The Irons plan: Side, back, hoof, drop back…repeat!


 By Simon Leyland

Well we won , although it was in all truth a dreadful game between two mediocre sides; and as a result we have now climbed  from 19th place to 14th in the league.

But really… a pitiful 44% possession against the bottom side, losing control of the midfield containing three internationals. We were crying out for some flair and instead the game plan was to stop JWP and nick a goal. Which we did. But still didn’t really stop him.

This siege mentality from the Moyes has infected the players. Side, back, hoof, drop back, hope to nick the ball, hoof, lose the ball , rinse and repeat. The only time in the game we looked positive was when we pressed higher up, which was far too rarely.

What is particularly damning is the fact that only the new guys like Emerson, Paqueta, Aguerd and Kehrer really seemed to understand the idea of moving the ball quickly, getting into space, probably because they remember what it is to play attacking football coached elsewhere.

Trust the process? There is no discernible process to improve their play. I am not surprised Rice wants out and I bet half the team feels the same way.

This is a team of individuals – there is no excuse to to be playing this way if coached properly.

The only thing positive about the game for me was Lucas Paquetá. He topped the stats today for the most tackles made, the most duels won and the most possession won. He might not be doing exactly what we bought him for yet for but he’s definitely proving his worth to the team.

We really need to improve when we host Newcastle on Wednesday, but I suppose three points are three points.

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  • Bella100 says:

    Graham Potter & Brendan Rodgers now available………
    Sack this negative incompetent clown now that is Moyes & get one of them in to start & get this talented squad playing to their true potential, watching the game today was worst than having toothache !!!!!!!!!

  • hammerpete6 says:

    Soucek must be rested. Now more than ever we need ball players on the pitch. Men who make themselves available to receive the ball and can use it well.

  • joethewindsurfer says:

    Awful game and terrible tactics again from Moyes. Managers of the calibre of Potter and Rodgers getting sacked yet our’s blunders on regardless. He has a charmed life. Cannot wait to see the back of him. He put Soucek at the top of midfield. Unbelievable. And I thought he would have played Scamacca instead of Ings who was ineffectual. We got a result against the worst side in the Prem. But Newcastle will be a different kettle of fish. Watched Brighton v Brentford yesterday. Great game. Two great managers. And we’re in a 60,000 seat stadium watching this rubbish. Praying they’ll be three worse teams than us.

  • Budgie says:

    Great dismiss a failure and ,appoint other failures from increasingly barmy premier league manager merry go round! Glad our board kept Moyes until close season when you can make calm decisions.
    PS pop ups on this forum are making it impossible to comment. Please get rid!!

  • Carthorse says:

    It seemed to me that Fabianski had the most touches in the first half.

  • tobyfrench182 says:

    I really think that regardless of what happens this season Moyes has to go or we are going to see an exodus of players

    If we can get a new manager in they might want to stay and see how the new regime is, but I cannot imagine that people like Scamacca or Paqueta or Aguerd or Bowen are going to want to stay.

    It must be a truly joyless experience for internationals and quality players following Moyes tactics, when they must realise we could do so much more with the ball and the team we have.

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