Thanks for everything Sam but that’s enough!


sam-allardyceThere will be those tonight who will be waiting for the opportunity to throw as much abuse as possible at those who believe Sam Allardyce is past his West Ham sell-by date.

This won’t take long but it needs saying! His day is done. In fact it was done last summer but because of the cost of getting rid of him the owners decided against doing so.

That was a mistake and there must not be another by the Daves at the end of this season. A defeat by Leicester City is not acceptable in any circumstances.

Last weekend Sam Allardyce was celebrating an ugly 88th minute win over Sunderland as a turning point. It was, we hit a new low!

With a couple of exceptions we had out strongest team on the pitch yet at times we looked like an outfit that was already thinking of where they may spend their summer holidays.

Sam himself in his after match quotes said “We weren’t good enough.” Now that really is some admission given he’s the boss!

To argue that Leicester City had more to play for isn’t good enough. Man for man it’s clear we are the better side yet there was a lethargy and lack of hunger at times which certainly wasn’t shared by Leicester.

Let me make it clear that I was delighted with Mr Allardyce’s early efforts in bringing us back from the Championship and of stabilising us as a Premier League club.

I’m honestly grateful that he has laid strong foundations for whoever comes next to build on – but somebody must come and as quickly as possible because this is now unbearable for everybody associated with the club and that probably includes the the manager himself.

Nothing is forever. Time to move on. We need an entirwely new and fresh approach. Oh, and by the way, to anybody considering telling me this suits mine and the website’s agenda a quiet word.

Some of us have seen this team through the leanest of times over 50 years but remain Irons to our backbone.

We bleed for this club and our loyalty remained – even through the Roeder years – and those under Ron Greenwood when we had some horrible results runs.

I close this on a personal note without I hope causing offence to anybody although on this particular subject I understand it’s hard not to.

Don’t ever say it. There is a limit to tolerance on some occasions! This is one of them.

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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!"

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  • ChickenRunner says:

    Well said Hugh,bang on the money.Though someone did say on here the other day that anyone with a modicum of intelligence or commonsense wants Sam to stay.Guess you & i must have neither Hugh 😉

  • brooking says:

    Totally agree with you Hugh……enough is enough his time is over! Like you l acknowledge what he has acheived but I also agree the time is right to pass on the baton to someone else more talented and forward thinking.

  • mattefumi69 says:

    I agree Hugh. We have long since exceeded the level of what is acceptable. And another thing: if BFS was not so presumptuosus, egocentric and stubborn I would have been softer against him. Instead I don’t mean to imply any sympathy for him. They say you reap what you sow. BFS OUT NOW.

  • madham says:

    Hes got to go, I for one will not attend anymore games whilst hes manager

  • harnser says:

    Completely agree. It is painful to see the team hamstrung by his decisions and team selection. He should go.

  • lezred says:

    Amen to that Hugh

  • HammerJeff says:

    Ive been thinking it for some time, but gardening leave is perhaps the best option for all parties – Sam gets his wages, we can start the search early, bed in some players for next season, and the fans get some football/results/something to cheer about… It’s woeful, and for the umpteenth time this season I won’t put myself through watching it on MOTD tonight 🙁


  • bubs says:

    You get my vote,
    2 Daves bite the bullet before it causes total fallout.

  • StringRay Stewart says:

    What annoys me most is this is more or less the team from the start of the season apart from Valencia but ever since Nolan returned Downing has been a shadow of himself from the first couple of months.He has felt the fulll force of Sams stupid need to pick Nolan & send Downing back out wider again.For a manager to move a player who was playing some of the best football he has for years to bring in his boy is just favouritism gone mad.Whichever way you look at it many of our problems lead back to one man & it is hard to argue otherwise.

  • Rads the Despondent Man says:

    Nothing to say,just got back from the match.Never want to hear another clippy clappy stick or whatever the Leicester fans had,lol,im going to bed before someone comes on here & tells us we must keep Sam for stability before the move.I might just commit cyber murder 😀

    • USAmmer says:

      Having slumped into near mediocrity the manager has hopefully done a favour for those of us who care by showing that he is void of ideas and/or the ability to infuse any enthusiasm. While doing so he has presumably made the season end decision for the owners that much easier.
      Surely a team that is assured of premier status for next season can blood some youngsters in the long term interest of the club.
      Sam has achieved what he was hired for and that appears the upper limit of his ability.

  • Rads the Despondent Man says:

    Btw,the only reason we looked attacking today was because Leicester went for it,the midfield was so open & their defence was like a sieve.A more compact midfield than Leicester today & it would have been a different story.The simple fact is that we went there & played with one lone striker & one winger in the team.If that is an attacking set up then Sam understands attacking football to be different to most people 😉

  • jwood362 says:

    As hard as it is to say, but in a way it may have done all us fans who want sam OUT a favour!
    Surely the performance today has made the 2 David’s job easier to appoint a new manager and start giving the loyal fans what they deserve.
    Fed up with having to deliberately not watch motd!

  • bubbles says:

    Disgraceful … attacking football with Cole and Nolan up front . What a joke BFS and the porn kings must go and now … not end of season . Noble and Song were awful ..AGAIN …

    BFS is destroying our club

  • TysonM says:

    His position is becoming untenable,simple as that.No drama needed,let his contract run down & say goodbye.

  • TysonM says:

    No one come on tonight to tell us we need to keep Sam for stability before the OS move? 😀

  • mattefumi69 says:

    Maybe hypnosis is over… Sam’s lovers awoke from his magic spell… Maybe…

  • TysonM says:

    Yeah,only maybe.If we beat Stoke next week he will be the stability king again 😉

  • jwood362 says:

    We need to get tanked by Stoke for the good of the club. I want to punch myself for saying that, but if sam manages to have any sort of half decent run till the end of the season I fear they will hang on to BFS.

  • mattefumi69 says:

    Their faith is unshakeable… It’s just an illusion, the King will rise again…

  • TysonM says:

    Im not sure anymore if itnwill save him,after what DG said about being devastated & the fans are suffering i think even if he was unsure that maybe even he is starting to think enough is enough.He has been telling people we will play attacking,entertaining football.Im sure he wasnt too impressed to see us go to the bottom club & play with a packed midfield of 5 & a lone Sakho.Especially after the genius said after the sunderland game that Sakho needed support.What do he then do next game,play Sakho alone again,which he cant do.There is no way the poor lad is a lone striker.

  • StringRay Stewart says:

    It is very difficult to stomach seeing a manager being paid 3 million per year & then have all the tactics to beat the bottom team in the premiership which are so sophisticated & must have taken so long to come up with.Play 5 in midfield & 1 striker & hope for the best.Im sure there are many Irons supporters who paid to travel there today couild have nipped into the changing room & stuck that formation on a piece of A4.Diabolical,feel sorry for the guys who travelled today,they deserve a refund for having to watch that sort of set up.

  • cockniodicanio says:

    Gardening leave isn’t an option. Who takes charge while he’s turning over his flower beds?Bielsi, Rijkaard,Bilic et al are not going to be released by their clubs at this point are they?
    Yes it’s time to wave him goodbye and with a decent thank you and a handshake too but it has to be at the end of the season.

  • whambam says:

    Time to change the subject, SA ain’t going nowhere and that’s the end of it whether you like him or not, it’s a fact or he would of gone after the Leicester game. There’s actually nothing we or the David’s can do about it until the summer, can’t afford another Curbs situation

  • oldiron says:

    I agree, Sam must go, I have my ticket for Stoke, but whatever the result I will not attend another game whilst Sam is in charge, enough is enough.
    Hope to have a say on Saturday even if he can’t hear me, it will make me feel better.
    Hope I see the Davids in the car park, will tell them also, politely of course, that Sam must go.

  • Tony gore says:

    QPR and BURNLEY must be looking foreward to playing ammers.

  • bobmann says:

    If we hadn’t had that great run around the Christmas break we would be right down in the sit. This hasn’t been a tp ten season, it’s been a boron 5 season with a brief top 4 patch in the middle. I wouldn’t be surprised if we end up behind the likes of Palace in about 12th.
    I haven’t been a Sam out guy because I know he can do it. He did it at Bolton but it took him quite a while as he had to build slowly there. He’s had the money to accelerate the process at West Ham but he’s failed to do so. That failure is mostly down to sticking with his favourites in spite of them not performing. Since we are safe I don’t see the need to turf him right now and I’m torn over what to do if we suddenly do find that form again. If we won our last games I could see him staying but he would have to have a solid plan going forward. He obviously isn’t going to abandon his plans regardless of his budget and I would rather not wait any longer for his team to come good.

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