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The finances of axing Team Bilic

goodbyeWest Ham will pay out around £3 million in compensation to Slaven Bilic and his backroom staff after dismissing them from the club today.

With just under a year left on their contracts the club have acted in a manner that is entirely uncharacteristic given their usual loyalty to bosses.

If the axe is going to fall it usually does so at the end of each season but such are the acute issues inside the club the pair decided they had to break from their usual policy.

The sacking and arrival of a new management team will cost the club around £6 million with David Moyes agreeing to a deal which will see him take charge until the end of the season.

There is a break clause in the deal which will allow the club or him to walk away at the end of the term although an option for a further 18 months is available should both sides want it.

He has also been offered funds for the January window after the club made contact with the Scot immediately following the against Liverpool.

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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

17 comments on “The finances of axing Team Bilic

  1. “…after the club made contact with the Scot immediately following the against Liverpool.” Ermm, I do believe Sullivan made contact in the week prior to the game!

    This is the price to pay for Sullivan and his co-conspirators leaving Bilic as a dead man walking by not acting at the end of last season.

    • Of course he did they were shaking hands at the game. But Moyee said he had no Contact from club.
      I will get Behind him when its official and hope we get the Everton Moyes w a massive poi t to prove …
      But at least the contract makes sense

  2. So, the spivs are getting their excuses in early for ‘lack of funds’ come the January transfer window then!

  3. Best we get a decent manager in soon…. This is our fixture list for December (+ Jan 2nd)Looks like we have 9 games to play in 30 days (with Arsenal twice, Man City , Tottenham and Chelsea included in that list) Relegation I fear looms large

    From 13th to the 2nd Jan we have 7 in 20 days!!

    Sunday 3rd December
    Premier League
    Manchester City16:00West Ham United

    Saturday 9th December
    Premier League
    West Ham United12:30Chelsea

    Wednesday 13th December
    Premier League
    West Ham United20:00Arsenal

    Saturday 16th December
    Premier League
    Stoke City15:00West Ham United

    Tuesday 19th December
    Carabao Cup
    Arsenal19:45West Ham United
    Saturday 23rd December

    Premier League
    West Ham United15:00Newcastle United
    Tuesday 26th December

    Premier League
    Bournemouth15:00West Ham United

    Sunday 31st December
    Premier League
    Tottenham Hotspur14:15West Ham United

    January 2018
    Tuesday 2nd January
    Premier League
    West Ham United19:45West Bromwich Albion

  4. Therein lies the actual issue with our great club – owners who want to do everything on the cheap. Until they’re prepared to invest in a way that actually progresses the club, we’ll be in this continual cycle, whoever comes in. I genuinely fear relegation is a given now. All the non Hammers I know are laughing at the mess we now are and asking how we’ve ended up like this.

  5. Says in the post: Has been offered funds for the January window!

    • If we were serious with “funds” we’d be going for a manager we actually want in a current job. Instead, we’ve already been turned down by a couple of out of work managers. Moyes is another cheap option irrespective of “funds” in the window.

  6. Just read this article by Leon Osman https://www.standard.co.uk/sport/football/everton-hero-leon-osman-backs-top-manager-david-moyes-to-turn-west-ham-around-a3677716.html maybe small crumbs but if the players listen to him and he is right tactically we may see our way through this, he was certainly no stranger to relegation fights at Everton he won all of those even if he lost the Sunderland one… hang on I am starting to sound like a company puppet RSRP feel free to strike me down 😉

    • I’m sure you’ll even find players who rave about Avram Grant if you look hard enough.

    • Some pundits like him some say wrong choice…
      I’ve read that we have approached a # managers from Silva to Koeman. But until Slav is gone you can’t really 100% offer the job. Think they should take a lil more time they seems done.
      I will get behind Moyes and hope we get the old Moyes of Everton at least the contract in sensible

  7. Bloody doom-mongerers. Moyes has been and probably still is a very good coach. Eleven years at Everton. Almost always in the top 8 come season end. Finished 4th once with a very limited transfer kitty and he brought many youngsters through to play first team football. His sides were always very fit. How much of this rings true with our present team with our best youngsters either bench warming or being sent out on loan and our team stats suggesting we have covered the least ground of any team in the PL and the least number of sprints.
    So stop griping and get a grip because something had to be done. As I understand it he will have a 6 month contract with an 18 month option if all sides agree. We need to give him and the team full support if we are to get out of this mess which was not, incidentally, caused by Moyes!

    • Funny how those who griped about Bilic all season are now telling us to stop griping and get a grip…but I pays my money, I’ll gripe as much as I want thanks. But we’ll agree on the point that this mess wasn’t caused by Moyes…like I said, do everything on the cheap owners are the catalyst for most of our problems.

  8. Also I’m not sure where this thing about Gold/Sullivan being loyal to most of their managers comes from and that axing Bilic at this stage is highly unusual. Of all their managers during their football club owning tenures, 50% of them have now been sacked in the autumn.

    In fact, during their time at Birmingham, only one manager got sacked at the end of a season (that was their buddy Barry Fry) all the rest were sacked mid season (Cooper / Francis / Bruce)

    Bilic may be the first of their West Ham managers to be sacked during a season – but they’ve freely admitted Grant was a mistake and should have gone mid season, and Alladyce was a dead man walking for months. Zola was inherited so most probably counts himself lucky he made it to the season’s end.

    So I’m not sure I buy this “highly unusual action” and “loyalty” thing.

  9. I didn’t want this bloke but he’s here so only results will count and be it on the dildo,s heads if it goes scatty !! It will not be instant success for sure ! First priority for him will be fitness and defence ! Not easy with what we’ve got defensively ! Jan I hope will be a clear out of some and cresswell is one for me along with fonte massuaku noble and ogbonna and new blood brought in !! How he’s gonna achieve that with £450 I don’t know lol😂 so were gonna see what happens and get behind them !! We wanted change and we got it ! Time will tell if they got it right !! Or not !! One thing is for sure its a big job , made bigger by not replacing bilic sooner !! That’s down to scrooge and his elusive wallet !! The positive if it can be believed is his insistence of no interfering in team affairs ?? We will see on that one ! And the amount made available for Jan ! We will get an idea if its all 💩 or not !!
    So onwards and upwards we all hope !! 😉

  10. Agreed Laz, Moyes or whoever is appointed deserves our support and a fair crack. And bang on about conceding goals, we are the worst and cannot plan on 4-3 results any longer. Stop the mistakes leading to goals and build from there. Jesus, I’m so desperate, I sound like BFS!

    And just read Carroll’s moan about fans leaving early. He can be added to your list by the way!

  11. I forgot ayew as well 😉

  12. Other things that could change with youth fitness and more would be Adrian (who I facny for #1) getting his chance back w Moyes not wanting Hart at Sunderland on Loan. Esp if he is looking more to future

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