Things just got worse for West Ham striker


Things just got worse for Hammers forward Mubama

Spare a thought for Divin Mubama, the young West Ham striker whose prospects at the club were already dim before West Ham’s 3-1 victory over Arsenal.

Unfortunately, his situation has taken a turn for the worse. At the beginning of the week, Mubama was likely the third-choice striker for West Ham. Michail Antonio was undoubtedly manager David Moyes‘ preferred option, especially in high-stakes matches.

Mubama-David Moyes-West Ham

Things just got worse for Hammers forward Mubama

The role of Hammers’ backup striker was assigned to Danny Ings, who fulfilled this role in less demanding games and as a regular substitute. Then there was Mubama, who probably needed both Ings and Antonio to face injuries and some miraculous alignment of the stars to have a shot at first-team action.

Now, it seems Mubama has fallen to the fourth position in the striker pecking order, which significantly diminishes his chances of playing, regardless of the circumstances.

This change in his status is primarily due to the deployment of Jarrod Bowen as a striker with Mohammed Kudus in a supporting role. It’s highly likely that the Bowen/Kudus combination will become David Moyes’ first choice, which implies a diminished role for everyone else, including Mubama.

This development is undoubtedly challenging for Mubama, who must be contemplating his departure from West Ham more seriously than ever before.

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  • hammerpete6 says:

    That he was not on the bench for Arsenal was a huge missed opportunity for me. How much good would ten minutes at 3-0 done him!!! Moyes is running to form, flog the team till it falls apart, only sub on experienced players in a swap or pack the defence. Sadly, we may lose Mubama without trying him, and he’s probably not the last. Like Ashby, Longello and Baptiste – wasted.

  • Austrick says:

    Not forgetting Oxford and the one that went to Watford. The Premier League, EFL, FA, PFA and EUEFA should brainstorm a solution at least for having to play younger players in all squads. Old established clubs are going out of business – the way things are going youth academies will disappear too.

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