The Return of Benrahma?

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West Ham United‘s plans for winger Said Benrahma are shrouded in uncertainty due to a transfer ban imposed on his current loan club, Olympique Lyonnais.

Benrahma’s arrival at West Ham was met with excitement, but his Premier League performances failed to consistently match his brilliance from the Championship. However, he etched his name in West Ham history by scoring the vital penalty in the Europa Conference League final. Limited playing opportunities ultimately led to a loan move to Lyon in January.

Benrahma has thrived in France, playing a key role in Lyon’s resurgence. Unsurprisingly, Lyon are keen to make the loan permanent by activating their £15 million purchase option, as reported by Caught Offside.

Lyon’s transfer ban throws a spanner into their plans to acquire Benrahma permanently. This unexpected hurdle leaves West Ham in a curious position.

While West Ham were seemingly ready to part ways with Benrahma, they might now be forced to keep him due to Lyon’s transfer woes. The arrival of a new manager at West Ham introduces another variable.

Which begs the question…could Benrahma find his niche under the new leadership and rediscover his past form.?

I think we all thought that Benrahma’s West Ham chapter was over. However, the transfer ban creates an opportunity for him to stay. Furthermore, his impressive form in France could attract interest from other clubs, potentially generating a higher transfer fee for West Ham than Lyon’s initial offer.

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  • B says:

    “Benrahma’s arrival at West Ham was met with excitement, ”

    Speak for yourself, mate.

    • Pete says:

      Here here. Said it from before signing him. Never wanted him, never premier league standard…..ever.

  • Deathblow says:

    Get rid. And seeing as he’s been so ‘impressive’ the club should get more than 15 million if anybody is dumb enough to pay it..
    I was not in the least bit excited when we wasted so much money on him. I’d never rated him and he didn’t improve at all coming to us. No surprise there. I wanted Ollie Watkins.
    Mind you, DM probably would’ve cast him aside too.

  • 75Hammer says:

    Benrahma signed and played a part in the first trophy that WHUFC have recorded in more than 40 years. When your manager manages to destroy the confidence of so many players and thinks he can succeed in the premier league without a striker someones been on the sauce for too many years. I’m delighted that the liability that Moyes was and is has now been ejected from the club. If Benrahma returns to the club then he should be welcomed with open arms. He has succeeded at Olympic and that tells us more about Moyes than it does Benrahma.

    • James says:

      No end product ain’t moyes fault – time and time again got caught with ball in own half. Lazy at tracking and doesn’t have blistering pace. He had plenty of game time and sort for a month or two where he would should something he was lightweight.

      ….the bed Benny

    • Gary McGuire says:

      Totally agree. Perhaps he was played out of position

    • Paul Truscott says:

      Totally agree with you

    • Marc says:

      Well said mate, loved benny. Moyes destroyed him. I’m not hating on moyes, but it’s the truth

  • ricardo says:

    Benrahma technically skilled, but physically not up to what the premier league demands.

  • Phil Baker says:

    Moyes has many flaws , old ineffective negative tactics , slow on transfers and no due diligence , no route for academy players and inadequate squad rotation . We hope that Lopetegui is none of the above and maybe he can extract the best out of Benrahma and the rest of the squad .

    • Dutch Courage says:

      If Lopetegui wants him and Benrahma is up for it, I’d welcome him back. Otherwise, sell for more than the 15 mill agreed in the loan deal as he’s proven his worth whilst at Lyon. Wish him all the best whatever the outcome.

  • Pete says:

    Please God no!!!! Worst player since Titi Camara

    • Ray T says:

      Hugill was good compared to Benrahma the pair were two of David Moyes diabolical signings

  • JohnE says:

    This article, and all these comments about him not being PL standard…. Laughable. Best check your facts about his performances in terms of results over past few seasons.

  • JohnE says:

    A few facts, for those that take Moyes post match criticism and constant substitution as some factual arbiter of worth to the team:

    2020-21 – 6th
    Goals+Assists per 90 – 4th best

    2021-22 – 7th
    Goals+Assists per 90 – 2nd best (only losing out to Bowen)

    2022-23 – 14th
    Goals+Assists per 90 – 2nd best
    But had very limited game time
    ECL winning season
    Joint 3rd in Goals+Assists
    Yes, that included two penalties. But… tell me who else you’d have take penalties? He has only missed one pen in his entire career. That was for us in a game we won comfortably.

    I wouldn’t blame him for wanting to leave a team run by Moyes, as Beni clearly wasn’t one of the “favourites”. But if new coach wants him I’d gladly have him back.

    • Immy says:

      Excellent analysis, I agree, I think he could be good under new management.

    • Marc says:

      Couldn’t agree more. Clearly a good player. Mostly played out of position. Clearly underplayed, so lacked match sharpness. When moyes was positive about him, he had a marked improvement. He just needed encouragement. Better man management, and he’d be a great player for us . Moyes was horrible to him. He just didn’t like him, and it showed

  • Pessimist says:

    Beni wakes the team up, he comes on and there is more zip in the attack, you cannot afford to let him loose if defending, so he is useful for drawing defenders off goal scorers. Welcome him back. Great to see you Beni.

    • Ray T says:

      Hugill was good compared to Benrahma the pair were two of David Moyes diabolical signings

  • Mr Buddy Lurve says:

    Personally, I think he deserves a pre-season with the new coach. I would relish seeing him in a No. 10 role, as backup to Paqueta (assuming he stays), with Kudus on the left and Bowen on the right, all feeding a new, clinical Ollie Watkins style No. 9…

    We’ll see, but having had his confidence restored and another 6 months under his belt, I see no reason to write him off so quickly.

  • Salim says:

    Benrahma is one of the best player is good to have him back with new manager give him more chances

  • Marb says:

    30 goals in two years at Brentford comes to West Ham and Moyes destroys his confidence like so many other players

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