The Andy Carroll Injury Years

CarrollHammers Striker Andy Caroll has spent an incredible 798 days out of action at West Ham due to injury which has led him to miss 105 games in his Hammers career.

Joining West Ham on loan in August 2012 he has earned over £25m in wages meaning each one of his 30 goals has cost the Hammers £833,333 on average.

Andy Carroll Appearances and Goals at West Ham 

Season 2012/2013 On Loan 28 Appearances 7 goals

Season 2013/2014  16 Appearances 2 goals

Season 2014/2015  16 Appearances 5 goals

Season 2015/2016  32 Appearances 9 goals

Season 2016/2017  22 Appearances 7 goals

Total Appearances for West Ham 114 with 30 goals 


Season injury from until Days Games missed
16/17 Apr 15, 2017 18 days
16/17 Feb 4, 2017 Mar 6, 2017 30 days
16/17 Aug 18, 2016 Dec 2, 2016 106 days
15/16 Jan 12, 2016 Feb 3, 2016 22 days
14/15 Feb 12, 2015 Sep 14, 2015 214 days
14/15 Jul 24, 2014 Nov 3, 2014 102 days
13/14 Sep 9, 2013 Jan 11, 2014 124 days
13/14 May 20, 2013 Sep 1, 2013 104 days
12/13 Nov 28, 2012 Jan 16, 2013 49 days
12/13 Sep 1, 2012 Sep 30, 2012 29 days

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23 comments on “The Andy Carroll Injury Years

  1. Allardyce and Carroll shared the same agent Mark Curtis when he was signed by us – draw your own conclusion. He’s very fortunate to be earning such huge wages and for me he’s an average Championship player at best.
    I wonder if it would’ve been different if he was on play/pay deal.
    Get rid of him and Sakho and do not go anywhere near Wilshere or Sturridge.

  2. Don’t agree- he is much better than average Championship standard. Or maybe that should be ‘was’?

    Sean- do appearances here include substitutions? I would have thought in games started he would be closer to 1 goal per 2 or three games. Also assist stats would be helpful. Another job for you! What about one of those ‘results with/without the player’? Come on- the whole picture please. Sure you have nothing better to do.

    I have to say I have been less impressed this season. Think he is now carrying so many effects of past injuries that he probably is past his best. I voted for selling him, but I have only come round to that view in the last two months.

    • Yes includes substitutions 74 League starts with 24 substitutions for West Ham
      In Cup competitions 9 starts and 3 substitutions

    • He has made 12 assists in the Premier League since joining West Ham in 2012

      2012/2013 4 assists
      2013/2014 4 assists
      2014/2015 1 assist
      2015/2016 2 assists
      2016/2017 1 assist

    • Too much research required to fully analysis the with or without Andy Carroll but it goes without saying a fit Andy Carroll can be unplayable and is a massive benefit to the team.

      Earlier this season he hit a stat of 0.50 goals per game which is a great stat for a striker. Overall his stats are 0.29 goals per game during his career

  3. Also I thought there was something earlier this season about him getting his 50th goal for the club. Did I dream that? Are these stats only PL games (although he can’t have got 20 cup goals).

    • He’s scored 50 goals in the PL for 3 clubs and cost 51m in transfer fees. An absolute joke of a so called striker raking money in for doing nigh on nothing 😀😀

      • He scored 33 goals for Newcastle of which 31 were League goals but only 14 of these were in the Premier League after Newcastle were relegated in 2009. He scored 19 goals in 2009/2010 in that season the Championship. He scored 11 goals for Liverpool of which 6 were league goals. He has scored 30 goals for West Ham with no cup goals.

        So 14 for Newcastle, 6 for Liverpool and 30 for West Ham adds up to 50 Premier League Goals

  4. sell them both if anyone would have them we cannot do an other season hoping one will come good but we will be stuck with both as i said no one will want them

  5. Lol the unplayable on his day,unique,terrifies defenders human poppadom.One finger on his chest and he breaks into a hundred pieces 😂

    • Human poppadom 😂😂 Best one I’ve heard all year Rads and pretty apt as there incredibly overpriced for what you get as well 😂

  6. Carroll is the best of his kind at what he does, no one can feign an injury like he can.

  7. Thanks for detail Sean. So I make that 30 from 83 starts. So a goal in just under every three games. That is none too shabby. Must be the best strike rate-at least in PL- since Deano I would have thought. Maybe Bellamy round about 3 but he wasn’t around long..

    Anyhow he will take a bit of replacing is my view. Think somebody else made the point that he might be difficult to sell on anyway but could still be OK as backup. But oh for a striker who stays fit and gets a goal every 2-3 games. But I guess supporters of every PL side say the same.

  8. Can’t see how he’d be hard to replace. We’ve been doing it most weeks for the best part of 5 years.

  9. I think i read somewhere that since Aug 2012 he has sarted 74 PL matches for us.
    74 f*cking matches in 5 seasons.Its a joke,all can do is laugh now 😁😁

    • But it’s not his fault, his goals keep us up, you can’t have a go at him, his wages are only small compared to the whole wage bill, he’s better than Aguero, without him we’d be doomed to a decade of chaos with the four horseman of the apocalypse in the sky above the LS every weekend 😀😀😀

      • The fans who defend him at all costs have just gone so far down the road with their bullsh*t about him being the main man for the coming season during the 4 summers there is no turning back now 😁
        They must be on Poppadoms pay-roll,paid to go on blogs & big him up 😂😂

  10. “So 14 for Newcastle, 6 for Liverpool and 30 for West Ham adds up to 50 Premier League Goals”

    they are not the stats of a striker !

    “unplayable” on the few occasions he plays…..he plays so infrequently other teams didnt (yes i used the past tense, probably wont see him play again me thinks) even bother to adapt to counter him..

  11. When did we have our only run of form this season? End of Nov-end of Jan. When did Carroll play most of his games? I think you would find that has been the case in most seasons. Last year was a bit different because-sorry to raise the issue- we had Payet.

    I have come round to the view that enough is enough. But to question his ability as a striker is mad. 30 goals in 80 odd games is two full seasons of games- 15 a season. The person who said he will be easy to replace- well we may see how that goes this summer. And if you look at the figures we have not ‘managed easily enough over the last five years when he was injured’. It has disrupted the team again & again. That’s why most of his defenders agree a change is needed now.

  12. Yeah it sounds great when put like that 64.In 2 seasons 30 goals but unfortunately that lovely stat is a dream.Its 30 goals over 5 seasons however you pretty up.An average of 6 goals a season from your main man is shyte 😁

  13. Yeah I take your point Radai. He has to go no dispute on that. My point is just that he has made a difference to us even with all the time off. Not saying we should carry on accepting 15/16 games a season. My memory may be playing tricks but I am sure one season under Allardyce when he came back round about Jan time we were in the relegation zone, started scoring & we scraped clear. If he had been fit over the last two months we would be on 45 plus. But I know we can’t carry on with that ‘if only’ thinking.

    By the way Mr Glass Half Full (actually, think your is always totally bloody full) how confident are are you about next three weeks? I reckon we stay on 39 or 40 at best.Swansea beat Everton, beat Sunderland & are then 1pt behind us. We go to Burnley for last game. Even if we stitch up a draw with them it won’t be enough if Swansea win. Can’t see us winning away at Burnley if they are not safe by then. What do you reckon?

  14. Yeah i think you mean the season we won the matches in Febuary that pretty much kept us up.
    Swansea to draw at home to Everton and its job done.I wont say what i think our result will be Friday because it a glass empty job 😁😁
    Dont forget Palace have to play Hull at home so points are going to be dropped one way or another in that match.

  15. OK that is my fix of optimism for today. Although it makes me uneasy when an optimist is only a bit optimistic! Yes CP beating Hull would be good. Even prepared to support BS in that one. A draw would do us then. Just hoping it doesn’t go down to the last day-too stressful.

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