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The back of Bacca or not – fans react

The Carlos Bacca saga drags on and on with David Sullivan admitting he understands the player’s position as he considers various offers.
But what do the ClaretandHugh Facebook readers make of it all – here’s some random views.
baccaO I don’t think we should ever buy a player who considers us his back-up plan. Look at Antonio … he wanted to come to us and plays his heart out week after week. We shouldn’t let anybody hold us to ransom
O I remember when we bought David Kelly from Walsall in the late eighties. They gave him a page in the program to introduce himself. In the first paragraph, he said West Ham were his stepping stone to Inter Milan (big at the time). He was crap!
O Today, I shall be mostly managing my expectations….
O I can’t understand people moaning about him taking his time to make a decision. People do not know the man and are intent on portraying him as a mercenary. He has a number of clubs after him. Clubs as big or bigger than us.
O If he has offers from Champions League teams but we are offering the most money does that not solidify the fact he is only interested in money if he picks us? If he picks a CL team over us for less money than fair play to him! 

O We should have tried harder against Stoke and Swansea. Ending 5th would have made us a top team instead of mid-table.

O Hope we’re not just throwing silly money at this. We’re starting to look a bit desperate.

O I’m sure Sullivan is no fool but I agree: there’s been so much press about us being determined to get a 20 g.a.s. striker before the new season. I still think Antonio, Carroll and Lanzini can do the job if required, backed up by Cheik and Payet (if he’s still here).

O Any more news on Sakho refusing to go to Austria tour?

O Any player that sacrifices playing for a Champs League team in order to grab a bit more money is a player to avoid, in my opinion. Means his ambition is outweighed by his greed.

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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

6 comments on “The back of Bacca or not – fans react

  1. While slightly off the Bacca topic, I’d like to second the comment about the Stoke and Swansea matches. There’s been a lot of talk about about us missing the CL because of injuries and referees. However the fact remains we’d be in the CL if we’d won those 2 matches. We barely took them seriously. Against Swansea our minds were on the Man Utd game a few days later. Against Stoke we were “on holidays”. Payet didn’t even play, supposedly because of some “knock” that didn’t stop him banging in goals for France shortly theteafter. Maintaining the level of performance against the lower teams that we seem to regularly produce against the top teams must surely be a major focus this season.

  2. Why don’t we go after Daniel Sturridge? Tried and tested goal scorer in the Premier League.

  3. People getting on his back for not picking us over CL is ridiculous, also saying he considers us a back up plan. Really? Don’t get me wrong I’d like him to sign sooner rather than later but he’s never played in the CL (by the sounds of it he has interest but no firm offers) it’s his dream to play in it, if he gets the chance fair play. The only good thing for us AC Milan have told him to hurry up and decide.

  4. Steer clear !!!!
    Get yedder and Eder , and keep the change ? These two graft bacca doesn’t ?
    Why force a player to come when he clearly doesn’t want to come ,
    Move on .

  5. Callagrie and Yedder to cover Sak and Valencia cost nada
    Bony on loan to replace Emineke
    If either of the top 2 don’t come bring Eder or Barahino,
    But Bacca no let him rot a Milan,

  6. Yedder would seem to be worth it , quite a coup in fact . It ‘s our first season in the OS and all we really want is to establish ourselves in a strange new environment . I’m not worried about Bacca and a few others that want to use west ham as a nice little earner . I think we have the players to start the new season with optimism , and if Sakho soughts himself out
    We can get the best out of him before he eventually leaves ( winter window ) .
    Don’t want this to sound daft everyone ; but would Balotelli be better under Slaven Bilic .

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