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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon


  1. Why is there such an emphasis on having one or the other? We know there is never a chance of entertainment with Allardyce in charge. His way is functional, it only does a job if the opposition do not play well. A decent manager with decent players can achieve both.

  2. Bfs is the deluded one, not us the fans, on goals on sunday he said it was a small minority that booed him during and after the game vs Crystal Palace, he also said that everyone that wants him out are armchair fans, he also mentioned to Ben Shepard that every where he goes he gets support from fans, Well Bfs maybe they are the armchair fans, because as a season ticket holder for the last 15 years i have never seen such negative boring tackless ideas from a manager, how comes it’s only you that feels Kevin Nolan whom i use to rate as a player 3 seasons ago has the quality to play in every game, poor Mark Noble has to do a double shift every game to cover both his and Nolans ground on the pitch, apart from the 7 goals he has chipped in with this season what has he really done to deserve a place in the team ? .
    You might like to say he is our top goal scorer this season, but that makes the team as whole sound completley ****e, with Suarez probaly on his own this season out scoring the our whole of our team, This stinks to high heaven of negative tactics, so what about the 13 clean sheets I hear Bfs mutter, well they go cap in hand with the way he has set up the the Berlin Wall at Upton Park, smothering the midfield then playing long balls over the top bypassing he midfield for Andy Carroll to leap up and nod the ball down to no one, Well thats when his Fit…. I here One Direction will be our Sponsor next season if Bfs is still in charge, and the will double up with a new band called One Tactic – It really is time to say goodbye Big Fat Deluded Sam, Newcastle and Blackburn both had you figured out extremeley early on in their seasons but it seem Gold and Sullivan are a little slow on the up take, But they will realise by the end of the Season the Fans have not, and will not, ever take to a Pompus Old Meat Loaf that offers no style of Football, Only Direct Pump and Rush Dross that damages the Premier League reputation which is certainly not welcomed at WestHam United Football Club.. Why he was not Sacked after the drubbing vs NottsForest i will never know but with time running out and a poor season near passing, its time for some much needed fresh impodus.to ready us for next season, Remember Gold and Sullivan a Happy Supporter will bring that extra man needed week in week out to help bring sucess to our Beloved club, All that Bfs brings is negative feelings, and opinions he should keep to himself calling us the Backbone of the club Deluded Fans
    Well Bfs the West Ham Way has not brought us sucess but it keeps us the Deluded Fans happy, and it’s us that the Club needs to keept the Ship afloat, when you eventually get Sacked, We will still be here supporting the Claret and Blue…COY!…..

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