The case for David Moyes


bilic-moyes_lx68sipwrc2v1861hiuyjpyqiIf David Moyes – as expected – becomes West Ham’s 16th manager this week we should look at the positives in his long career rather than the negatives.

After all, Sir Alex Ferguson named the fellow Scotsman as his successor at Old Trafford which was always going to be a hard act to follow.

If we airbrush Real Sociedad and Sunderland out of his career then his management record stands up a 48.29% win rate at Preston North End followed by a 42.08% win rate at Everton and 52.92% win rate at Manchester United.

bilicmoyesOver 504 matches at Goodison Park, he managed 1.52 Premier League points per game rising 1.73 league points per game at his 51 games in charge at Old Trafford.  Slaven Bilic average is 1.31 points per game at West Ham compared to 1.32 per game by Alan Curbishley and 1.31 per game by Harry Redknapp while at West Ham.

Only goal difference separated Everton from the bottom three in the Premier League when Moyes took charge in 2002. But after winning three of their first four matches under the former Preston boss, the Toffees would end the season in 15th place and avoid relegation by seven points.

 Few expected Moyes’ Everton side to even reach the top 10 going into the 2004/05 campaign. But an incredible season saw Everton defy all odds and finish fourth, despite only signing Marcus Bent, Tim Cahill and James Beattie, as they gained a play-off place in the Champions League.

In 2009 Everton reached the FA Cup final against Chelsea after an impressive cup run, knocking out Premier League rivals Liverpool, Aston Villa, Middlesbrough and Manchester United.

A  defeat to Villarreal in the Champions League play-offs denied Everton a chance to compete with Europe’s elite in 2005 but Moyes enjoyed Europa League runs in three of the four seasons that followed.

Their best European campaign came in 2007/08, when after sailing through the group stages with a Moyes2100 per cent record, they defeated Brann 8-1 on aggregate to set up a last 16 clash with Fiorentina.

Little was known of Wayne Rooney outside Merseyside when the 16-year-old made his debut against Spurs on the opening day of the 2002/03 season when Moyes gave the youngster his chance.

Moyes regularly promoted graduates of the Everton academy to the first team including Ross Barkley.

He had great success in the transfer market with names like Yakubu, Cahill,  Mikel Arteta, Marouane Fellaini, Leighton Baines, Phil Jagielka, Tim Howard, Sheamus Coleman and Joleon Lescott have also proven successful.

Moyes won the LMA (League Managers Association) manager of the year award in 2003, 2005 and 2009 a feat only surpassed by Sir Alex Ferguson who won it four times over.

After Arsene Wenger and Sir Alex Ferguson, Moyes hold the record for the longest-serving manager in the Premier with 4,082 days in charge at Everton over 11 years.

Moyes has achieved much in his management career, let’s give him a chance to prove himself again!

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  • RayStewartsRightPeg says:

    So, from that, we can take…he’s won f@ck all and his best season was 10 years…and you’ve censored everything out since Sir Alex recommended. Ever thought of joining Team Trump, Sean?

  • RayStewartsRightPeg says:

    * best season was 10 years ago.

  • djsteves says:

    Will you be picking up on Carroll’s comments? That lanky waste of space needs to keep his mouth shut or better yet take himself to the dole office! They should fine him for his comments – if you want support you useless f*ck put some effort in and do your job and give us something to support! We pay our money, we don’t have to accept your pathetic excuse for football. We are the club not some geordie freeloader – you should show some loyalty by not being unprofessional and spending half your time out your skull. When we have a player as good as Martinez at the club, why do we tolerate this joke?

  • thebear says:

    LOL Every manager in the world will look good if you airbrush out the bad bits

  • BrookingtoDevonshire says:

    Moyes should of taken over at Old Trafford 5 years before he did,Fegie hung on and Moyes became another one of the old school managers.He was a hiding to nothing there and will be the same here.
    I dread to think if we just avoid relegation and he stays on here after. The board have no idea

  • Hammer64 says:

    Fair enough Sean & if we have got any sense as fans we will get behind him. We are now in bottom 3 & the last thing we need is Moyes out campaigns. But I am not sure win ratios mean much. But there is no denying that he turned the Toffees round & was far from a one season wonder. You have dealt with the Man U period. Sociedad- not many English managers have pulled up trees overseas when there is a language issue. Sunderland worries me though. Still don’t see why if we were going down this route we didn’t just go the whole hog (🤣🤣) & go for Allardyce. Not many negatives there in terms of results. But Moyes will cost less apparently. Oh yes I forgot- that’s the the new West Ham Way now.

  • West Ham Fan No 32 says:

    It wouldn’t have been my choice but as I said in previous posts at the moment anything is better than Slav, the team were sleepwalking towards relegation, I hope we can do enough now to stay in the division, the chairmen are the ones taking a punt, personally if Allardyce wanted £8m to keep us up they should have done a deal until the end of the season that he would get paid if he did that then part ways again, Moyes is going to have to show us those bad experiences have taught him a lot, as much as anything the coaches are going to be more important than Moyes because they are the ones that have the biggest struggle in getting the players to adopt the “new” style of play and probably a lot more fitness work, hopefully most of the players can embrace the change time will tell.

  • Wembley1980 says:

    I’m happy to see this squad get 6 months with a rocket up their arse!!

  • Stow-hammer says:

    I think we are kidding ourselves if we think we have a lot of choice. Anybody we get will have negatives and positives. I like Bilic but he has to go. If we get the Everton Moyes we will have a very good manager. Worth a chance. Certainly worth six months.

  • Max Willow says:

    I’ve done my best to look at the tactical/management side of Moyes, and he is quite well organized and a good student of football.
    My biggest concern relates to his approach to his players and team- he is very autocratic and I’ would worry that he might quickly lose the dressing room with his propensity for temper tantrums and willingness to blame his team for some of his own mistakes.
    Prefer Koeman or Hiddink, given half a chance!

  • Lazurus. rises like a salmon says:

    You’re only putting the slug up 32 because of the exodus he would cause and give you you’re S/T !! 😂😂😂.

  • JimmyJazz says:

    Moyes is a bad manager and this article is one of desperation. The English have this fetish with the past. Especially with football managers and what they did X number of years ago. The same with Palace hiring Hodgson. Well he kept WBA and Fulham up all those years ago, so he could do the same for us. The thinking is so limited. Saying Fergie recommended him is laughable. Fergie also recommended Allardyce. Basically, Fergie just recommends his mates and because he was a good manager doesn’t mean he’s a good judge of a manager. Then you have many who just think Fergie wanted to elevate his own legacy by recommending Moyes. I suggest you read the piece by Rio Ferdinand about Moyes or ex-Everton youth coach Kevin Sheedy who highlights how bad Moyes is and predicted his failure before the season started at Man United. Sheedy also said Moyes has no interest in young players, so expect things to get worse in that regard. Moyes’s rep is all based on his time at Everton, which is overrated. Yes there was stability but also good players. Apart from one season where they finished 4th about 10 years ago Everton fans were frustrated with the style of football and the lack of progress. The EPL was very different back then, you basically had the big 4 and Everton were often the best of the rest, which wasn’t saying much. Moyes may tighten things up and it may only be 6 months but a manager as bad as Moyes can do a lot of damage in 6 months. I agree with Martin Samuel who says the club is diseased and the owners are to blame. What has happened to my club?

    • Lazurus. rises like a salmon says:

      Sugo !!! Jimmy, sugo has happened ? Even staunch board supporters are now realising their mistake of backing them ! Birmingham ?? The same shyte is happening here as it did there , and we were warned by their supporters then and just look what’s happening now and its a repeat in motion ! 😎 IMO !!

  • BM66 says:

    12 months ago West Ham were hovering above the relegation zone with 11 points…..just 2 more than we have now. We then lost our next two or our next three games including a 1 -5 thrashing by Arsenal. Yet the club stuck with Slaven and in the end he pulled it around and got us up the table. Who was bottom then….Sunderland led by David Moyes……who went on to get the relegated! How on earth do you think this is a manager we should “give a chance to”. He has been a total failure since Everton and should never have even been in the frame.Your “tongue in cheek” poll was an honest representation of fans view of both Slaven and Moyes. It is time for the fans to stand up and be counted……the board are about to make a huge mistake and we should not stand by and just let them do it without expressing our voices. The future of our club is at stake …..Sunderland are now BOTTOM of the Championship……Is that the legacy this man will leave us with in the next 12 months!

  • JRS says:

    But that is like saying look at Slaven but just for his first year here.
    If Moyes is made mgr will back him. But he he has never been a manager to get quick results and like Max I worry about his relationship w players.
    O also think we need a mgr w confidence coming not sure he has that & the way he treated Sunderland players to Media & is overall attitude was don’t care. Tho if given this job it is a huge life line and he will have a point to prove bc fail this & his career will be over.
    But for me counting how he was with last couple jobs media players etc add this his record
    Moyes 84 games 24% win rate won 20 drawn 21 lost 43. Scored 79 conceded 123.
    He would be the absolute last choice for me in our situation even pundits say he is a slow burner takes a while to get going for him. He would take any job and should be our desperation pick I’m still all for Hiddink if we don’t want to buy out someone

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