The stats: AC v Sakho – who has worst injury record


CarrollThe ongoing debate over the injury records of Andy Carroll and Diafra Sakho has become one of the biggest and most unfortunate discussions among Hammers fans.

Obviously,  even within such a debate as this, sides are taken and as a result we have dug out the career injury records of both to make the direct comparison .after being asked to do so by a ClaretandHugh Facebook member at

In fairness to Carroll he has had 15 seasons is the game over Sakho’s seven and during that time has suffered seven different injuries comprised of groin, knee, intraarticular ligament cracked knee, torn ligament, fractured foot, heel bone, and thigh problems.

In total it means he has missed 1,115 days through injury and a total of 125 career games.

Sakho meanwhile over his seven seasons in the game has been sidelined with a back injury for 333 days, missing 39 games as a result of that and 30 via his other problems.

The only other comparison which needs to be made is Carroll’s £17 million fee and £85k a week wages as opposed to Sakho’s £4 million fee and initial £7.5k a week wage rising currently to £27k.

You can make stats say whatever you want – let the two sides join battle 🙂

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  • hammer8909 says:

    I’m a physiotherapist by background, so injuries and rehab always interest me. A few years ago the club sent Carroll to Belgium to work with Lieven Maesschalck – who is like a physiotherapy guru considered to be one of the best in the world. Yet still more injuries… the club must know more than they let on. For instance, they have said the player has a groin injury. A full groin rupture (not requiring surgery) takes an average of 15 weeks before return to play. Carroll injuried his groin in Feb this year then again in April so has had WAY over the average time needed to rehab – the club have been so cagey with him – personally while I think Lewin is a great addition to the medical team I dont think he will fix Carroll, i think the play is never going to be injury free and they have to keep his real outlook quiet.

    • blimeylimey says:

      Well Hammer 8909, as a Psychotherapist by trade, I think it’s all in his head…….. 😀

      • hammer8909 says:

        I’d agree. He isn’t programmed like an elite sportsman. Probably one of his biggest years he is given a few days off and he goes on a drinking holiday to Magaluf. I’m pretty sure he’s been interviewed saying he doesn’t even like playing football

        • Lazurus. rises like a salmon says:

          I don’t give a monkeys about the bloke , way past caring, if he gets fit he gets fit if he dont then he don’t !!!! Sakho is at least trying and by the sounds of it he’s succeeding!!

  • Hammer64 says:

    Players sometimes have a bit of bad luck with injuries for a while or get them when they are just starting out then grow out of it. I am no medical expert, but just as an observer it seems that when they are still a big problem at Carroll’s age then things are not gonna change e.g. Kieran Dyer.

    He probably could have done more to help himself, but imo most of this is not down to him. I think the press would have been on to it as a great story if he was a real Gazza/George Best type with a self destructive gene. Remember both of these were found out time & again in an age when these things were easier to hide ( e.g. no fans with mobiles). He is just not a natural athlete. Shame but there it is. Also a shame- for the club & fans- that it seems nothing can be done to bring an end to it all.

  • norfolkhammer says:

    when Carroll came to West Ham who did the medical? was it Hippo Head & had he’s palms greased by Carroll’s Agent!!!! this bloke should just retire the amount of signings West Ham make of players with bad injury records is unreal if he was doing a job for minimum wage he wouldve been shown the door by now the bloke is a pi@@ taker to say the least if we can sign another decent striker as back up to chico or can see probs if Sak & China get an ingrown toenail ffs

  • Gaz says:

    Does anyone care about AC anymore.Most the Hammers fans i know couldnt give a toss about him.I only know a couple who care and thats because they have spent so so much time backing him to come good they refuse to admit defeat lol

  • GW says:

    One day he’s wrapped in cotton wool and bubble wrap, the next day he’s working hard, another day he’s on the **** and then the season kicks in and he disappears up his own arse and goes into hibernation 😆😆 For the love of god just **** him off so we don’t have to hear or see his frigging name again 😆😆

  • Lazurus. rises like a salmon says:

    😂😂 funny how the mind works GW , reading you’re post reminded me of Leo in lethel weapon in the cell phone scene with Chris rock 😂😂 tickled me 👍

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