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The case for and against loan players!

West Ham United Unveil New Signing Joao MarioVisit most forums and you will hear the complaints about signing loan players with many believing it’s either a cop out or the behaviour of cheapskate owners.

It’s very easy to understand the cynicism but there’s also very good reasons for doing loans at this time of the year – it gives you the chance to assess a player before splashing fortunes on him.

Remember Zaza!

There is of course a downside in that should a loanee prove an enormous success then other Premier League clubs could  be after him in the summer.

Personally I would always prefer there to be an option to buy but there are snags to overcome – notably the player himself may not want it included in the deal. Thankfully, and this is how it can work in reverse, witness Joe Hart.

All of that is a long winded way of bringing us to Mario who last night showed against Palace that David Moyes can be forgiven his hesitation over players until he is certain of their abilities.

The boy looks a diamond in the making and one who , if he remains at the club, can possibly provide serious competition to Manu Lanzini for that midfield spot unless Moysie finds room for them both.

He could also give the owners a watershed moment with the fans in the summer should he prove that type of hit of which he looks more than capable.

Bearing in mind he arrived two days ago and hasn’t trained with the squad it was a pretty astonishing performance.

The asking price is £38 million and if he is what he appears he may be then he will need to be bought and smash the record signing thing by a distance.

Nothing else will do!


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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

14 comments on “The case for and against loan players!

  1. So the case for is it allows our bad record at scouting and identifying players to cost us a bit less if we bought the unsuited players?

  2. I think that rather predictable gripe may change under Moyes

  3. Cheapskate owners?? Sounds like prudent financial management….
    Although Andy Carroll was a loan to buy and that didn’t save the club from making a bit of a mistake, did it….

  4. Merely presenting the two sides – my point being that Moyes isn’t cut from the same cloth as far as I ca see so far and yes I agree with your fist line.

  5. As the bear suggests efficient scouting enables a club to establish over a period longer than the period of a loan deal whether a player is worth buying. There is also the point that even six months good performance does not mean that player will go on producing the goods. But to be fair nor does one good season from a player you have bought outright- look at Payet & ( possibly) Antonio. I think it can make sense as a strategy. The point I have put forward under another story today is that when it is used so many times it raises concerns that the owner just does not have the cash. I have no way of knowing the situation on that & hope it is not the case. Just makes you wonder ….

    • Obviously they don’t have the cash of the top six and they are just above midway in the spending stakes on last figures. As I am labouring to point out – and as included in blogy – it looks like changing under Moyes. If people want to believe the owners are not gonna spend that’s their privilege

  6. Jan is one thing but they do it all the time ? Surely its not necessary if you target players like salah , Jesus, de byune, etc , you buy class ! Proven ! You pay the money ! That’s our problem
    And you don’t have to abuse sully or anyone else ! He won’t spend and its a problem ,
    25 million + is the norm now for half descent players and more for next level ones !
    Its a question sully needs to ask himself ! Does he want to compete with the top in a supposedly state of the art running track or not 😟

    • He won’t spend? ridiculous – he’s spent more than teams much higher than us… it’s not the amount of cash that’s the issue, it’s the quality that’s the problem.

      • You ain’t the full ticket mate , I’ve heard some comments regarding the spending of this club but it appears you’re either thick or can’t do sums ? Talk everyone through the spending were all dying to know given you’re knowledge on the matter ?
        To be frank mate you’re just a boardette talking bolloxx to get a reaction !
        Enlighten us on the spending front including the waste of money for panic loans and the ayew , Bull shyte ?

  7. Jenkinson was also a loan player, and the first loan was a success.
    Andy Carroll’s LOAN was a success.

    I’m not saying we should or shouldn’t loan players – but sometimes it works.

  8. Behave yourself Hugh, do you honestly think Sully would, or could, pay £38mill for a player?

    • No MMG he will wait a season like he did when he could have had Ayew on a free transfer then pay an additional £20m for them…

  9. Competition to Manu Lanzini? I’d be very surprised…. I fully expect them to play in the same team as Mario’s position is usually much deeper.

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