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That Chelsea draw …that ref – the fans react

ClaretandHugh followers at https://www.facebook.com/groups/363174467150521/ have given their view on yesterday’s draw at Stamford Bridge and ref Robert Madley in particular after the home side were awarded a late pealty which got them out of jail.
bobbymadleyO I hope Fabregas gets a right hander for all of his whinging and cheating

O Glad there’s no swearing on this forum. I have av a few words in my head 4 the ref. I will just say, inept,useless person.
O Shame Chelsea had 12 men to day absolutely shocking ref
O I hope we’ll have some good luck in the FA CUP. Nothing new about cheating Chelsea.
O We played some very good football though which bodes well for the rest of the season so take heart all were still here and fighting fit  Time for video evidence me thinks, I’ve watched it 20 times from all angles at work and that was not a pen!
O One word. GUTTED!!!!!
O A multimillion pound business and we still have terrible referees giving terrible decisions, should make him come out and apologise for not doing his job properly
O Thing is , he will still be doing a top match next week. Wrong
It just goes to show how far we’ve come this season though, the fact that teams have to cheat to get something from a game against us and were gutted to only take a point!

We never get penalties and yet we’ve only got to look at somebody in and around our box and we concede one. When you think about our injuries and lack of calls this year it makes our achievements even more remarkable. It’s no accident that Leicester have the most penalties awarded and the best injury record. It helps A LOT.

O Did it to themselves…to cavalier going forward after taking lead in both halves…

O It shows how far we’ve come when match reports state things like:
“….. Chelsea earned a point to frustrate West Ham’s Champions League ambitions.”
LOVE IT!!!! grin emoticon

O It wasn’t even a foul he clipped his own leg
O BBC- ” Referee Robert Madley pointed to the spot, but replays appeared to show that rather than being clipped by Antonio, the midfielder tripped over his own feet. In addition, Antonio – who had scored in each of his previous three league matches – appeared to be outside the box when Loftus-Cheek went down.”
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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

15 comments on “That Chelsea draw …that ref – the fans react

  1. Robbed by an incompetent ref . Can someone who knows tell me whether the shaving foam lines are part of the laws of the game and if the taker is bound by them the same way as the wall . ? The cheating ,squeaking prima dona moved the ball 2 metres back from the mark for the first goal and then stopped mid run up for the ” non” pen . I think both ” goals ” should have been disallowed ?? COYI

  2. Hugely disappointed with the penalty decision, because it was outside the box. It is true that Loftus-Cheek tripped over his own feet (that is very clear on video) but, in all fairness, I can’t see why he would do it deliberately when he was through on goal, so I’m pretty sure that Antonio touched him – a bit like a tap tackle in rugby, so, for me, it was a foul not a penalty.
    Fabregas also took his free kick from a couple of yards further back than he should have done – which the ref should have spotted.
    We should have won it.
    What a change this season, though, when our football is great on the eye and our frustrations are about not winning, rather than losing!

  3. Bubs – I’ve thought for some time that interrupting your run up in a penalty is the same as diving: it is trying to seek an unfair advantage. Book any player who does it and disallow any goal scored because of it. The penalty award should then be cancelled and a free kick awarded the other way.

  4. Hi Marko.. I have a feeling that there is already a rule in place for the penalty taking which says something like … run up should be one continuous movement …. can anyone enlighten ?

  5. Pausing in the run up to take a penalty should have been stamped out when the ” cheats ” started employing this dubious practice years ago ! But you need the pundits On MOTD to
    stand up and condemn it .It is a far worse offence than encroaching in the Area which the refs seem come down on regularly .

  6. The ref got it wrong twice. Reality is that we should’ve been out of sight and so hopefully we’ve learned something from that draw. We’re playing some lovely football and we shouldn’t forget that we’re not yet at full strength across the back. Quite simply forget the ref, we’re just a top quality team! COYI

  7. According to FIFA Law 14 on penalty kicks “feinting to take a penalty kick to confuse opponents is permitted …”, however, “If in the opinion of the referee the feinting is considered to be an act of unsporting behaviour the player shall be cautioned”.

    So there you have it, the referee was clearly wrong on two counts – first of all he should never have awarded a penalty in the first place and secondly, the cheating **** was not just feinting to one side or the other to confuse the goalkeeper, he deliberately stalled his run-up to put the goalkeeper off balance when the kick was actually taken – if that is not unsporting I don’t know what is.

    Video evidence would have proved both errors but but I doubt this will ever happen – poor referees don’t want their incompetence exposed.

  8. Am I the only one who spotted a VERY uncomfortable exchange between the ref and John Terry towards the end of the game? The ref appeared to walk behind him, tap him on the back, then they touched hands? While the game was in play and after numerous contentious decisions? Would a ref in a boxing match who just deducted a point from one fighter in controversial circumstances then turn to the other fighter and punch tap him??? I think not!!

    Leaves a VERY sour taste in the mouth.

  9. This is all so frustrating. After Payet being denied a much clearer pen and being slated by some for diving, we then suffer this bul###it decision. When it comes to the so called big clubs it seems there is a tacit agreement not to let anyone else into their elite. Shades of “know your place”. We are treated as upstarts and regularly put in our place. Worse we have no recourse. We will even be fined if we complain too much. There’s justice for ya.

  10. mooro66uk

    Not one of the numerous journalists that viewed the game yesterday even took a second look at the point I made above. Had it been the other way around and Mourinho still in charge, WORLD WIDE HEADLINE NEWS!!

  11. The referee did appear to be doing all he could to get Chelsea back into the game

  12. Big club,little club syndrome i’m afraid BarnetH. How long before a manager says the same and gets a massive fine? Who is really bringing the game into disrepute? The refs for their ridiculous decisions or managers and players for highlighting them?

  13. Why don’t the media also do theirs mooro66uk and ask the obvious question? Football has been corrupt top to bottom for years and they rightly hounded FIFA. However the FA are always whiter than white to their cronies within the biased press.

  14. As Cheek runs towards the area, the outside of his left foot catches the inside of Antonio’s left knee which is enough to deflect Cheek’s foot as it moves forward into the back of his own right calf – hence the tumble.


  15. Was a shocking game for the ref got most of the decisions wrong, the penalty isn’t a surprise we get many awarded against us and very few for us even when they are stonewall a mile inside the area unlike yesterdays that was two yards outside, if they had been awarded a free kick instead Fabregas would probably have rolled it 8 yards backward and given himself a better angle. The real mystery to me though is why isn’t Alex Song playing if there are 5 more games he can play before activating the clause that means we buy him why are we not using him in games where he can absolutely mean the difference between winning and losing. IMHO had he played in that match he would have disrupted Oscar and Fabregas because of the way he rakes across in front of the defence and we probably would have won 3 or 4 nil.

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