Ticket office clarify season ticket changes

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West Ham ticket office have clarified that a change of season ticket holder name or a relocation of seating band would be regarded as a new season ticket holder and therefore they would lose the concessionaire discount for Under 18’s, Under 21’s, Over 66’s or Accessibility supporters for 1966 and bands 1-4 effecting existing season ticket holders at the London Stadium.

On relocations the Ticket Office response was “Our current season ticket holders who have concession season tickets would be required to pay the adult pricing in 1966 seats and also in price band 1-4 seating area if they decide to relocate.”

On name change and transfer of season ticket the Club states: “For the 24/25 Season concessionary pricing applies to Bands 5 and 6 only. Seat transferees are considered to be new season ticket holders and will pay the revised cost for their new seat. Concessionary pricing is strictly non-transferable”

The clarifications follow the confirmations that new season ticket holders in the 2024/25 seasons will no longer be eligible for concession discounts in bands 1 to 4 forcing them to pay adult prices.

The cost for band 1 adult season ticket to add three children under the age of 18 will now be £4,700 per season at £1,174 per person.

Last season a family of four would have cost one adult and three children £1,915 with the U18’s prices at £270 per season.

That is an increase of over 245% and appears to be pricing families out of the lower tier long term.

Although the match-by-match pricing is yet to be released by the club it is highly likely that concession discounts game by game will also be removed for bands 1-4. following the same strategy as 1966 tickets on general sale.

Lasts season only bands 4,5 & 6 had concession discount for general tickets for categories AAA, AA and A

Categories B &C continued to receive discounts for concessions across bands 1-4

The Premier League is due to announce fixtures on June 18 at 9am after which the club should confirm their ticketing police.

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  • D.f.butcher says:

    Money grabbing *******s, I thought west ham wanted to be a family club, how can you be so disrespectful to your own fans, F?????g C??ts.

  • D.f.butcher says:

    Hope we get f?????g relegated , pricing children out of the stadium is a f????Ng tragedy , we don’t have to be west ham fans we chose to be most of us since childhood , seeing our heros play is for most children a dream and lasts a lifetime , it costs a fortune to attend a match and any help for children has to be a priority for the future, perhaps the owners prefer the stadium full of drunken louts.

  • Lawrence says:

    The club is using loyal fans to correct what it sees as a pricing mistake from the day we moved to the new stadium. They have no care for blooding new young fans and its no longer a family club. The seats will get sold no matter what to tourists on a day out so they don’t care. I’ve had a band 5 season ticket since the move and my friend can no longer renew his, I had hoped to take my son in his place rather than face going alone or giving up my seat also. Rung the ticket office today who were happy to do the change to my sons name, but despite concessions still available in my band (5) I’ve been told I have to pay adult price for a 7 Yr old! No logic and pure greed.

  • Phillip says:

    The malaise comes from the fact that clubs know they can make much more from people buying tickets match to match, than they can from the likes of us who buy season tickets. It’s much like TfL heavily promoting the use of PAYG rather than weekly / monthly travelcards. Now, that model may be sustainable for clubs like Manchester City and Arsenal, who are unlikely to face the spectre of relegation any time soon, and therefore can “afford to alienate” their traditional fanbases. But clubs like us, who are in that bracket of we may have two or three good seasons, but then we’ll have a bad one and oops, we’re back in the Championship (Leicester anyone?), can’t afford to do that, because all of the one-off people that will have come to see Premier League games ain’t gonna turn up to see us play the likes of Oxford (and that’s no disrespect to Oxford) on a Tuesday night.

  • Philip LUDGATE says:

    Does this mean that ST holders who currently have a concession and bought 24/25 ST’s prior to this change being announced got the concession but those who have yet to renew will not?

  • Wayne says:

    Sadly, it isn’t just our board screwing people.

    What must go through the heads of these decisions makers when making these ridiculous demands.

  • chris whitcombe says:

    short sighted, money grabbing, americanized, tourist chasing, commercial greed. As said
    previously relegation would sort the wheat from the chaff. !

  • David Mann says:

    We are planning on moving from our current seats in band3 as we are forced to stand as everyone else does and it’s now getting too difficult to stand the whole game. Will be interesting to see what they say when our move is forced on us because the club don’t enforce the no standing law. We currently have one o66 and one adult.

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