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Thousands join protest at London Stadium

Protesting West Ham fans were out ahead of the game against Southampton for a demonstration which had been planned a couple of weeks back by Hammers United .

The organisers had promised a big turn out and with the early rain relenting, police later claimed that around £2.5k had joined the march with the organisers not unnaturally claiming it had been more that.

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Hammers United have yet to response to whether they will take part in “new democratic elections” for the formation of an official supporters group following the cancellation of an Official Supporters Group meeting earlier this week.



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26 comments on “Thousands join protest at London Stadium

  1. We don’t need this negativity. Idiots. Southampton will be loving this.

    • Really. Protest was outside ground, peaceful and does not affect the team negatively, maybe positively

        • Maybe the squad are supportive of the fans, as they also may dislike Brady and co ? And put more effort in ? Who knows

          But would like to add your report above was balanced unlike the reporting by like a of Moose and others following original protest

          • Thank you but you are talking nonsense. bRady has nothing to do with the football side and the other two pay their wages.You ake no sense

          • So Brady has nothing to do with rubbishing Snodgrass. So Brady has nothing to do with other clubs, for example Leicester not wanting to deal with us, same as Spurs.

            Am I talking nonsense or you that Brady has no involvement on football side. Directly or indirectly

          • Always good to see Hugh put down a peg or two… of course he won’t allow this comment -and he isn’t bright enough to ask himself why only his websites need moderation – when Kumb, WHTID etc., don’t.

          • U have the correct name piggy. Comment allowed because I quite enjoy easily put down stupidity. The reason -bright or otherwise – is because I don’t allow swearing or personal abuse of people including myself here unlike most of the others. This of course won’t bother you (snort) but you will discover the truth of that if u choose to come back with this sort of childish nonsense particularly as Hammero went out of his way to thank us for our balanced reporting. Youmay have made the mistake – not hard in your case it would seem – of confusing it with the comment directed at Kevin. When it comes to being bright go to the back of the queue or a site where your sad spite is seen as intelligence SIGH!

  2. What a bunch of complete idiots . The rest of us were getting behind the team .
    Oh , and by the way ; we won 3 – 1 , if that’s important or not .
    Why don’t you demonstrators just go away and find some other club ?. , to molest .
    Please just do us real fans and supporters a favour by just going away .

    • Were the protesters not supporting the team. You obviously have No idea about the march, so probably best to keep quiet

    • Haha real fans. Ok Kev.

      • The Guardian

        “Anyone who thinks that protest will derail West Ham’s efforts to stay in the Premier League should probably pipe down now. Far from affecting performances on the pitch, the atmosphere generated by the biggest demonstration yet against David Gold, David Sullivan and Karren Brady seemed to bring the best out of West Ham, who rose to the challenge by climbing out of the bottom three with this an emphatic victory”

        More nonsense Hugh ?.

        • YES…AND i GET ON WELL WITH JACOB AND HAVE TOLD HIM SO. JUST A CLEVER INTRO – NOTHING MORE. Like you, he doesn’t explain how and why – two FUNDAMENTAL journalistic issues #strawclutching CLUE IS IN THE WORD seemed…… to bring the best

  3. People have a right to protest, unfortunately
    Sullivan has a legacy complex, so we are stuck with the old fart.
    The club needs youth and vigour, we cannot keep relying on
    on a reputation to survive – I think
    Carrick is a way forward just as
    Lampard &
    Gerrard are are at there respective clubs

  4. Bit more than a bunch Kev!
    Maybe the players have picked up their game at the thought that change and pressure may bring an environment that did not involve a revolving door of coaching and medical/fitness staff and a boss that would single them out for a cheap headline?

  5. Shame they didn’t march themselves into the canal. Wish they’d all just go and not support some other club and leave the rest of us alone. Great game today. Feeling positive for the rest of the season. The more we win the quicker these demonstrators will disappear.

  6. I marched and was proud to join proper West Ham fans some of whom have been going for many years. Good natured loud and proud. I then went into the athletics stadium and supported my team.

    • That’s the trouble with you lot. You think anyone who doesn’t hate the new stadium or the board is not a proper West Ham fan. You call it the athletics stadium or the soulless bowl the same as the Tottenham fans trying to get a bite out of us. Well let me tell you this, I love the new stadium and so do my kids and if I was a Tottenham fan I wouldn’t be able to afford to take them. So thank you for the London stadium.

      • Dave…. Sullivan ? You are board in which is complete nonsense to me but I respect your opinion . Now you should respect the board out ‘a opinion. We live in a democratic country , we have the right to protest . Just like you have the right to come on here and verbally insult the protesters .

      • I marched today, and I like the stadium. I also understand the view of others who do not like the stadium. Why you feel you need to opine on ‘you lot’ in such terms is disappointing. We are all fans, some who go every week up and down the country. As far as i am aware those who you refer to as ‘you lot’ have never used such derogatory language against those who do not wish to protest

  7. Huge protest? I saw one lonely guy selling badges (no-one interested), and one black balloon…

    • Then you were either extremely early or extremely late fella.
      Or are you suggesting the multitude of videos and images available, showing in my estimation no less than 5000 fans and probably a fair few more have been somehow falsified?

  8. Four times in forty years – Hardly trouble makers or continual moaners,imo. The Bond Scheme – It worked and many of you benefited.Brown Out – He sold up the following year!
    Whuisa protest that had many of the issues that are still unresolved and now Yesterday’s protest that was well behaved and kept away from the stadium.Some supporters maybe totally happy with everything the board do,some may not, but think it’s futile trying and some feel they have to try.Everyone is entitled to their opinion and how they choose to express it.

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