The “£1m West Ham boardroom”


EveSupporters on a guided tour of the London Stadium are regularly told that a private West Ham board room cost £1m to decorate and furnish with art but the room is strictly out of bounds to non-board members.

The area which is said to be off limits to staff, visitors and operators  London Stadium was designed by David Sullivan’s partner Emma Benton-Hughes and is claimed to contain valuable works of art and treasures.

Not much is known about the private board room and its contents and no known photos exist of what it looks like but a source close to the club said it was a private area and not part of the normal concessionaire areas rented for 25 days per year.

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  • spyintheskyuk says:

    ‘Tell me what first attracted you to the multi millionaire midget David Sullivan?’

  • That is so insulting! He is a billionaire!

  • The Demon says:

    I think he was investing in her, ahem, films.

  • John says:

    I reckon he looks like the cat that’s got the cream. Bloody good luck to him I say. A billion squid, owning your favourite football side and a missus half your age. I could live with height issues and bad dress sense.

  • She is 51 and I don’t think he is 102

    • John says:

      Apologies Mr Picky;

      A billion squid, owning your favourite football side and a missus exactly three quarters his age.

      51 vrs 68 for those interested.

      • Dalkirst says:

        I think someone doesn’t get exaggeration

        • John says:

          Lmao think you were right. I shall be checking every calculation statement by Sean in future to the nearest 4 decimal points

  • PopRobson says:

    Why wouldn’t she, big house, nice Roller to ride in, expensive holidays, best seats at West Ham, 10% discount at all Private shops…………….

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