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The question of £25m Zaza

Juventus have offered West Ham  Simone Zaza for £25 million but with four strikers – if we include Andre Ayew among them – on the books, should the club splash the cash.

ClaretandHugh Facebook members @  https://www.facebook.com/groups/363174467150521/ have been reacting to the possibility.


Simone-ZazaO Sign him and sell Sakho and Valencia. Job done.

O Sully drives a great deal but honestly, really good strikers don’t arrive on a loan. An option to buy and take a look? Get real.
O I’d be pretty happy at £25 million in today’s market. He’s proven quality. He’s only 25, which means we’d get some good years from him. Honestly I’d be all over this.
O He’d be a record signing. Evidence points that he’d get injured.

O At least if we had a loan first, we could find out how fragile he his!😩

 O Funny how everyone is so keen now but not during euros where he was crap and can’t get in Juve side. Get real
O He’s a better Sakho.  He’s been playing for Juve. He’s probably looking at a CL team. Could we match his ambitions quickl enough

O I still love people putting up Bony. He has done nothing for two years. Two years is a long time in football.

Save yer money, put Antonio up front!!
O Swallow you’re pride Slav get sahko playing again
O Won’t get carried away, feels like de ja vu again,

O People saying just sell Sakho and Valencia….seriously!? It really isn’t that simple! And the way Valencia has been playing who would ever buy him!! If we spend £25 million on a striker I will eat my shoes!
O When was the last time Zaza played regular football? And Juventus want to make a Massive profit! Loan or nothing take it or leave it imo.

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About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

21 comments on “The question of £25m Zaza

  1. We should sign him, we knew from day 1 that Carroll was never going to last (personally I’d try get rid of him this year) Because come January we will have the same problem Sakho and Ayew off to AFCON potentially and no doubt Carroll injured at some point again. In reality we haven’t spent much considering the TV money and the sale of Tomkins. We need to bite the bullet at some point!

  2. Cant get over someone saying Slav should swallow his pride and pat Sakho on the head. A player who equally has done nothing for 18 months, has had numerous incidents on and off the pitch and most recently was such a pro that he wasn’t fit for the transfer he demanded and refused to play for the club that is reluctantly stuck with him. Perhaps Slav should simply cave in and promise to work as his Butler, that might get him playing for the next week or so before the next blow up.

    • My thoughts exactly eye lol ….i read a comment yesterday where somebody was saying we shouldnt have stabbed sakho in the back!????,! ……some people need to take there medicine more regularly …

    • I think the chairmen should present him with a new Lamborghini when he makes his first appearance of the season.A kind of thankyou for his true commitment & dedication towards the club lol 🙂

  3. I say sign him, we need an out & out front man. Hundreds of people keep saying seĺl Sakho & Valencia, given a choice I wouldn’t miss Valencia too much. He gives 100% but has no end product. No point running himself into the ground but offer nothing. He is a good player just imo not a PL player.

  4. I would sign him and Bony and sell Biggins,Sak and Bambi
    Either now or in the Jan window,
    Sunderland will buy Sak the way there season is going,
    Biggins will go toWBA or China
    AC can stay as a sub or go to anyone with a few quid,
    Sometimes you have to cut your losses,
    They should have let them go when they had buyers

  5. We couldn’t sell Biggins,Bambi or Sak even if we wanted to bubs.No one wants Biggins & Sak & Bambi would never pass their medicals anywhere else 🙂

  6. I don’t think we do need a striker. We have got Callieri and Fletcher, and even Martinez. If we played 442 – which I’m not necessarily proposing – then Vlancia could be a useful 2nd striker. If Antonio plays on RW, he’ll bang in a good 20….
    I don’t count Sak. As far as I am concerned if he is ever to play in a WHU jersey, he has a VERY long road to prove a) that he is fit b) that he has demonstrated a genuine better attitude. That would be next year at the earliest for me, and only after many successful Dev games in which he has showed himself to be a genuine team player.
    If Bony and Zaza are still around at the end of the transfer window, there is a good reason for that. I’m not keen at all on either, especially as Zaza would be so expensive….
    Anyway, I want DS to look after himself and get the f*ck away for a hol. He has been WHU legend, and I would like to preserve that for him, his family and us.

    • Spot on, I also believe we have enough striker options. Sakho, Enner, Carroll, Calleri, Fletcher and Antonio is an option. Bilic is sending out the wrong message to these players yet again. Very disappointed in this really. Unless we are bringing in a natural goal scorer like Bacca then forget about it. A top RB is the priority.

  7. If Sakho was fit he wouldn’t be here still, we can’t let everyone go before we have replacements in place. Getting shot of Sak & enner will generate ££ towards Zaza

  8. Rads Biggins is fit he just can’t play football so he should fit in well at WBA,Pullis like a truer,
    Sak will pass his medical and say his back is better,God knows what that International witch doctor did to him 2 years ago but he has been knackered ever since,
    AC will get offers but probably from China or America and we won’t get all our money back,
    We should offer him to Newcastle as a swap for the Dutch RB primark or what ever his name is,

    • Its the same one that’s sticking pins in Carroll bubs !!!
      Sad news from Italy though , any news on matte ?

  9. We have been outbid for Primark by Watford it appears.I didnt know we had even officially bid but the experts on Wet Pants seem to believe so.Who am I to disagree with fans who sit in the boardroom during negotiations lol 🙂

  10. I watched him play in the euros and he is a very average player, for 25m you are having a laugh. IMO Antonio up top is a better option all day long. He would be a dreadful deal like Ayew and Nordsvelt, will not improve us one bit – in fact will make us worse. Sakho is so far ahead of this guy. Keep our money and get a top RB.

  11. I love your dreadful deals all the time Johnham.Slaven & Henry really are clueless f*ckers compared to you lol 🙂

    • Radai, sorry mate, I have just watched the worst holding midfielder display I have ever seen in the premiership i.e. Nordsvelt’s display against Bournemouth. My failing is I am often too quick to judge a player so apologies for my direct comments at times. I hope Mr Bilic, Mr Henry and the two David’s buy the best for us and I know they are trying to do that. They can make a mistake in terms of buying a dud here and there, I just hope they don’t buy too many of them because it will lead to either Mr Henry or Mr Bilic getting the chop lol lol

      • Lol you know im only messing with you mate.It makes me laugh when i read your comments on signings actually.Im used to them by now,i m already expecting the worse lol 😀

  12. You mean Johnham1 the man who thinks Valencia is a top player who should start up front for us.I watched Zaza in Serie A when he played,he is a good player.Is he worth £25 million I’m not sure but he is still a good player.I don’t need a few YouTube clips or a couple of Euro appearances to judge him.

  13. Well there’s not long left of the window ? Whoever goes and stays and who ever they bring in
    Is up to them ?
    The bloke janmatt was class against us lat season , barcodes best player , 10 mill for him isabout right in ttoday’s values! Dutch international and all that . Would have put the Antonio issue to bed , until a r/b comes as cover or first choice Antonio will be out of position ?
    If they get it wrong then the keyboards will be in meltdown lol.
    Can’t wait for payet and lanzini to come back ? Its been a problem !
    If calleri finds his feet and with payet and lanzini who knows his game click then the side picks itself? Rest on bench. All happy bunnies ??
    Let Bilic sort that one .

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