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The sums say Irons have plenty left to spend

sakhoSo, let’s catch up!

Thus far we have sold James Tomkins for £10m and it seems Diafra Sakho will soon be on his way for £16m to West Bromwich Albion.

The arrivals have been Håvard Nordtveit (free) Sofiane Feghouli (free), Gokham Tore (loan), Quina (two year scholarship) and Tony Martinez (£2.5m reported).

ayewSo by my reckoning should we sign Andre Ayew for £20m – as now seems a given – we will be around £3.5m in credit, with the initial transfer kitty still available.

Very healthy and hopeful and although I will be very sad to see ‘Sak’ move on it’s time to bow to the inevitable and there are a couple of things that need saying about that.

The first is that should the deal go through at £16m we will have made a 400% profit on a player who was a bit of a gamble when he arrived.

It wasn’t even a certainty that we’d buy him at all before the initial permanent signing arrangement was enforced by David Sullivan only after the former manager wanted it to become a loan deal.

Thus, this represents very good business which leads us to the second point. Over the two seasons since he signed Sakho has made 50 appearances from a possible 89 and if anyone knows how many of those were as a sub please let me know.

His back injury has been a problem for some time now and if I am brutally honest with myself – despite thinking him a terrific player – the move to the west midlands looks like good business.

So it appears from doing a simple sum and assuming that Ayew joins us we will have between £25m – £30m left to spend.

I arrive at that by assuming £25m was put aside (it may have been more) plus the £3.5m from completed signings and the Sakho deal.

Could life be that simple?


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About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

24 comments on “The sums say Irons have plenty left to spend

  1. Didn’t we pay for Tore on loan like 5 mil?

    Hopefully we bring in another striker i.e. Bacca or Benteke and a full back but i imagine that would be like 35mil minimum.

  2. We also had to pay for Lanzini which was just under 10 million.
    I do not know what went on with Sakho and SB but to be honest would prefer him to AC.
    I feel the two owners should not have been so public about a hunt for a new striker and we should have made peace with Sakho and given him the backing to go and get us 20 goals this year then use AC as an impact sub if things were not working out in 60 minutes.

    • My sentiments as well mate .
      And saved 20 mill for a winger that we don’t need ? He’s not a no ! Good player but not needed!
      Put the 20 mill to buying a centre half and 2 full backs , but be aggressive not sit and wait like the bacca shambles that we still don’t know how it will end .
      Why not ask the club Hugh for moneys received and moneys spent instead of speculating .
      I think the majority of supporters are not impressed with the way the club have done buisness this year ?
      Has Bilic been involved in any dealings personally , I think he would charm the nuts off a squirrel ? So it makes me wonder if he is !
      Not thinking for one minute its easy but something went wrong this year ?

      • I’m impressed with our acquisitions thus far,as our many fellow fans I have spoken to.
        To think that Bilic isn’t involved is crazy.You honestly believe a man who showed how knowledgeable he was about players & teams at the euros doesnt have any say…no chance.He wouldn’t put up with it for a start.
        And why should we make it up with Sakho when he has behaved worse than Amalifitano who everyone said was a bad apple who had to go.If you believe he would get us 20 goals this season you are dreaming.The man scord about 10 goals in two seasons after his initial burst.And before anyone says that’s because he was out injured a lot,well that is another reason he won’t be missed.Always on the treatment table.

        • Bang on the money post Ed.Thumbs up.

        • F/me the hippoctites are out with the old bad behavior ploy, what about dicanio the saint ?? Ffs don’t preach crap before you think about it , amoltifamo was crap and a good riddance , so you think sakho can’t score 20 ! With a full season he would with the service the sides got 8/10 supporters Would want him to stay ,as the poll done on another site so you are in a minority , I’m happy with what we got in transfers ? All midfield !! Turn the lightbulb on its defencively were shortbig time and should have been addressed ,that’s where we fell short , as mentioned ?? To many trolls on here lately attacking everybody’s views, you ain’t come back under a different monica have ya . Agree or disagree not question peoples views and reference them ,
          Respect the point !! As fatty said !!
          Far to much resentment on here lately between so called fans , and loads of mugs agreeing with them who have just turned up .

          • Hmm,so other fans on here can’t express an opinion without you swearing or being abusive then???
            And you have just totally contradicted your statement about accepting others opinions Anyone who comes on here who disagrees is a troll in your world our they.It seems to me you think this is your own site & no can disagree with you.Well I have news for you,it isn’t your site,it is all West Ham fans & if you don’t like others disagreeing then tough sh1t.

          • **** me calm down John lol .They only disagreed or offered their opinion,they are allowed to.If everyone agreed with each other it would be a pretty pointless place wouldnt it.They ain’t sworn at you or slagged you off personally 🙂

          • Step back from the ledge John……everyone is allowed an opinion and as for questioning who is or isn’t a “fan”, whether 50 years or 5 months, poor form that.

            Sakho has been a pain in the arse for a while, DiCanio could do what he liked he was a modern day legend and he’d earned the right. Sakho hasn’t

        • I agree Sakho has behaved badly and he does not seem to understand what a footbal ” squad” is. However from what I saw of last season whjen he was played as an out and out striker he did well enough for me and at least we had a bit of pace. I stick with what I say all this could of been avoided if the two David’s did not go and give it large but saying with have 30 million quid for a “quality” striker! I mean what does that say about the current strikers we have, anyway they ended up with egg on their faces ‘cos this year 30 million does not get you that “quality” striker and we all new that with the new TV money floating around that it was going top get silly.
          So where is all this money going to end up, with the agents and players The players were on big enough wedge already, it should have been mandated that a percentage went into youth development or am I allowed to say, reducing the cost at the turnstiles!

          • Not a problem Rick,i respect your views.I was just giving my pov.Though I didn’t expect to then be faced by another of Johnboys vitriolic comments.
            It has made me laugh though that he accuses others of attacking views or being trolls when he has just attacked my view on things.
            Oh btw Johnboy I never saw Di Canio put in a transfer request when he spat the dummy.Actually his work ethic was second to none in training.

  3. With all the money from the TV rights we must have much more in the kitty unless the owner’s are feathering their own nests

    • Exactly they saying 100m this year per club for TV rights where’s all this extra cash and palace can spend 30m on a striker why ain’t we?

    • We’re still in debt Mick. We still have stuff to pay off from previous seasons. The owners have waited over 5 years for their own loans and not been paid yet. The TV money doesn’t come in until next year (the big one). We’ve been using Payday loans.

  4. Why don’t we just flog Valencia as well and we will then be close to the money on Lacazette. Still don’t know why we haven’t gone all in on this. Must be wages.

    • I don’t think money was ever an issue with Lacazette he said from the beginning that he will only leave for champions league football. So even if a bid was accepted for him I can’t see him joining when he has champions league football at Lyon.

  5. have your sums taken into account the presumptive signing of Jonathan Calleri?

    I would not be feeling so happy about life, considering that we still need to sign a LB, a RB, at least 2-3 quality strikers.

    Thus, an ‘apparent’ kitty of 25-30 million pounds sounds like a proverbial ‘bag of peanuts’- especially when you consider that only 2-3 weeks ago, we were seriously considering a bid for James Rodriguez.

    Perhaps the 25-30 million is a wee bit conservative? I was under the impression that we were involved in a business scheme with a company, which would enable us to borrow a lot of money based on near-future earnings from improved TV rights and a doubling in home gate-earnings.

    I suspect that the total kitty left may be closer to 40-50 million pounds, if not more.

  6. Imagine being a Sunderland fan though.They have lost their Never get relgated boss.Only just stayed up last season & they have signed NO ONE yet

  7. Then there will be £12 million for Valencia,
    Possible more for Poyet,and maybe Obiang if we sign another defensive midfielder,
    We could end up breaking even at this rate,
    We should be safe under the fair play rules which only seem to be for us,

  8. Activity is going to increase in the next few weeks across the board.Sit tight & enjoy the ride.

  9. Callieri if we sign him is loan to buy I think, if we have to wait for Swansea to buy before we sell that could be a long shot, better to move Sakho to them, rumours are Sakho is not convinced West Brom is a good move, so that egg might not hatch either. If Mario Gomez is available and wants to come go all in for him, German players tend to do well in uk and apparently he will only cost £7 mill according to the press… I think if that was genuinely the case he would already have been snapped up but who knows ?

  10. We got Fletcher on a free as well

  11. Perhaps Sakho now realises he isn’t the big shot he thought he was when only teams like West Bromwich want him lol

  12. And Sunderland would have been any better,
    Sak so far with his agent have been able to treble his wages in a short time and I still think he looks at what others get and wants more,( don’t blame him ) when Moses and Emineke as well as AC and Valencia get a fortune compared,
    Money Money money

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