The COST of David Moyes


Earlier today a CandH follower made the CASE for making David Moyes West Ham’s next boss..but what about the cost?

In this piece associate editor Sean Whetstone looks at the Scot’s financial past and what the Hammers may be expected to offer him should a deal land up on the table.

Prior to joining Everton in 2001 David Moyes earned £700,000 per year to manage Preston North End

For his first seven years in charge of  Everton he more than doubled his salary pocketing £1.56m per year doubling again to £3.3m per year in 2008 when he signed a new five year contract withe the Toffees.

In 2013 Moyes signed an ill fated six year contract on £5.6m per year with Manchester United worth a potential £33.6m.

When he was sacked 10 months later by Manchester United he lost out on far more generous compensation through an “ ejector seat” clause in his six-year contract limiting his money to 12 months’ salary if the club failed to qualify for the Champions League meaning he earned £10.26m including compensation for his 10 months in charge of the Reds.

In 2014 Real Sociedad literally broke the bank in offering the Scott a club record of two million euros per year worth around £1.46m per season on a 18 month deal until June 2016.

It is thought West Ham will offer to double his current wages at Sociedad  in a two year deal to put him on a similar wage enjoyed by Sam Allardyce subject to him achieving certain performance targets such as avoidance of relegation and a bonus related to league position.

It understood Moyes has an exit clause in his contract meaning he can leave Real Sociedad without compensation if a Premier League come in for him.


About Sean Whetstone

I am Season Ticket Holder in West stand lower at the London Stadium and before that, I used to stand in the Sir Trevor Brooking Lower Row R seat 159 in the Boleyn Ground and in the Eighties I stood on the terraces of the old South Bank. I am a presenter on the West Ham Podcast called MooreThanJustaPodcast.co.uk. A Blogger on WestHamTillIdie.com a member of the West Ham Supporters Advisory Board (SAB), Founder of a Youtube channel called Mr West Ham Football at http://www.youtube.com/MrWestHamFootball, I am also the associate editor here at Claret and Hugh. Life Long singer of bubbles! Come on you Irons! Follow me at @Westhamfootball on twitter

28 comments on “The COST of David Moyes

  1. Mioyes will be twice the manager for the same price as BFS

  2. maybe triple… lol 😉

  3. Job done Sean the stats can’t lie we get 4 times ( got to go one more Matte ) the manager for the same price,
    Even the purist on wetpants .com will understand those numbers,
    What about the saving on food when Moyes has them eating paste ?
    That’s it then Downing doesn’t like paste or hard training,did not do Van Persie any good got shot of Moyes and got his best mate the job only to be made a regular sub,
    He will be worth every penny

  4. ok… well… my sophisticated computer says…

    with Allardyce:

    – Entertainment : – 100%
    – Youth development : – 100%
    – Trophies : 0 %
    – Spot-on purchases (Carroll, Maiga, Taylor, Vaz Te, Demel, Jarvis, O’Brien): 0%
    – Annual Salary: £3 Mil.

    Final Result: TOTAL CRAP

    Remember, my sophisticated computer never lies… lol

    My job is my passion.

  5. Matte rest your stats cabinet for the weekend now,
    But my computer came up with total crap as well,
    That’s not a job ( you don’t get paid ) it’s a love affair

  6. no bad choice moyes o.O

  7. Well,
    I feel that a fairer appraisal is as follows;
    Entertainment: 15% (Poor, very little ambition going forward after talking a lead.)
    Youth Development: 3% (Very poor only recently brought Burke & Oxford into the picture)
    Trophies: 25% (Play Off Winners; Reasonable League Cup run)
    Purchases: Some good ones Kouyate; Valencia; Downing; (40%) (Too many old pals acts) No real time for maverick players like Morrison, Zarate or Nene.
    Sahko great but who signed him ? Not Sam so can not be included.
    Salary: (Don’t Know don’t care, but what ever it is it is 70% too much)
    General review
    Got us out of the Championship at the first attempt. Kept us in the Premiership for a second successive season, getting a higher points tally than the previous campaign.
    Plays far too much long ball, by-passing (excuse the pun) the midfield too often. Very negative in his approach, and prefers to play eight or nine behind the ball. Extremely stubborn and will not change his methods for anyone or any circumstance. Respects the point far too often, allowing teams to come at you in the final 25 minutes. Dropping 7 points in goals conceded in extra time.(Not including Everton in the LC)
    A graduate of the University of Stating the Completely ‘Bloody’ Obvious.
    Has a not given players recruited by a third party a chance. (This is an issue, as Manager he probably should have the last word on signings) but leaving quality players like Amalfitano on the bench for weeks could be viewed as ‘bloody’ minded.
    The season has petered out into a predictable drudge, which many fans will be glad to see the back of, and He did not have the ability or acumen to turn it round.
    Summing up an overall success rating of 30%

    so its a Big Fat ‘ NO’ from me…… Sorry Sam.

  8. Hammerman good assessment but 3rd place in the championship is like getting 3rd in the infants school skipping race don’t think it counts as a trophy ( my thoughts only)
    Not sure a part from Downing how much he had to do with Valencia or Kouyate ?
    But he gets 100% credit for Morrison demise and Zarate and Nene,s waste,
    Youth development 0% he has been pushed to use Burke and so far Oxford has only warmed the bench.

  9. Thanks for that thorough report Ham6,i think it is a fair reflection on The Sophisticated One.Clearly the negatives were going to outweigh the positives,lol,i agree Bubs,think 6 was being very generous giving Hippohead the Championship Play-Off final win as a trophy.But if he goes in the coming months he can always take his replica of it off to Fulham,Sunderland or whichever poor fans have to stomach the guy next 😉

  10. Anyway this evening Real-Juve. If Real doesn’t reach the final, a top secret source of mine told me Sam will be the next manager of Real. He asked Florentino to buy Nolan and Carroll to improve the team next year… Exclusive negotiations have already started… Lol

  11. There’s a replica ?
    Why ?
    Not Fulham we need him to move further away ( bad karma )

  12. Well would you give the real thing to Hippohead,lol,unless you ment there is a replica BFS knocking about somewhere.Maybe Newzoids can create him 😉

  13. That will be brilliant when Miranda delivers the baby and George is watching,
    They have Roy perfect and Rooney his hair is spot on,
    Not sure the rest of the world know to much about BFS and our pain,

  14. Moyes?!?! sideways move if every I saw one…….

  15. Lmao,another wise man who thinks moyes is a sideways move.Wtf.Just know when they come from dribbledown dont ya 😉

  16. How do they keep escaping ?
    It’s like the walking dead,do you actually think they believe hat they write?
    No a sideway move would be to give BFS a new contract,
    No I mean a backwards move,how do you think BFS is going to pick a team with no Nolan and Carroll injured ?
    They must count BFS,s jumping over a gate to go to sleep

  17. Lol,well many people on different sites started the day saying it was a sideway step,but when they have actually looked at Moyes a little more closely they now dont think it is such a bad idea.To call Moyes a sideways step is unbelievable imo,not a massive step,a small one maybe.But certainly one in the right direction 😉

  18. Before Moyes went to Man U we would have loved him here,
    But he lost a lot of credibility there and why we would have liked his results,
    They just don’t want to concede that BFS is old news and he should be ushered out quietly,
    But life would be boring without dribbledownyourleg.com

  19. Moyes never stood a chance at the Mancs,not with all Fergies disciples still there.Anyone who had gone there was onto a loser at the time.Those players were so entrenched in the Ferguson ways anything new was going to cause a revolt,which happened.

  20. I thought it was common knowledge that part of the reason Moyes crashed at the Mancs was that he bought all his own staff in, getting rid of better people who could have helped in making the step up, the new manager there had to allow Giggs as part of his staff for this reason

    • Whats that got to do with the players that i was on about?,they all started crying once their grandad had gone.

      • I’ll explain for you, Van Gaal’s start went pretty much the same as Moyes did but Giggs was the there as a middle man between Van Gaal and the players etc to help the transition and steady the ship while smoothing out any underlying issues, Moyes didn’t have that luxury and maybe would of made a better job of it

        • I know what youre both saying,but most managers bring in their own backroom staff.It was always going to be difficult following Ferguson & some of the ‘names’ in the playing staff didnt like the new regime.But they are professionals,they shouldnt go throwing their toys out of the pram once Daddy Alex has left the building.Moyes task was thankless there,anyone taking over after Ferguson was going to have a tough time living up to peoples expectations.

  21. And that’s worked out so well,
    Van Persie and Falcone are rubbish this year what’s there joint wage,
    Fellini has had time to settle and now is performing,
    Ferguson signed Smalling and Jones rubbish
    He let Ronaldo and Tevez go big mistake,
    Moyes did none of that
    He deserved more time and we will be lucky if we get him.

  22. Moyes is a good manager.Far better than Allardyce.Seen people say he is similiar to Allardyce.Not in a million years.I worked up in the Mersey area when he was manager at Everton.Went to many matches at Goodison with Evertonian friends,mainly midweek when it wasnt possible to get back to watch The Irons or we didnt have a match.The Toffees played some good stuff under him,i enjoyed going with my mates.Folk who say he is a sideways step,no better than Allardyce are totally talking out of their arses.But i guess the Wikipedia Warriors have been busy & made their decision.I dont mean to be confrontational having just signed up here,but anyone who believes he is only an equalmto Sam either no nothing about football or have drawn conclusions from seeing Everton once at UP a season,a few times on tv or have taken all their information from stupid stats sites or wiki.Moyes stacks up favourably to Allardyce in all respects.To say they are the same is trying to find ways to justify them wanting Allardyce kept,a fear of change or just total ignorance about the subject.Sorry,i dont mean to offend anyone,but what i read on forums bug me sometimes when the folk clearly have little knowledge about something.

  23. I just wanted to highlight what i ment,im sure you all know anyway.But how the **** can you say Moyes is a sideways step or no better with regards to Allardyce.His record at Everton,full season-
    2002-03: 7th
    2003-04: 17th
    2004-05: 4th
    2005-06: 11th
    2006-07: 6th
    2007-08: 5th
    2008-09: 5th
    2009-10: 8th
    2010-11: 7th
    2011-12: 7th
    All done on a smallish budget similiar to us.Can anyone tell me Allardyce could do this,as well as an fa cup final & european qualifications.People may argue yes he could but they know they would be fooling themselves.Sideways step or no better,give it a rest.

  24. I agreeeToes,to call him a sideways step is b*ll**** & to say we would be better off with Allardyce is even crazier.Think people who say that must be in Sams pocket,lol.Yeah i had seen Evertons finishing positions,pretty good & consistent for sure.I think Hippohead could manage one of those finishes,the 17th if i had to choose one 😀

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