The high cost of Jenks – fans react

Fans have been reacting to the news that the Irons will continue to pick up a near £80k a week bill for Carl Jenkinson despite an injury which has ended his season.
Claretand Hugh revealed the news earlier when also wishing the player all the best for a speedy recovory. Here’s  what forum members at https://www.facebook.com/groups/363174467150521/ had to say about that and the player’s departure in general.
jenksO To be honest it wouldn’t hurt the player to take a half cut wage! He doesn’t have to but as a gesture of thanks to us for giving him a chance. Bad news for all involved. Good luck, Jenks!
O Wish Jenks a speedy recovery, but can’t help and feel that if Jenks returns to Arsenal for treatment and the loan deal is terminated, that it is the best result for all involved.

O In a perverse kind of way perhaps Jenkinson ‘almost’ needs this, his confidence is so completely shot to bits right now, maybe getting away from the pressure of it & concentrating on his rehab before making a fresh start (at wherever Arsenal send him off to next) will do him more good in the long run.

O Wish him all the best, seems a nice lad.

O Feel for the fella. He was great for us last season and so clearly lost confidence. We are rubbish at helping players who clearly need an onfield confidence boost. We just boo and shout at them.
OI have a sports insurance as I’m self employed and my premiums are quite high and I only play Saturday league which costs me a fiver! Can you imagine theirs on the money they earn.

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7 comments on “The high cost of Jenks – fans react

  1. The wages these players are on they should be made to pay for their own insurance , after all the are only contracted and in effect are self employed !!
    Its a farce , a joke !!!! On all clubs , something needs to change , the winners in this are the greedy goons and jenks !!! The losers are us !!!!!!!!

  2. Never mind John he has gone for good,he can play for Hippo in the championship next season,or I hope the Gooners get stuck with him for 5 years on those wages,
    Pity it took an injury because now he leaves with sympathy instead of being remembered for his performances,
    Any way he will be looked after for a few years to come play or not,
    Just hope we don’t take another gooner to replace him

  3. I agree that all players should have insurance for their own careers, in other sub-contracts there would be clauses, if you cannot play you should not receive exorbitant sums of money, for these players they could get second jobs to pay the bills in event that they couldn’t play much like many players in the years before the exorbitant salary, in some cases they may even love the game more and be better for it.

  4. Afternoon all.
    Although I agree players should take out their own insurance wouldn’t that open a whole can of worms allowing them to sue clubs for their injuries?

  5. Who would Jenkinson Sue ?
    Aguero for hitting his leg as he blocked him ?
    Slav for picking him ?
    Trouble is how would AC get cover or players like him ?
    If you hire a car you tale out insurance that normally covers the first payment IE £300
    So maybe to be fair we should pay The Gooners the first month then they cover their own player,
    He got on the wrong side of the player he was marking he tackled badly over reaching so maybe it was his own fault and maybe he should live on sickness benefit like most Sunday players have to do,

  6. Why ??? That’s the whole idea of insurance ? If a player had the right to sue then they could be counter sued for not performing on the pitch and in effect not eligably to any dosh as they are not full filling their contract, bla bla bla , silly conversation really !
    Insurance is insurance for financial reasons of all kinds of things ,
    If a player ever sued a club through injury he would never play again , but if say payet had his career ruined by McCarthy and he was insured he could sue for damages . But I don’t think you need insurance to sue anybody , you just do it .

  7. I can’t say I’ve thought it through to be honest 🙂
    I was thinking along the lines of a person being injured at work and able to sue their employer.
    Just thought I’d throw it in there, probably a pile of crap to be honest:)

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