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The big Moyes debate…fan enter the ring

The debate on whether David Moyes is the right man to continue in his job rages on.

The board continue to back the Scot but fans on Claretandhugh forums are divided and here we bring the views of two followers of the site which clearly demonstrate that the manager has become the new Hammers Marmite man!

By Budgie

For me it’s stick not twist!

There is 60% of season left and new players will be fit and available at last. Moyes deserves the chance to make it work as our best manager since John Lyall 40 + years ago!

Last season we would have come sixth if the players hadn’t decided to go on the beach in second half against Brighton!

We reached semi final of Europa and only lost because of Cresswell being sent off early in second leg and going absent in first minute of first leg!

So the players have to also take a good look at themselves and step up. They are paid more in a week than 99% of us earn in a year!

Lastly my constant question: You sack Moyes, who comes in? So far no one has a clue. Everyone has bright ideas about what’s wrong and tracks it back solely to Moyes but no ideas about who comes in!

By Neil Down Under

Previously I’ve been in the pro Moyes camp, and to some extent he still has some credit in the bank with me for how he has steadied the ship.

However, it would also be fair to say that the last half of last season and the first half of this one (so far) has been dismal.

Opposition teams have got us worked out, his persistence to play out of form players and those that look knackered due the the sheer volume of games they have played in the last three seasons.

Throw in the fact that he is now playing players out of position when there is no need. The Zouma injury may change this, but for the most part we have had a near fully fit squad outside of our defence (as far as injuries go).

When you see other teams summer signings hit the ground running, while we get “it takes time to adjust”, it starts to boil down to a common denominator, and that’s the manager.

If being a EPL manager was easy, we’d all be giving it a crack, equally I’d like us to have a EPL manager next season and not a Championship one.

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About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

4 comments on “The big Moyes debate…fan enter the ring

  1. I must start by saying that i think that Moyes HAD done an incredible job until about 12 months ago. Who would have thought we would be arguing about a top 6 even 8 club when he took over. What made us, and Lingard in particular, so successful was fast free flowing and attacking soccer. Suddenly he changes back to ‘type’ and we start playing not to lose and slow possession type soccer. The players must take some reponsibility for quite a few poor displays but his refusal to change an out of form (or ‘tired”?!) player really inexcusable as his policy of not starting Areola in any PL game. We see other clubs buy players who make an instant impression and boost teams, not Moyes using the ‘bedding in’ or getting used to our system for weeks or months. Youngsters, no chance of playing reularly. His ideal youngster plays and gets a good rating in a cup game and if he is very lucky gets to sit the next game on the bench before disappearing; no wonder our best youngsters wont rene their contracts. A major worry now is we stick with Moyes will he be trusted with more money to buy and then try and play a new position or system and then gradually fade out or will the bullet be bitten before more damage is done. I would really love to be wrong and Moyes finish with WH in the top 10. Mibatch

  2. Where do these phrases come from ? Stick or bust ?, Credit in the bank ? If West Ham and it’s fans want success want to be a bigger Club, you need a bigger Club mentality. You are as good as your last result. This is the phrase we need to look at. Past glory, is past and the present is the present. Why the hell hang on to someone who is not working. Who cannot work with young Players. Is out of date and out of ideas.

    No more Avram Grant and Zola philosophies, hanging on until it is to late. Sack him and bring in someone who can do the job. Some ask who ? There are many good Managers out there now available and willing to come. Cut your loses West Ham and stay up.


  3. Pessimist says there are many good availablemanagers out there to replace Moyes so yet again I ask WHO!

  4. It’s too early to fire him. Back him and let’s see how things shake out after January. Yes, we are in 16th but the table is still very tight. Things will start to spread and we can still rise up a good amount. Change isn’t always better. Look at Watford. This team has shown it can win games but it is a lot harder when the fans aren’t behind the team. You think all this talk about firing the manager doesn’t effect the team? It sure did during the GSB protests. Back the team give them a chance. It’s too soon to fire him but that doesn’t mean there will never be a time but let’s not cry about it every day till then. We must admit he has surprised us once, he might do it again if we give him the chance. Brady out!

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