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The Insider speaks

boleyninsiderThe club’s insider is back to tease us with transfer news and hints and opens up his latest column on the official site by discussing the Jonathon Calleri loan.

He says: “I can reveal that another new signing is set to be announced in the near future as a deal has been agreed with Argentine forward Jonathan Calleri.

“The talented striker needs to obtain a work permit which should take a few days, but my sources have told me that this will not be possible until Argentina are out of the Olympics.”

“There could be even more movement in the striking department as I have been told that the Club have bid £20million for a French striker and that this is being considered with the Irons hoping it can be  finalised

.It is my understanding that they are trying to find a replacement in a crazy market of activity this summer so that could hold up any possible move.”

It would seem the Insider is discussing Andre Ayew from Swansea City. He was born in France despite playing for Ghana. Swansea want to tie up a replacement before they let him leave in the same way we have with Sakho and Valencia.

The Insider adds: “Reports throughout the summer have linked West Ham with a move for AC Milan forward Carlos Bacca.I have been told there is still a small chance that Bacca will agree to join the Hammers as a deal has been agreed with the Italian giants, but the Colombian international is still undecided over whether he wants a move to the UK.”

We have reported there remains a slim chance that Bacca will come back to us if no-one comes in for him but somehow that leave sour taste in our mouths. We want players who want to play for the badge.

The insider finishes by covering the left back position.

“The search for a left back continues after Aaron Cresswell was ruled out for up to four months with a knee ligament injury.My sources have told me that we have had two bids turned down for two left backs, but the search goes on.”

One of those rejections is thought to be a £8m bid for Norwich defender Robbie Brady and the other was thought to be a £3m bid for his team mate Martin Olsson.

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About Sean Whetstone

I am Season Ticket Holder in West stand lower at the London Stadium and before that, I used to stand in the Sir Trevor Brooking Lower Row R seat 159 in the Boleyn Ground and in the Eighties I stood on the terraces of the old South Bank. I am a presenter on the West Ham Podcast called MooreThanJustaPodcast.co.uk. A Blogger on WestHamTillIdie.com a member of the West Ham Supporters Advisory Board (SAB), Founder of a Youtube channel called Mr West Ham Football at http://www.youtube.com/MrWestHamFootball, I am also the associate editor here at Claret and Hugh. Life Long singer of bubbles! Come on you Irons! Follow me at @Westhamfootball on twitter

39 comments on “The Insider speaks

  1. Tell you what Sean if we want players who will play for the badge we might be fecking short of players soon haha.Play for the badge is old school mate.Most play for the wonga now 😀

  2. Any reason why we cannot tie up Ayew by sending Valencia to Swansea? Unthought they wanted him and it would be like for like leaving our kitty mostly intact for the more central goal scorer we need.

  3. Any reason why we cannot tie up Ayew by sending Valencia to Swansea? I thought they wanted him and it would be like for like leaving our kitty mostly intact for the more central goal scorer we need.

  4. ?? Love the fact the board are still active. But surely we have adequate midfielders and wingers. WHAT about a Right back Poor old Antonio is just not a right back. And imo Ayew
    Is a good player But not an out and out striker?

    • Ah ha, BUT that’s exactly the point, Mr Fire man bloke person. The fact that the Insider (cough, splutter….David Sullivan…cough…cough…) makes no mention of looking for a RB, is it’s own answer! Antonio IS our RB!
      Quite nostalgic really. Last season was so against the mould. This is back to the REAL West Ham Way which is “Have foot; will shoot it off”….aaahh… even just saying that is making me feel better! Who knows; could EVEN be a nostalgic trip back to The Championship!
      OK, so I am being a tiny bit melodramatic BUT can we at least not be told WHY WHY WHY for f*ck sake. It is effing BONKERS. Nearly all fans are COMPLETELY BAFFLED.
      Your mission, Sean, should you choose to accept it, is to EFFING FIND OUT.
      This respondent will self destruct in 10 seconds….

      • If only you would pal

      • Haha CTM , almost goonesk ! Almost ?? Lol.
        Sully has obviously been watching a re run of the masters of comedy , while gently holding the neck of a stuffed goose with both feet in a army boot wearing a mini coal scuttle on his head , dressed in a designer mini coal sac ? discussing a moot point of a right back with gold !?
        :: Don’t point that m,oot at me gold ! I’ve got clean underwear on !!!
        We do take it to heart don’t we ! Typical hammers no matter who the owners are !
        The west ham way ,
        Anybody replies to this in a serious tone , has a serious problem ??

        • Whatever you have been taking I want some…..

        • Jonnyboy, you are THE MAN!…So to speak….
          Oops, , impossible mission impossible.. I didn’t self destruct….DAMN!….. Apologies, JB….If all this gets to much, might I interest you in my Self Guillotine machine which I have affectionately called “Death to you, a la claret and blue” Special hand job operation! As the mighty Winston (gets paid bundles to) says “You’ll LUVVIT”…
          Meanwhile, despite this nonsense, in reality land, Antonio remains our RB, and NONE OF US KNOW WHY!….
          How’s that, Jonnyboy, any good?

  5. So he has not got Italian passport,why does everything seem so hard,
    Pick the phone up ring City give them the money for Bony,
    Talk to Swansea and get the deal done by then Calleri will be not given his permit and he will sign for someone else who will get the permit,
    Sell Sak and Enner,
    Book AC into A&E by week 2 but we will be covered by then Bony will score 27 goals AC will play the last 6 games of the season from the bench,
    Ayew will equal Payet with 12 goals each we will get another striker in January,( who I don’t know because my crystal Balls) are all rubbed out,
    Fletcher will score 10 goals as well in cup games and off the bench,
    Byram will be great all season at right back,
    Cressie will come back 6 weeks early and play all season
    Page plays well as stand in

  6. Crystal balls, eh Bubs? All rubbed out, eh?…now you are talking. Far better than my manky, worm eaten ones…My poor girlfriend is as long suffering as any a bona fide WHU supporter….
    I remain your devoted.panic-er….

  7. Bloody hell can’t you unban the rabid dogs Hugh.Let them sort out CTM & the bolloxs he talks lol He is starting to get on my tits 😉

  8. WTF……. ??? I’ll wake up in a minute & everything above will make sense

  9. GW they might have been abrupt sometimes with people who backed hippo but they still had a good laugh as well.I would rather them than this bolloxs that ain’t even funny.

    • Stan I was one of those that was called a rabid dog by our dear old friends over at Wet Pants! We might have been close to the mark and took the **** but reading the above load of bull**** makes me hanker for the days when this site wasn’t so serious or full of unfunny ****ers.

      • Yeah I know you was.I didn’t us the site as much during the BFS days but still used to read it as well as comment sometimes.It seemed to be a much better laugh on here then.Like you say,far less serious & stressed up lol.Bubs was in his element with his mates.Now he was really funny back then.

  10. Stan the old dog pound had a bit of a get together on here when the fat tub of lard was about to show his face at the Boleyn again and it was like the old days! A bit of fun, a bit of banter and supporting the club like it should be but nowadays it looks like there are just so called fans that like having a pop, a moan and coming out with any old ****.

    • Yeah I remember some old faces returned for the party.It was a good laugh on here again.Better than now that’s for certain.I think I might give the place a miss while these c0cks are trying to rule the roost lol

  11. Why is everyone talking about the good old days? CTM, Stan… all of you! Moaning all the time. Wasn’t last season good enough for you?

    • Because we are on about the good old days on this site before a lot of the guys left.Not the bloody football season.That was brilliant lol 🙂

    • Good old days of fans actually supporting the club not ****ing moaning about every bleeding thing mate.

  12. So will this season be as good?

  13. Why not F&C.Im a glass half full type of fan,even though you obviously thought not lol.We do need to sort out the defence don’t we but the mid looks strong & one or two forwards to add to the squad & I think we will have a good season.I cant see the likes of Chelski or Manure being as poor again so it will be tough,but I dont think Southampton or leicester will be as good.Im expecting with everything balancing out to have a similar finish spot 6th,7th maybe.

  14. I love The Insider,he is great value for winding some fans up haha.Keep going my son 😀

    • P45 how are you? You still on a banning order from the intellectuals site of choice lol

      • Haha,yeah blacklisted GW.Its terminal this time.I only made the Trig Broom account to wish a geezer well on there who was ill.I wish I had wished him well & fecked off now.It would have been easier than getting a load of ear’ole haha 😀

        • Well you know what there precious little cliques like P45, you can’t be upsetting them by disagreeing or having your own point of view lol! So i’m guessing your not invited to the annual keepy uppy comp or the sleepover pillow fight then?

          • No chance,a couple of them might want to use me as the football or pillow though haha.I couldn’t give a feck what they think.I ain’t the first & won’t be the last to be banned from there.Its water off a ducks back 😀

          • Go on jog on back to Wet Pants P45,we don’t want trouble makers like you on here lol.I said this morning that in the course of a day they would find a minimum of half a dozen different things to moan about.I then reevaluated & raised the bar to a dozen by sunset.Well they p!ssed on that,i think it was nearer to two dozen different things they managed to moan about lmao.They never cease to amaze me lol

          • Haha, feck off Antman 😀

    • I’m with you on the insider buddy.I mean come on you have to be pretty sad to get worked into a lather about some section on a football club website like this.

  15. Well just be careful what you say here P45 some of the thought police from there are always watching and have got their finger hovering over a send email to Hugh button just in case you step out of line lol.

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