge season . He’s a top bloke who in missing out on Woy’s wasted tournament has escaped a big humiliation.

Tonight was thoroughly awful. Mark may have improved things, Andy Carroll was certainy an option Woy should have accepted  and Aaron Cresswell should have been on the left side of the back four.

But the manager wouldn’t listen and has paid a heavy price by falling on whatever sword he may have had left. We have said it many many times to successive England managers:



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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

29 comments on “Thank God Nobes wasn’t a part of that

  1. Thank God none of our players were involved in this debacle…

  2. KUMB posters saying that Sam Allardyce should be the next England manager. DEAR GOD NO!!!

    No chance, no one would get behind him and his style of football is even more dull and outdated than Hodgson.

    • I think we can see Kumb posters (with some notable exceptions) are as deluded as our recently exited England Manager. I do find it amusing that one of the most castigated managers in history by football fans generally (outside of Bolton) and West Ham in particular, is now being put forward nationwide as an England saviour due to saving Sunderland from relegation (just). I suppose it at least reflects the state that the England team is in right now but seriously how desperate are we all to imagine that Allardychi would be the answer to our National team’s problems, no doubt the clamour will rise equally for the recall of Defoe to lead the line too, after all he was the major reason for their survival. Shall we lay bets now just to how long the glowing period of positivity would last?

  3. All night Sterling ran into his defender and looked lost , city will be selling him for peanuts,
    Kane looked absent,Sturidge stuck on the wrong wing what was Woy thinking,
    Hart Banker again,
    Ali and Wilshere just looked tired and out of depth,
    Bet Vardy wished he was Welsh,
    The young lad from Manure proved its time to move on and start again with a whole new squad,
    But I did not expect any more from the players we took,AC would have had a field day today

    • The problem is, much of this IS a whole new squad, as compared to the ‘golden generation’ (laugh) we used before in tournaments. With some exceptions they are the best we have at least on paper. Once you get off of paper for the most part you could select about 20 alternatives based on little more than personal bias and it would all sink into a quagmire of confusion even beyond what we experience now. The core of this squad has talent, if only we could find an Eddie Jones to at least start to bring out the potential there, we might at least reach a quarter final.

    • 100% bubs !!!!
      5 spuds doing it the spuds way !!!!
      Hurst 10/10 , Moore 11/10 , peters 10/10 .
      Died 0/10 , rose 0/10 , walker 0/10 , alli 0/10 , Kane -0/10 , Woy of the hotspurs –0 / 10.
      I thanked the mug for not picking any west ham players for this sharade , it had failure stamped all over it !!
      Carol and Antonio would have had a field day !

      Come on you spurs ? Ha ha ha ha ha , I am in heaven today , must invade some spuds sites to thank them .

  4. Stinger I agree but we were beaten today by his tactics, he could have been there manager
    All ready thinking of changing my nationality if he gets the job that will clinch it,

  5. Absolute dross all around. There was no invention no class and zero skill. How many time did Rooney lose the ball?m?
    Why was Rose playing? Why Kane? Rooney was awful. 210K per week!!!!!

  6. All Owlfaces chickens came home to roost, a man with no ideas, no passion, no clue, who picked a team of footballers with no ideas, no passion and no clues. He picked a squad of players many of whom had been injured for large parts of the season and were not even first choices in their teams, he left at home players that would have played with pride and passion and could change games, not least our own Cresswell, Antonio, Noble and Carroll, I was cheering the Icelanders on, I hoped Iceland would sub Peter Andre and Kerry Katona in too make the game a bit more interesting but unfortunately they spared us of that, it really shows that if you play as a team with a plan which Lars Lagerbeck always has you can beat a team of overpaid arrogant primadonnas, Woy has as mentioned fallen on his sword but the FA who have presided over 50 years of failure should also be disbanded as not fit for purpose, we need an investment in grassroots football that coaches players to play with their heads up and with intelligence not the mindless pursuit of stat obsessed super athletes that cannot think and adjust to different challenges. Out of Europe twice in one week how the rest of the EU must be laughing at us.

    • Well said 32 .
      But out of Europe twice in a week was Xmas coming early ,
      We got our country back and a clueless manager sent to Coventry ! God help them !!!
      What a perfect week for our great country .

  7. same old england win all the friendlies mind you team selection was rubbish good to see hogson gone

  8. Yes I agree you only win International tournaments with at least three West Ham players in the England team. And you certainly don’t win anything with half the Tottenham team involved. Tottenham are virtually guaranteed to always fail at the final hurdle and collapse in a snotty heap.

  9. l think Antonio is the one who Woy really overlooked from our lot. l rate him equal if not better than Rushford in terms of their direct and forceful approach, and goals per game ratio when Antonio is not playing RB. He is more effective than all the wingers that Woy took to France, and would no doubt have been selected if he played for the scum or the gooners.

    l think like most managers before him, Woy picked only those players the media was bigging up and was too scared to be his own man.

    Still, its so relieving that none of ours will be tarnished by the shambles

  10. Well sadly my pre tournament prediction that we would be embarrased came true .As i said then glad none of ours would be involved . You can’t pick a team based on favorites and loyalty and expect to win something , you have to pick players on form .Far too many show ponies and players who had hardly kicked a ball all season . How can you build a team around Rooney & co knowing their past record at international tournaments which is at best underwhelming ,beats me .Time the FA chose a manager with some balls and not yet another grey suited yes man come social worker .But i don’t suppose they will .Oh well glad that’s all over for another years !

  11. Agree with all the above, total shambles! So glad the likes of nobes, Carroll, cress & Antonio were not involved! The likes of rooney, rose & sterling should never have been on the plane, train or coach, or however they travelled, no doubt in luxury wearing stupid headphones while their feet were de-foliated by imported kittens. Total w#nkers! F#@¥ of tottenham!

  12. The problem was Woy selected 5 Spuds who all but Walker ansDyer lost their form at the end of the season. This is proven by the Spuds finish in the EPL. Rose, Kane and Ali should never had been selected. Rush ford was way under used and most of the others lacked form. Echo the above. Thank god our boys were not involved. Hodgson has proven that he simply is not good enough at International level and only selects in the main from the so called bigger clubs. I mean, what on earth was Henderson doing in the squad. Hodgson has to go. Anyone think Pardew should be given a go?

  13. Why not Pardew, anything has to be better than that! Look at italy, pellè was excellent, he plays for southampton, just proves to me you don’t have to go by the trendy in clubs & make room for over hyped w¥nkers from also ran spuds & manure!

  14. I like Pardew and he would be an improvement on Woy but who wouldn’t ! But i do believe that any new manager is going to struggle as his hands will probably be tied by his FA bosses . The FA are probably the real problem here , when you think of the players this country has produced over the past 50 years we should have won something by now . But they won’t pick a Brian Clough type as a manager will they ? nope . Got to be a yes man first and last ! Who needs talent eh ?

    • I agree. Pardew would be my choice…but why would he take it?

      • I think Pardew has too many skeletons in the closet most of his are female unlike Harry who had the financial skeletons. I think Pardew would be a massive improvement on Woy but the real problem is the suits at the FA they haven’t yet realised the common denominator is them, you can lead a silver spooned numpty to the champagne tower but you cannot make it drink….

  15. It just goes to show what happens when you pick players because of the clubs they play for rather than on form. Sheer football snobbery. What example does it set to younger players? Liverpool do **** all all season but the likes of Clyne, Milner and Lallana go? Wilshire does not play all season and gets the nod over the likes of Drinkwater who admittedly is not as good as Noble, but clearly has the passion and desire to help Leicester to a PL title. To take Wilshire was a kick in the teeth for all those English players who worked hard all season.
    Iceland were the first to every ball, because they had desire, passion and the willingness to play for each other. Half that team should NEVER play for England again. In 1966 we had only three world class players; Moore, Charlton and Greaves. The rest played because they had the energy and commitment and deserved to play. Ramsey didn’t play Greaves when he was fit again did he? He stuck with Hurst because Hurst connected with the other players and played as part of a team. And that is why England will never win anything.

  16. I actually think england are cursed. That 2nd half performance; the players looked like rabbits in headlights – frozen with terror. They ALL lost the plot (except the 3 mins of Rashford!)…
    That disallowed goal against Germany in 66?? Not won ANYTHING since, and getting worse?? MAYBE the Brexit vote will mean more English players in the Prem?
    Leicester’s title win looked like divine intervention too: “uninspired” choice of manager, relegation team etc, yet win the title??? AND Leicester winning snooker and rugby? Richard III’s bones given proper burial in Leicester; since then Leicester have been literally magical.
    West Ham even? (We were THE ‘shoot-ourselves-in-the-foot’ masters – disaster after disaster – till the 2 Daves came along; the Gods seem to be smiling on us; fairytale win over Man U at Boleyn showed that)
    There IS something ‘other worldly’ going on! And on the negative side it is f*cking with England; yesterday’s fear and ineptness from essentially good players (e.g. Hart 2 DREADFUL errors) against the lowest of the low TELLS you that!
    We need to remove the England curse! How??
    (My rates for exocisms are very reasonable!)

    • I’ve got Woy with me now !!
      WANT TO LEAVE A MESSAGE ? Wwwwoooooooooooohooooooo. Hahaha

      • Sorry johnboy, but Woy is a manifestation of the problem, and not the problem itself…the curse just moves on.
        I’m afraid that Woy will look like one of our greatest ever in comparison to the poor sod who suceeds him…

  17. I have had the least amount of interest in the three lions since I can remember, I had more excitement watching the USA in the copa Americas, at least they played with some f****** passion! Thank god Payet is flying the West Ham flag high across Europe and that none of our English players were subject to the Roy Hogson’s (pig!) shambles of a “team”. Never liked the man always had a feeling he had it out for our club. Thank heavens he’s no longer in charge and England can start to play passionate and exciting football again. I read an article that made me feel a little better hope it does the same for you! COYI!!!!⚒⚒⚒⚒⚒⚒⚒⚒⚒

  18. you only have to look at Italy there is no big stars there anymore but they can defend they got a great keeper and every player knows his job

    if like England want to push your wing backs all the time and leave Hugh gaps you need an other C/B to cover it is not that ****en difficult every one can see that except the fool in charge

  19. To be quite frank rooney is not a midfielder and if hodgson had made the choice all the english westham players were on fire this year i think the result would have been different if noble creswell and antonio had gone to france but oh well looking forward to a great new season for westham now coy!

    • And sparing a moment for the French at least the grannies of France can unlock their doors again now Rooney is on his way home Westham4life.

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