The long goodbye: Sam ‘gone’ story looks spot on

waving sam_allardyce_1528056cMany will have noticed the new story emerging out of Upton Park this morning concerning Sam Allardyce’s now seemingly certain departure.
Apparently – if we believe the original Daily Telegraph story which has since been reported almost everywhere – the manager has and will refuse to sign any new deal.
 The story claims he has turned down a tentative offer from the club to talk over a new deal and it adds that he is understood to have two other offers – one in England and one abroad.
The report says: “His future will  not be at West Ham, however, and he has decided that he will leave the club even if they make a firm proposal to him in the next few weeks.
Sources at West Ham have insisted that there was an approach made to Allardyce recently, with a new two-year deal potentially on offer, but it was declined.”
Yet only yesterday – and consistently for the last month or two – we have been told that won’t happen unless the club were unable to attract another manager and even then only one year would be offered. 
And as we reported yesterday Rafa Benitez is currently very much the man they want and who is indeed listening to the overtures passed through middle men.
That a non quotes story should appear in the Telegraph explaining Allardyce has made his mind up to say “no” to a new deal gives the immediate impression that the sources used are indeed close to the manager as there is no mileage to the club in ‘leaking’ such information.
No story could be entirely manufactured. Trust me. That’s impossible so it looks that a message has been sent that it’s finally over.
Mr Allardyce’s pride – like most people’s – will presumably have been hurt by constant stories about the board wanting a new man and that a carefully worded story may have been placed to make the point.
Either that or the entire thing has been made up which frankly we don’t believe.
Seems it really is all over now as ClaretandHugh was told yesterday by very well placed sources: “The mood is for change.
And it was added: Among those who are not under consideration are Marcelo Bielsa and Steve McClaren as has been reported in some places.”

The story claims he has turned down a tentative offer from the club to talk over a new deal and it adds that he is understood to have two other offers – one in England and one abroad.

The report says: “His future will  not be at West Ham, however, and he has decided that he will leave the club even if they make a firm proposal to him in the next few weeks.

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29 comments on “The long goodbye: Sam ‘gone’ story looks spot on

  1. I dont really care which way round they say it happened as long as he is history.Goodbye Hippohead,its been a pleasure to have you as our flexible,sophisticated leader,not!!

  2. Saturday will be the last day (we’ll touch wood for now) we’ll see the Mighty Sam on the bench. I wonder what will happen: thank you banners? Paper towels to wipe away the tears?A standing ovation? Chorus of thanks?
    If I was there I would display a sign that says: “Sam you are too good for us, QPR or Bolton are waiting for you. Thank you for your entertaining long balls”.
    According to the Telegraph (having regard to the last credible report) after the match against Everton there will be a big party in his honor: I read, right now, the participants which confirmed the invitation are: Little Kev, Andy and Joey.
    Come on, come all! Cakes, line dancing, karaoke; youth can’t get in anyway (as Always, lol)… Sam will perform a striptease at the end of the night.


  3. The worrying point here is the comment on a tentative offer of a two-year deal for Allardyce. This would mean that they have no other alternatives and were considering keeping him on. So rather than being decisive we might now find ourselves starting from scratch in our pursuit for a manager. This is not good.

    My preference would still be Bilic as I can’t see Benitez joining us but somehow I think we’ll end up being a little underwhelmed by whatever the appointment will be. Here’s hoping I’m wrong.

  4. All a crock he is trying to save face now and I can’t believe Grimsby Town and Metz have offered NCS a job or is it a 3 rd divison Swish team and York City
    Matte NCS in his mankini do the twist while eating cake I’ll love be with me for ever

  5. That is of course if the story today is true. If it’s not true then I still think the board will end up offering him the two-year deal.

  6. He has not received an offer. Promise you – will do a story later

  7. Sorry,cant comment.I follow my club all round the country every season but cannot allow my self to express an opinion for fear of being called a rabid dog,what an insult when it comes from a monkey!!lol,good work Wetpants,keep up the conceited,self-loving.Must be great to have such a high opinion of yourself.Banter is fine,dont kick the arse out of it! For the record yes i am delighted if he goes,maybe i will get to travel to away games not to watch a 9-0-1.Hang The Monkey 😀

  8. There we go then. I can still see the two-year deal happening so don’t be getting too excited just yet. I personally think that’s the way they’ll go and then spend two years monitoring young British managers i.e. Howe to see how they get on an handle the Premier League etc.

  9. Sam is not a walking dead, he’s dead. lol

  10. Just ignore them mate,i told you there are 4 or 5 on there that are just ignorant pigs.They love themselves,bunch of sycophants.I dont even count them as Irons fans,if they were they wouldnt slag fellow supporters like that.If they think they are somehow superior let them do it.That monkey & a couple of others are exactly why i left there.No one can invade their little WHTID castle,sad guys who think they are the ultimate Irons fans.

  11. Lmao,i saw that earlier about C&H posters being a bunch of rabid dogs,lol.Mind you wouldnt expect much else from that Banjo,he is a total b*llend!!!

    • ahaha.. Banjo, the last of the Sam lovers… (and stats man Rolfe? lol)

      • Lol,i dont mind a bit of inter-site banter but that is just kicking the ar*e out of it.Just an ignorant fool from what i can see.Is why i rarely go there,because of holy than thou jasckasses like him with some sort of superiority complex.I have been to uni,i have a decent job but because i dont like Sam football does that make me a rabid dog from the slums,lol,idiot!!!

  12. Fulham is the next port of call for the BFS Roadshow – bye!

  13. Sounds a bit like one of those spoof American cop show
    Banjo and Monkey
    Banjo is a gay camp plain clothes cop who normally has to work at night at a cross dressing club where he feels comfortable and at home,
    Monkey also works at the club as a bouncer but has to wear pink drain pipe trouser and lime green shirt, he gets his name from his facial hair ( not beard )
    In there spare time they like to communicate with each other on wetpants.com
    Wonder if the new boss looking at the BBC would be interested as he does not like strictly

  14. Lol,he always talks to people like crap unless they are part of the ‘dribbledownmylegswhenidie’ clan.One of the worst on there certainly.

  15. Lol,i know.Some other guy said we dont debate on here.Well im sorry but im busy,i have a life,gf,kids,social life.I dont have time to site on here all day debating signings,new manager,blah,blah.Stuff we cant change.Wow,what a life people must lead when they want to debate all day about a football team,lol.Must be single guys with big porn collections have time for that 😀

  16. Hello fellow hammers
    after 25 years season ticket …then off to Spain and now Australia I just want to say that
    I’d rather see Zola or Pardew in charge.
    God bless WHU from Vic Australia….. Sam go to Newcastle or Spain . Adios

    • Hi Alan, do you know any good teams in your country (2nd or 3rd division) who need a great manager? You could suggest the Genius…lol 🙂
      Australia, great place…

  17. To be honest i may be wrong but i thought monkeys were a bigger carrier of rabies than dogs,lol,maybe that excuses his irrational,supercilious comments.He has the final stages of rabies.Still no time to debate it,work to do.Two more matches & its time to wave Hippo good bye.Will be my 32nd match of the season on saturday i have endured.Guess im not allowed to express total disdain towards Allardyce though,i will stick to being an unknowledgable rabid dog instead who wastes thousands each year following my team.Sorry Banjo for not liking Sam & having an unbalanced ill-educated mind,i will do my best to be more educated & coherent in future,lol,what a snot goblin 😀

  18. Btw,sorry,Hi Alan,good to see you post,have fun 😉

  19. Hello fellow Hammers
    2nd post in a year….Only managed the 0-0 at home to Villa last November this seasoncommuting from Australia this season but went to virtually every WHU home game from 1970 til 2000 …my dad started me off in1968…so I’ve been round the track a bit in following whu…thing is ( okay I’ve the lost the plot with you younger guys etc etc and your lingo)…SAM IS NOT WHU….. I love the West Ham way…regardless of its relative frailties.
    SAM IS A DECENT BLOKE ETC BUT AT THE WRONG CLUB. Its true you have to be careful what you wish for..BUT THE PRODUCT IS DIRE!!! I know this even from the far reaches of Australia ( by the way the Melbourne Pub loves singing Bubbles..its surreal really)…

    We are massively fortunate to have Dave & Dave in……we were in the **** big time…but football is the product and we are starved….very poor vfm….SAm problem not D&D.

    Bye now

  20. That’s it then final vote from Australia and its 0 votes for Sam ( monkeys don’t count )
    56,999 for anyone else (non ST Holders do count )
    Bye bye BFS

    • ahahah… monkey’s don’t count… lol

      • *ops… monkeys

        • That Banjo is a total joke,always has been.He has his little band of cronnies that titter at his sarcastic comments but the truth is he is just an opinionated assh*le.Case of empty vessels making the most noise with respect to that dullard!

  21. Any idiot can take the pisx or make nasty remarks about people as I have proved many times, but if you want to be taken seriously you have to come up with an argument that make sense,these people are just fixated on one thing and it does not mater what happens they will not change
    Who does that sound like ( BFS ) which proves the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree

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