This Hammer may get reduced offer


SongAlex Song may need to moderate his wage demands if he is to have a chance of landing a permanent West Ham United deal at the end of the season.

The midfielder’s future has been in the balance since he returned to the club on loan and there are differing opinions inside the club as to whether he should be handed a two year contract in the summer.

It seemed at one stage that his chances were ebbing away given his struggle to return to top form but there is now a view that with an obvious improvement in his game he could very easily become a valued squad member.

However, this is a different level to that first expected and it is likely the club could offer him around £45k a week if they choose to put a contract in front of him.

A Hammers source told us exclusively: “Alex may not be back to his best but he’s still a very good player and we want a quality squad as we move forward.

“He still has the chance of earning himself a new deal but it’s likely that the talking will start at lower wage figures than might have originally been expected.”

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  • bubs says:

    He is settled here with his family and if he gets his last 3 years with us even at £45k per week he will be set for life,it’s a no brainer,
    But some team will offer him £65 or £70 and he will go for the money
    That’s his decision but if he had his head screwed on he will regain his form here and see his career out with his family,

  • The Demon says:

    There will be a fine line between making him feel like he has some kind of secure future here and offending him by trying to get him too cheap. He may be happy in London, with kids settled in school etc., but anyone who feels an employer is trying to take advantage of that family situation to cut his wages would think twice. We might not see much difference between £45k a week and £60k a week – they’re both well beyond our reach -but a player may well see a snub.

    He’s still got something to offer us, especially if we’re involved in the long European campaign next season which looks more likely after Man City won the League Cup at the weekend.

  • niall_mcdonald says:

    Song’s one of the few players this season who hasnt really had any sort of impact so far.
    And will he want to sit on the bench watching Noble in his position just because his kids are settled in London?!
    Perhaps we should judge him if he gets the chance to play a few games in a team with Lanzini, Payet and Sakho! Going to need an injury or suspension to Noble/Kouyate for that to happen though I think

  • bubs says:

    He chased the money and his fortune to Spain look where that got him,no playing time but a secure bank balance,
    He will want to be remembered for his football and he can have that here but there are 10 or more hungry African players willing to come here and play for £30/ £35 K per week to make their name like Kouate Kante ect who will also leave one day for a lot of money or stay and build their wage packet like Kouyate,
    Song will have to make that decision,he will not go to another top 6 team her so it will be
    Another country which will not be good for him or chase the money and play for a poorer team,
    Theirs no shops in heaven and we know he can’t spend a lot on fashion as we see how he dresses,
    Take the £45 K per week and everyone will be happy,but first prove you are worth it,because so far this season you look like a £25k a week player

  • mooro66uk says:

    If he sees a reduced pay offer as a snub let him produce the goods on the field and the offer will not then be reduced. He has produced zilch this season to suggest he is worth 80 k per week. That sort of figure is a kick in the nuts for players like Antonio and Cresswell who produce every week and are on much less wages. If he can get more at another club let him go and get it. It will free up a lot of wages for a younger,better prospect who will have some sell on value.He has hardly featured this season but it hasn`t done us any harm.Can`t understand why we are so concerned about an ageing, slowing player who is in the twilight of his career.

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