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That Wigan car park video – a verdict!

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About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

25 comments on “That Wigan car park video – a verdict!

  1. I can understand the frustration of the supporters given the poor performance and the result on the day but think its deplorable to harrass one of the major share holders of the club, an 81 year old in this way. We have had major injuries to contend with this season and have had to change the manager given the poor results in the first half of the season, to then lay it all at the owners door is not right in my view. We now have one of the highest attendance levels of any of the European clubs after the switch across to Stratford. Rome wasn’t built in a day and it is going to take a few years to bring the club, playing staff and hopefully performances to a level that all West Ham supporters would want to see.

    • Totally agree Lifelong. I would go further to say that I personally don’t agree with half of what the March in March is based on. Some of the fairy tales I’ve heard from those people are hideous.
      To think an elderly man who has sunk so much of his hard earned cash into the club, is abused by people like these is sick.

      • The trouble is Rome moved to Constantinople after greed and power had reigned and divided its people !
        We all know what happened next don’t we !
        Even Caesar got his just rewards for trying to turn the Coliseum into a race track and spoilt
        The lion entertainment in between Spartacus and wodgers mock interpretations of taking the den and the Stretford end !!
        Beware the ides of march 😂😂

        • Splitting Rome had more to do with the intervention of a few thousand Barbarians, and enemies of the Emperors from within.
          Beware the March of March.

          • By the way Constantinople lasted more than a thousand years, while poor old Rome only lasted a few hundred. The new Empire is upon us.

          • Rome was stable after the 200 year peace ?the ottomans killed it off !!
            In Constantinople !
            + Rome flourished 500 years,ish with Romulus before it became an empire part 2 !
            What dildo takes its country’s capital to a foreign land and thinks its going to work ! Anyway the church was a far better way to go and keep control 😉
            I mean wot have the romans ever done for us 😂

  2. That clip sounds disgusting. How the hell was Gold supposed to respond to that? Some of our fans are ignorant fools. Listening to that tells you to avoid the march of shame because there will be a lot of people there who will act exactly the same as in the Wigan car park.

    • There are those that think the remarks by those against the march are hideouse fishes !
      I suppose the fairy tails told by the board don’t enter you,re critic of evaluations either ?
      Two sides of the coin lol ! At least the board recognise there is a problem and are making noises to thrash out a long overdue discussion of many gripes ! If not for the march it wouldn’t be taking place !! How sincere the board will be in their response will not be known until the new season starts ! Its literally in their own hands ! They can make the fairy tails happen or face the wrath of the supporters !!
      As I said before , if you’ve got grief with the march and the way the board are being treated then go and make you’re feelings known on the day ! There’s a few on here that would go with you I’m sure ! Make a statement of intent like the marchers are doing 😉

      • The main improvement to be made is one of recruitment process, and that will be driven by Mr. Moyes along with the board, not a march.
        The Myth of promising Champions League within 1.5 years of moving to another geographical location will not even be taken seriously.
        Like other myths it will be consigned to the scrapheap of history like the invincibility of Rome.
        You are right to question the sincerity of the board concerning your complaints, they will probably just gloss over them and let the paint dry.

      • No thanks Laz. I’ll go to the cafe and then the pub. I support the board. They have made mistakes but I have made more in my job…. and life is too short to get that wound up about it all.

  3. Heard of paint stripper fishes !!its the march that’s got it moving ! So you’re comment is off the mark ? No march , no debate !! Its what was needed and its going to happen !
    You and others should go and make you’re point ! Talking and no action get you nowhere !
    It was needed , and its happening !all real fans want is a outcome to benefit all in west ham .
    Until the fat lady sings we will not know !

    • lol It’s too far for me to come. I hope you have a very good day at the March Laz. Don’t drink too much, and use some sun-tan oil if it’s good weather.

    • So what exactly are you saying , Laz ? . Support the Club , Players & Board , or demonstrate because we think we are better than in reality we really are ?? .
      We are building up to be a decent force in the Premiership . It’s been a long time coming but impatients now will serve for nothing except put us on our back foot just when we seem to be getting somewhere . That is my honest opinion , and question those who would say otherwise .

  4. Yes the march has got things moving, yes certain things need to change but whatever this march achieves it’s going to take time. Were not going to blow £200 million plus in a transfer window nor do I want us to do that. I want this club to run as a healthy business not saddled with mountains of debt from trying to compete with the likes of the Manchester clubs. All of what everyone is asking is going to take 5 years minimum. What’s really winding me up on these comments are the suggestions I’m not a real fan because I’m not marching. If people want to march fair play, go for it. But don’t tell me I’m not a real fan because I’m not. Think this march has the potential to achieve a lot but also drive a wedge between the fans for years to come.

  5. Bunch of thugs that is.

  6. I’m going. I’m 68. Some thug eh? So if thousands turn out are they all thugs? Very strange how all these new posters have crawled out of the woodwork and they’re all anti march. What a coincidence. COYI.

    • I am also in my late 60’s , mooro66uk . I have seen us go through hell and back whilst going for it with Iron Hearts . These planned demonstrations are disgraceful and should be condemned as nothing more than ignorance and ingratitude . Only those with long memories have a Real right to complain ,,, but complain about what , exactly ? .
      We have a huge history of selling our finest to richer clubs … if we could have kept hold of them we wouldn’t Be in this situation,,,,, it’s all about money and media favors . There are some very fortunate clubs out there and we have never been allowed to joined the elite ….. time we did , don’t you think ! . Demonstrators will never change the way we play or the players we can afford . ….. having said that I believe we are on the up . Give us three good seasons and we will challenging Tottenham & Arsenal in those top 4 or 6 places .

    • There is nothing unusual about that mooro. The silient majority always appear when it come to the crunch. Think Brexit voters, Trump voters etc. Its usually the noisy minority that are heard and then the silent majority actually affect things. Way of the world

  7. Disgusting way to treat a person who is West Ham United through & through and saved us from oblivion . All you “ Real West Ham Fans “ need castrating .

  8. Agree with you re Gold. Totally out of order. Do you really think we’ll be challenging Spuds and Gooners in 3 years time with our buying policy and Sully meddling in everything. A loan here a free agent there anyone who don’t cost much as long as they’re still walking. The Gooners have finished top four for almost 20 years and you seriously reckon we’ll be up to their standard in 36 months. I’ll have a pint of what you’ve had please.

    • Spuds net spend was zero. They sell players to buy replacements. Spuds buy players from the lower league and improve them. We buy players from the lower leagues and the fans rubbish them and the board for doing it.

  9. Ah! so that’s why we’ve won nothing for years. Cos the fans rubbish lower division buys. It’s all so clear now. It don’t matter what Spuds do. It’s what we don’t do/ haven’t done that is key to the problems we have.

  10. I’d really like to know how the silent minority affect things by staying silent. Plus I think castration for having and acting on your opinions is hardly a reason to castrate 16’000 fans (less the ladies of course).

  11. spot on nailed it. whichever way you look at it i can only see ambition from our board and people working hard and doing their damndest to improve our club. some people seem to think we should be up there with the big boys overnight. ive know doubt david gold would love that too. he is not getting any younger. i hope he lives to see it and when he does i hope these ignorant protesters go and crawl back under the rocks they came from.

  12. You arrogant, smug, insulting man. or perhaps I exaggerate calling you a man. How dare you call the protesters ignorant? Just because our views may not coincide with your own? I live in a quite nice house so find it unnessesary to crawl under rocks. perhaps you can clue me up on on the procedure. COYI.

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