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The Godfather of Grind Eyes Management Return

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With the departures of veteran managers Roy Hodgson and Claudio Ranieri, a niche has opened for an experienced hand to take on struggling clubs. David Moyes, recently separated from West Ham, appears ready to fill that void.

At 61, Moyes has a wealth of experience and isn’t ready to hang up his coaching boots. His recent comments suggest he’s open to new opportunities: “I want to stay really involved in football… Do I want to stay in management? Yes, would be the answer to that.”

While Moyes’ next destination remains unclear, his availability likely won’t last long. Clubs facing relegation battles or needing a steady veteran presence might find him an attractive option.

Enter the “Godfather of Grind” due to his reputation for pragmatic, defensive football that priorities results over flair. His approach has proven successful in keeping teams afloat during challenging periods.

David Moyes seems poised for a return to management, and it will be interesting to see which club takes a chance on the experienced manager known for his ability to steer teams away from relegation danger and play mind numbingly boring football.

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  • Hammeroo says:

    Must be a slow news day today.

  • Ian says:

    Undoubtedly about 61 years stale.

  • Barry says:

    No teams are queueing up to take him on
    Media said what great manager. We’re are all these clubs now.

  • Rainham Hammer says:

    Noticed Paul Merson isn’t banging the ‘Man U would be mad to ged rid of him drum’ about Ten Hag, and he’s won 2 cups.

  • Jon skipp says:

    Stop slating DM his no longer at West Ham so let him get on with it

  • David says:

    I think he’ll get snapped up. I mean he kept West Ham in top ten. Avoided relegation battles snd won trophy. Whoever gets him will get a great manager.

  • Jeeps says:

    Just don’t give him the reins to transfers.

    • Bullfrogs4 says:

      Or Team selections or set pieces or half time pep talks maybe just allow him the before and after media talks 🤔

  • Pongo says:

    Perish the thought David moyes managing a new club signing the next jarrod bowen and being successful again whilst lopetugui helps to a bottom 8 finish and then the rest of us can gloat and say we told you to be careful what you wish for, and then you lot can run away with your tails between your legs. And do any of you have a ponytail by any chance, im trying to remember when I last saw a pony swish it’s tail and what was underneath it.

  • De says:

    The top of any savvy owners wish list, an absolute must for any team needing experience and ability steering their team to safety and beyond. And a very recent Euro winner to boot. If they can afford him, but will be worth every penny. God bless ya Mr Moyes, COYI

  • De says:

    Just seen a comment on here, the sort of comment a fool who knows absolutely NOTHING, esp. about West Ham but has maybe listened to a likewise pundit, just have some cursory knowledge about the subject matter you are trying to be clever about, before making an absolute fool of yourself showing you have zero clue, in the process. I could go on but you’ve embarrassed yourself enough and you’re so clueless, you don’t even realise. I’m embarrassed for you, but I cant let idiots get away with talking crap.

  • Jamie Hickman says:

    Only place I can see him going is Burnley, if and when Kompany departs

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