The £200,000 question: Is Arnie worth it?

Marko Arnautovic wants £200,000-per-week to stay at West Ham, but  the £200,000 question is: Is he worth it?

There is little doubt that £200,000 this season is much like £100,000-per-week last season, given the crazy inflation of the transfer window. 

But for Arnautovic to warrant the Irons breaking their wage structure, he needs to prove that he has the ability of a pure goalscorer.

The very best clubs, for which Arnie professes to want to play, pay big money for strikers because they score 20 goals per season.

Look at Manchester United’s Romelu Lukaku as an example. He scored 27 goals in all competitions last season, yet was still seen as inconsistent and lacking in a first touch.

Arnie has never scored more than 14 goals in a single season, and that came back in 2008-09, when he was playing for Dutch side FC Twente.

Alvaro Morata at Chelsea, another player widely regarded as something of a flop, topped that just last season, with 15. He has already scored five this time around, the same number as Arnautovic.

The long and short of it then, is this; if Arnautovic is to expect such a massive new contract, he simply has to start scoring more goals.

It was David Moyes who converted him into a natural striker, but he has yet to see the returns expected of such a player.

He may be keeping Javier Hernandez out of the team currently, but even Chicharito was hitting over 20 goals as recently as 2015-16, for Bayer Leverkusen.

Andy Carroll, too, hit 19 in one season for Newcastle United, before injury struck and cut him down in his prime.

And now, here we are, with Arnie demanding to be the highest-earner at a club where he is not even the most consistent goalscorer.

With games against Newcastle, Cardiff, Crystal Palace, Fulham and Watford coming up after the international break, he would do well to start hitting the back of the net soon, or risk being told where to take his demands!

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3 comments on “The £200,000 question: Is Arnie worth it?

  1. He has 4 years left on his contract there is no need to do anything ..and if anyone thinks carol is the answer them they are di!usional

  2. I would say if people think Arnie is wanted by top six clubs who are prepared to offer him 200k then we are going to have to pay the same to keep him. We can not have aspirations of being a top six club if we don’t hold onto our best players. Simple as that. You just find the money. If it means selling off an ineffectual player to fund it then do be it. How much are we paying Perez and chicherito per week because they are hardly earning it when they play. Whereas Arnie certainly does earn his corn when he plays.
    But we can’t place all the reliance and pressure on the front man. We need goal scoring midfielders too. Kevin Nolan used to get 10 plus goals a season for us. Noble Rice and co are not giving us any goals so we need to recruit a goal scoring midfielder.

  3. Unfortunately Clive you don’t just find an extra 5.2 million per year.And it wouldn’t stop there as other players would want raises. If we got shot of Perez and Chicha, who would replace them? Because we would have to replace them with capable forwards. So there would be no savings to pay for Arnies’ raise. I also struggle to see which big clubs would want him. Is
    he better than Rashford or Sanchez or Martial at United? Morata or Giroud at Chelsea? Aguero or Jesus at City? Lacazette or Oubameyang at Arsenal? Firmino or Salah at Pool? Don’t think I would swap any of those for Arnie.
    We think he’s great because he plays for us but is he seen in quite the same light by others. He’s 29. 50mill and 200k per week is a lot for a 29 year old.

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