“They don’t know how good he is” | Ringing endorsement for £40M man

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The man who brought Max Kilman from Maidenhead to Wolverhampton Wanderers has given his departing player a ringing endorsement. Matt Hobbs, Wolves’ sporting director, penned a heartfelt goodbye as West Ham’s £40 million transfer, leaving nobody in any doubt of the admiration he has for his former captain.

Hobbs described the transfer of Max as a “bittersweet” moment but ultimately beneficial for all parties involved. He expressed satisfaction with the substantial fee and return on investment they received. West Ham acquired a homegrown, left-sided centre-back, and the move also serves as a huge boost for Maidenhead. The transfer allows Kilman to be nearer to his family in London, which Hobbs highlighted as a significant advantage.

Speaking on the Wolves’ club website, Hobbs said, “Max is unbelievably laid back and has always been a man of few words. He had a tough couple of years personally, but the way he handled it and didn’t let it affect him leaves you slightly in awe. He’s someone you can’t help but root for. I don’t know anyone at the club who would have a negative word about him. Maybe people will realise what he did on the pitch more now that he’s left than when he was here.”

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