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The return of Hart doesn’t feel quite right

Joe Hart’s return to the first team  today is not the biggest surprise in the world but a surprise nonetheless.

The competition between him and Adrian has gone on all season and although the Spaniard was – in my opinion – at fault for the first goal last at Swansea week I can’t agree with him being replaced today.

I really hope I’m wrong but this move – and announcing it early, which is odd in Moyes terms – seems a tad opportunistic with an international weekend looming.

If the plan is to push Hart’s profile back into England’s World Cup plans I have to say I for one don’t give a damn about that stuff. West Ham is my only concern and I remain very uncertain that the goalkeeper best serves them.

The old boys act is something we can seriously do without at this moment as the Hammers face what I truly believe is their first seriously “must win” game of the season.

Moyes will probably argue that eight goals in two games is a good reason to make the change but as he pointed out himself after both games they were down to bad defending rather than bad goalkeeping.

There’ another issue at stake here as well – Adrian’s future! The new contract offer which will soon be put before him was at one time seen as a cut and dried formality in terms of acceptance.

Finding himself ‘down the road’ again at a critical point in the season could  have him thinking twice or three times before putting pen to paper and with Hart on his way and young Nathan Trott hardly ready we could have a new problem in the making.

None of this feels quite right.




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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

11 comments on “The return of Hart doesn’t feel quite right

  1. Adrian was at fault at Anfield and 3 of the goals at Swansea he should of done better, doesn’t come and get corners. If you play poor and don’t lose your place there is no pressure to keep on your game. Was all for Adrian replacing Hart now let’s see if Hart can take his oopurtunity. Although knowing Moyes as a tactical genius he could play both!

    • Agree 100% Danbee, Adrian is my favourite of the two but poor performances have to be punished to encourage better performances. Hopefully Hart will have one of his better games, he has looked useless in all bar one match so far.

  2. I have seen many bad decisions by West Ham managers but Moyes’s decision to bring Hart in today is probably the worse decision I have ever seen. Not alone will it mean we are more than likely losing the game today, a game imo we must win to help us stave off relegation but it could be a decision that leads to us being relegated. A terrible decision and just proves to me that Moyes is not good enough, a cheap option and even if we stay up they should be sent packing.

  3. Very unhappy. Let’s hope Moyes doesn’t live to regret this both in terms of today’s game and negotiations with Adrian

  4. Trouble is Moyes made a bed for himself earlier in the season by saying Hart would get more game time (after we decided we didn’t want to win any cups), so he has had to play him.

  5. Not a good move , but I hope we’re proved wrong??? Apart from the first goal against Swansea, Adrian couldn’t be faulted. Hope this doesn’t backfire, wrong time, wrong game….COYI

  6. Very very questionable. I don’t see any logic that can be sustained here. Some parallel with the Karius-Mignoet situation at Liverpool, where Klopp put his minion instead of Mignolet, while the Belgian was doing well. Difference here is that Hart was not brought by Moyes. So this is because of something else (pressure from above or other institution, or marketing interests), because Adrian CANNOT be blamed for the four goals against Swansea, with a non existing defence. Being taken off the side, thus punished, just before a crucial game AT HOME really sends some message.

    If I were Adrian, I would just leave at the end of the season. And that would make yet another player leaving the club with bitter feelings…

  7. Hart to blame again always parries the ball into the middle of the goal to give away easy goals…. wonder what effect the reaction of the fans will have on the board, not sure why they didn’t go en masse into the pitch…

  8. Well, there we have it. A punch at the ball at the beginning of the game where he could have grabbed it without trouble, a misunderstanding with Ogbonna on an easy defensive play that cost a corner, misplaced on their second goal, and completely at fault for number 3.

    Get him with development squad, bring Trott on the bench, and beg for Adrian to play again for us…

  9. Moyse has lost it for me. Hart was shocking as we all knew he would be. 11 conceded in 3 games. With a 3 week break, bring someone in or give sir trev until the end of the season. Can’t see basic stuff like antonio cant cross with his left and no plan b. But the owners will do nothing and blame the fans

  10. There is only one or two clowns to blame, Moyes and Pearcy boy – no where good enough in my opinion. The dog on the street could see hart is gone and they decide to play him in the most important game of the decision. The board appointed a cheap option. We are in terrible trouble thanks to these clowns.

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