The Irons badge…to change or not to change


The debate has begun on whether the current badge should be altered in the run up to our move to the Olympic Stadium.moore

I will concentrate on the two main proposals; adding the word London and the possible removal of the castle.

Personally I think the current badge could do with an update, having last been changed in 1997 to soften the castle features.

Let’s tackle the castle first. After 2017 there will be no castle as the Boleyn ground will be transformed into housing and shops.

There is strong historical evidence that the Boleyn castle

a) Wasn’t a castle anyway

and b) had no connection to Anne Boleyn.

Green Street House was built  in 1544, eight years after her the execution.  A couple of turrets were added two years later to enhance the beauty of the ground and  that is why it was called a castle by locals. It was demolished in 1955.

The tacky yellow castles were emerged  in 2001 during the rebuilding of West stand and have made us a laughing stock for visiting supporters –  they will not be missed when demolished in 2017.

Traditionalists won’t  want change but the removal of the castle doesn’t bother me in the slightest but I would not support it being replaced by the Olympic Stadium.

The more contentious issue in my opinion is the use of the word London on the badge.

Traditionalists will point out West Ham was originally part of Essex and not at the heart of London but we have to understand that the Premier League is now a global brand.

I am sure many overseas supporters do not automatically know West Ham is a London club and I do see the attraction of associating  the Hammers to a super brand like London.

Many will say it should say East of London, Pride of London, Made in London but I don’t see an issue with a small discreet London somewhere on the badge.

I know football supporters do not like talking about marketing and brands but the most successful Premier league teams such as Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea and Arsenal do it so well. We need to as well if we are to complete on the global stage.

If we want better football and one day achieve a European dream we need to generate more money so in the end we need to be a global player with a global brand.

For those reasons I back a change of the badge but I agree with the club that the majority of fans should decide.

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I am Season Ticket Holder in West stand lower at the London Stadium and before that, I used to stand in the Sir Trevor Brooking Lower Row R seat 159 in the Boleyn Ground and in the Eighties I stood on the terraces of the old South Bank. I am a presenter on the West Ham Podcast called MooreThanJustaPodcast.co.uk. A Blogger on WestHamTillIdie.com a member of the West Ham Supporters Advisory Board (SAB), Founder of a Youtube channel called Mr West Ham Football at http://www.youtube.com/MrWestHamFootball,

I am also the associate editor here at Claret and Hugh.

Life Long singer of bubbles! Come on you Irons!

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  • Michael Miller says:

    I read what you’ve written and I’m afraid it has not convinced me. I see no reason to change the Badge – why does it need the word ‘London’ – I’ve no idea – just some cheap Marketing ploy – leave the Badge alone!

  • conkerpot says:

    I imagine London on the badge would be more popular amongst londoners rather than the large percentage of supporters who live outside in one of the Home Counties or further afield. Having said that most of Manchester unitards support are from outside Manchester so … Suppose we would get used to a small discrete west ham London to help flog the global brand. I love the castle always have and as an englishmans home is his castle and as we want our new stadium to be a fortress so to speak don’t see why we can’t keep it. It’s true though that the castle association will no longer be there in our new home. I would be interested to see new designs featuring the olympic stadium with hammers in front. It does seem a logical move. Someone should have a word with Karen Brady about opening up the design of the new club badge to the public in a “the apprentice” kind of way. If your design gets chosen you win a free season ticket for life or summat

  • punchy says:

    Stop it Sean. Leave as is. Drop the subject and let’s move on to concentrating all our resources on building a team that attracts the international support you are looking for. Don’t see Arsenal, Tottenham etc needing the London tag.

  • ibrook says:

    This debate is orchestrated to divert attention away from the important matter of how dire the football is under Allardyce and his unwarranted support at Board level.

  • Plaistow Pundit says:

    I am in favour of a badge change and WHUFC mostly got their proposals right at last weeks SAB meeting. Simply put, the club want ot revert to a badge like the one Bobby Moore wears in your picture.
    The big contention came when we heard the proposal to add the word ‘London’ to the lower part of the badge. Like about 70% of the people at the meeting I did like or want this.
    However, I can see advantages to adding the word ‘London’ to help overseas profile and sales which in turn fund our club to compete with the big boys.
    My proposal is that West Ham should have two badges- one without the word for Premier League matches and one with the added word for all other matches including European matches should that ever happen.

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