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Three year deal and full control for Pellegrini

West Ham are preparing a three year contract for Manuel Pellegrini on an annual salary of around £10 million a year with the deal set to be agreed over the next 48 hours.

The 64 year old will meet the board for the first time tomorrow evening with the details set to be put into place on Tuesday at David Sullivan’s Essex home.

It’s the biggest commitment the Hammers board has ever made on a managerial appointment as they prepare to give the Chilean boss total control of all footballing matters.

There is huge confidence  that the club have their man and they are determined to give him an entirely free hand with David Sullivan making his promised step back from the de facto Director of Football role.

He has agreed that Pellegrini will bring in a Head of Recruitment of his own choosing and that they alone will make decisions on football matters with no interference from elsewhere.

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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

15 comments on “Three year deal and full control for Pellegrini

  1. petition for ginge if any of you lads are interested to get his testimonial

    • done and done Crewhammer
      although i dont think it will do anything as some have said (Tax and the hire of the stadium) but you never know m8

  2. That’s interesting since I heard about Benitez wanting full control but not Pellegrini who is used to working at clubs where he doesn’t have full control over transfers. I also heard though that Pellegrini is a qualified civil engineer so maybe he can do something to improve the London stadium.

  3. This is all very well, but who will be paying for this sudden 180 deg turn?

    Not only the new manger + crew, but the associated guaranteed net budget for players and anything else a previous winner considers a necessity.

    I wonder if there’s a finance company around which will lend the money and at advantageous (for the borrower) rates…………..

    • True, nothing matters unless we are able to buy enough of the right players. This man can not be allowed to even sniff a relegation fight, so we will need to spend to make it work. Will £80 million be enough? Who will provide the list of players.

    • True, nothing matters unless we are able to buy enough of the right players. This man can not be allowed to even sniff a relegation fight, so we will need to spend to make it work. Will £80 million be enough? Who will provide the list of players.

      • I don’t believe it can happen 2 times in 2 days. 2 times my post is registered. 2 times as spooky as before. Is this an omen or 2 omens.

  4. That’s as it should be.
    All it needs now is fans is to give full support to the board,
    manager and team and to refrain from posting negative
    Up The Hammers!!

    • Aren’t you just talking about people who don’t agree with you Dark?
      People need to keep their feet on the ground and see things as they stand. I have always supported the team, the manager, and the board, but I have always spotted the problems too, and highlighted them.
      Hugh says that disagreeing is ” unpleasantness “, or ” bullying “, but it’s really just being honest about things and expressing an opinion.

  5. I’m with you Dark, it does feel like now days . People will actively look for negativity before it happens. Hopefully we land Pellegrini and it’s a start or something special. COYI

  6. Trouble with these so called top managers is they are used to big budgets and they are used to buying their way to success. Pellegrini ignored youth players for three years at city. This doesn’t bode well for all the promising youngsters we have coming through. Will be interesting to see how Declan rice fares. One thing I liked about Moyes was how he kept faith with Declan rice. He could easily have played Kouyate at the back or Collins but he stuck with rice. Moyes had a track record of bringing young players through. The most famous of which as we know was Wayne Rooney in the Everton team at 16 under Moyes. Stuart Pearce was also good at developing young players and had years of experience to draw on working as manager of England under 21s of course. I had a feeling we we’re going to see a few of the talented youngsters coming through in the year ahead. Now under Pellegrini I’m not so sure.

    • That certainly is a worry, about our youngsters.

    • Had Pellegrini only had success with big clubs and big budgets i would agree with you there Clive. But that isn’t the case here.

      Pellegrini has had success with a small budget. Its also harder to bring youth through at clubs like Man-City because of the amount of money at disposal, and there expectations to do well in the champions league.

      but of cause everything is easier with money

  7. I assume we can also wave goodbye to that pacey right back from Fulham. I doubt Pellegrini will want to go shopping in the championship. That’s like asking someone used to shopping at Harrods to start shopping at Tesco’s.

  8. It is just as bad to go around with your hands over your ears saying now everything will be fine as it is to be negative all the time. It is not being negative to raise genuine issues of concern. In my opinion ignoring those concerns is not positive – it’s dumb. This is football & a lot of different things could have happened by this time next year. Nobody will get it totally right.For God’s sake don’t let’s reduce the discussion to name calling about happy clappers & boardettes as opposed to misery mongers.

    To put in my two pence worth. I think it is a step forward that we’ve have pushed the boat out for a manager with a good background. Benitez was my choice because I thought he would stand up to the board better, but tbh I don’t know that Pellegrini won’t. Also given the last few years we would be daft to take on trust the stuff about Sullivan stepping into the shadows. (It has come out this week that Moyeshad some problems with interference- he stood up to DS & we know how that ended). But he might so we don’t need to sneer at that promise- just watch & see what happens. Reserve judgment & hope.

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