The ‘Marmite’ Striker – no moderate opinions.

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Images abound this morning from England’s penalty success last night. Apart from the usual relief / celebration scenes as we rattled in five faultless penalties there was an interesting snapshot of Jarrod Bowen and Brentford Striker Ivan Toney which has predictably caused one or two fan sites to claim there’s ‘Agent Bowen’ doing his best for the Claret and Blue cause and helping with the recruitment.

On the face of it there would be a lot to get excited about with the prospect of Toney bolstering the attack for the Hammers next season: Kudus, Bowen, Ivan T. and Paqueta (fingers crossed) would cause many a sleepless night for most premier league defences.

However opinions are deeply divided about the Brentford front-man who has just one year left on his contract and therefore is a fast-depreciating asset. Rather than wait a year I’m sure his club would rather cash in before then than lose him on a ‘free’ in 12 months time anyway: The player does seem to have indicated he wants to leave.

Comments on our own forum vary from ‘I’d love him in the team’ to ‘massively overpriced’- so, pretty similar to Marmite, nobody seems to have a ‘meh’ opinion ( in the language of my kids) – you either love or loathe the idea of bringing the 28 year old, 1.85 metre centre forward to East London.

As far as other clubs are concerned, all seem to fall into the latter category as one by one, suitors appear to be falling by the wayside – probably  simply the quoted price. Maybe this will fall the deeper we get into the transfer window with no bid materialising.

Whatever your opinion, FIFTY MILLION QUID seems outrageous – and quite beyond our post-Kilman kitty. So, I’ll stick my neck out and hazard a guess that it’s pretty unlikely he’ll be joining us. 2/10 In my  humble opinion – I’m sure you have your own thoughts?  If I’m wrong I’ll be the first to hold up my hand and admit it- I’ll even agree to wear a TONEY personalised replica (hair) shirt for the whole season providing I can stump up the eighty odd quid that a replica strip demands these days.

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Like everyone else, lifelong WHU fan and season ticket holder in old BMU stand at Upton Park from 2003. Billy Bonds these days with my adult son and impatiently waiting for my Grandson to be old enough to initiate him before his mum grabs him for Man U. All opinions are my own very biased ones.


  • Mark Mclaren says:

    I am a Brentford season ticket holder. I do not want Ivan to go however take my word that he frightens the hell out of defences, you would be lucky to have him.

    • Kip says:

      He is not worth 50 million with one year left on his contract..agree he’s a good player but no sell on value…think the board are being to greedy…with respect if he had 3 years left on his current contract then 35 _40 would be fair for his age…and with the betting thing hanging over him , half the clubs who were after him have stepped away …the price will hsve to be lowered quickly unless you want to lose him for nothing nxt year

    • Scottbarnard says:

      Oh we know how good Ivan Toney is. We would be so lucky to get him from Brentford. What a player he is, I still think 50 million is a bargain but due to having one year left on he’s contract and only scoring 4 goals out of 17 games. He’s value has dropped in my opinion. Although I believe he was just Abit Rusty and I have no doubt we will see the best of him. People are forgetting it will be around 10 million upfront over a 5-6 year period. I swear we fans have no clue how this financial system works. We are cash Rich and can afford to get Toney and other players still. We are in a great position.

  • Phil McDonald says:

    In the world of FFP, £50m is just too much, both in terms of value now and future write-off. Brentford are pricing him out of a sale, and that’s there prerogative.

  • Charlie Farley says:

    I’d love to see Toney in a Hammers shirt for the opening game. Just the type of striker we need. I reckon Brentford wouldn’t refuse a £40m bid right now. Let’s see what heppens.

  • B says:

    IMHO – Brentford still owe West Ham a refund on Said Benrahma!

    With just 1 year left on his deal that’s worth just £1mil. per season, he’ll be jumping all over a move now, big 5 year deal worth £25mil. plus.
    Toney can’t be worth much in transfer value, maybe £20mil. tops.

    • David says:

      West Ham had no idea how or where to play Said Bentham. They signed a top quality player and ruined him. From what I know he regretted moving to West Ham. If a club buy a player and doesn’t play them in their favoured position, they are just wasting money and have no one to blame but themselves.

  • Tim says:

    Toney is way out of touch just like Ings and we dont want another one of him.

  • Neville l Williams says:

    So, let me get this right, Arsenal paid over £100m for Declan Rice, guaranteed to get how many goals a year?.

    Man City paid over £100m for Grealish, guaranteed to get how many goals per year?

    Chelsea were looking for £50m for Broja, guaranteed to give you 0 goals per year

    Ivan Toney at £50m is cheap for his position and what he’s bringing to any team. FACT

  • Jason Dunlop says:

    On his showing since returning from his ban, I’d not touch him with a barge pole!

  • Ian says:

    I quite like Toney. But not at anywhere near £50m. Don’t blame Brentford wanting top dollar at all. But for me, En Nesyri at less than half the price is the player we should be signing.

  • David B says:

    £50 million for Toney is cheap. Can’t see him wanting to go to West Ham as they are not the sort of club who would play to his strengths. After the Euros Brentford will be looking in the region of £70 million and there will be clubs prepared to pay this, but not necessarily in England. As for West Ham if they want to compete in the PL they need a reality check as to what they need to pay for a top striker.

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