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Ticket trader live for Sunderland

emptyThe long awaited Ticketmaster Ticket Exchange will be live for visit of Sunderland on 21 October the club have finally announced on WHUFC.com.

Despite being announced in July and promised for the start of the Premier League season it never materialised, first because of technical problems with Ticket Master and later over safety concerns after the Watford match problems.

The service enables Season Ticket Holders to sell their unwanted seats for home fixtures and will allow Season Ticket Holders and Claret Members to buy unwanted seats.

The functionally will now be fully operational as soon as the match against Sunderland sells out. However, details are sketchy how the system will work with the club saying “More information, including full mechanics of the service, will be announced over the coming weeks.”

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ClaretandHugh has been told as many of 10% of season ticket holders have not been turning up to league games which is evident from the amount single empty seats clearly visible throughout the ground in season ticket areas, this is in addition to the 3,000 seats not in use because of SAG restriction of a capacity of 57,000 despite having 60,000 not covered.

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About Sean Whetstone

I am Season Ticket Holder in West stand lower at the London Stadium and before that, I used to stand in the Sir Trevor Brooking Lower Row R seat 159 in the Boleyn Ground and in the Eighties I stood on the terraces of the old South Bank. I am a presenter on the West Ham Podcast called MooreThanJustaPodcast.co.uk. A Blogger on WestHamTillIdie.com a member of the West Ham Supporters Advisory Board (SAB), Founder of a Youtube channel called Mr West Ham Football at http://www.youtube.com/MrWestHamFootball, I am also the associate editor here at Claret and Hugh. Life Long singer of bubbles! Come on you Irons! Follow me at @Westhamfootball on twitter

40 comments on “Ticket trader live for Sunderland

  1. So 10% of season ticket holders not showing up? It’s either Deidre’s posse not going because it’s “toxic “,the +2’s or fishy has had a fall out with his other 4000 split personalities 🙂 But it’s good that it may be finally up and running.

  2. Maybe the club can come up with a User Trader for that TOXIC site Wet Pants GW.I went on there just now,still whining about every bloody thing & slagging the club off at every opportunity.

    • Got to ask tone who or what is wet pants.COYI

      • I had to ask myself Baddowhammer.When i found out it all made sense Lol
        Its what the users on here call WHTID & the drama queens on there.Apparently they are always wetting their nappies about everything Lol
        Have you ever been on there.The grumpy lot on there would make Samaritan helpline workers top themselves 😀

        • It’s the ones that haven’t even set foot in the ground and jump on the bandwagon that wind me up 🙂

          • What you mean the ones who from thousands of miles away are experts on whats happening in the stadium & constantly moan about Gold,Sullivan & Brady killing our club whilesat on the edge of a fjord Lol

          • Yeah our foreign fan base that haven’t set foot in the ground and who like telling us that Brexit will destroy the country ? 🙂

        • Cheers Alfie been trying to work it out,but I’ll give it a swerve from what I’ve heard.COYI

  3. Old fogies moan a lot.They remind me of my grumpy old grandad lol

  4. Its about time,I’ve been to two games this season. I had an academy membership last year and got to go to every game I wanted to.This season Claret members, have had to enter ballots,felt robbed of 40 notes.I’ve been a West Ham fan for coming up 50 years,and have been going regularly home and away for many years. To see a founders wall with all those names on it without some of our most loyal fans on it,and replaced by someone’s +1, has really pxxxxd me off.End of rant, Sunderland here we come.COYI

    • No one minds the occasional rant Baddowhammer.Its when its the same people everyday it gets tedious Fortunately this place doesnt seem to have them on it which is refreshing.

  5. Were Not all old fogies or Deirdres possy… I attend as many as I can But since movibg to Cornwall That has become more difficult.. The Ticket exchange would be good as id love my seat used.

  6. Baddow I won’t be going to a couple of games in Feb due to holiday give me a shout pal and you can use my ticket 🙂

  7. There were a loads of empty seats in the 1966 section against Middlesbrough including virtually a whole row opposite the aisle from us. I’ve got a suspicion that a lot of Season Tickets have got into the hands of these third-party Ticket companies through one method or another, it’s strange that whole sections of Seats were empty.

    On another topic – why don’t you guys stop going on about WHTID (wetpants) it’s really boring – who cares about what’s being said over there?

    • Michael it’s pretty relevant what some post as it shows what apathy there is from some to attack the club at every opportunity and destabilise it because of personal preference. What it also shows is that there are a number of fans that are happy to not attend matches who have season tickets knowing full well there are thousands that would like the opportunity to go. It might be boring as you say but after years of being preached at for not supporting the club because a number of us wanted the slug out and those who did the preaching are now attacking the club on a daily basis it needs to be highlighted what a hypocritical bunch they are especially as they call themselves #westhamfamily.

      • Exactly GW.What was said about us on here.We can’t be proper supporters if we dont back the manager because if we dont back the manager we are against the club as a whole hahahaha.Now looks at them,b1tching about everything about the club.Load of f#cking hypocrites mate so yeah i have no problem mentioning what a bunch of hypocritical w#nkers some of them really are.

        • Rick they attack Brady, Sullivan, Gold on a daily basis, they preach that the soul of the club has gone, preach about the toxic atmosphere as I’ve said before if they don’t like don’t go it’s pretty simple but I guess moaning and leading more into moaning about things is a bigger kick to them than seeing the club move forward?

  8. Due to various reasons mainly illness & ££ i haven’t got to the LS yet & only seen it on TV or streaming. Looks like something is missing & i keep forgetting we are at ‘home’. So many empty seats every game, if this ticket-trader works like it should most of those seats will be filled. Some on our sister site seems to have turned on the board more than anyone else, the two D’s & Brady are only in it for the £££ thats why we only signed crap… blah blah. Try reading a match thread.. fk me

    • Showing their true colours now Essex.They spent a couple of years ripping us to pieces about not wanting Hippo which was our only issue.Nothing to do with the board or Brady.They should f*cking practice what they spent long enough preaching to the ignorant pigs & rabid dogs.lol 🙂

      • Rads it’s just a popularity contest! One of them has a bad experience and suddenly everyone jumps on the bandwagon whether they go or not pathetic ain’t it?

  9. I will make a guess that lots of these 5,000 empty seats are junior season ticket holders. 10,000 were sold at £99 each meaning each game works out £5.20 per game.

    I bought two myself for my kids but they have only been twice, the other two times I have allowed others to upgrade them to adult at the ticket office and they were used by two Norwegian hammers last Saturday.

    I understand the club are considering restricting the number of games that junior tickets can be upgraded from next season with six being mentioned.

    • Wouldn’t it be better for the seat to be upgraded than to leave them empty or even give them away to youngster’s who can’t afford a ST?
      Hasn’t what has come out in the last week shown what SA is all about? There is or never was a time when he fully intergrated himself into any club he has managed, he always thought he was bigger than each club & they should be grateful to have him. How can anyone back him now when he has shown his true colours? Money money & more money was his only aim. We have been saying this for years & all we got was abuse, now who has got egg on thier faces?

      • But Essex the slug single handily saved the club from vanishing from the face of the earth we must thank him for dipping into his money laden pockets and using his own cash to save us and blame the board who invested nothing at the same time apparently 🙂

        • Lol 🙂 yeah & curtis is only interested in helping the players he acts for. Money is the route of all evil & it makes me sick when there are people like SA who are filthy rich are caught trying to get even more by being corrupt.

        • But they are passionate about their club so can say what they want.I love that arguement.You can call Brady,Gold or Sullivan anything you want but it is all good if you use the ‘Im passionate about the club’ statement lol 🙂

          • Don’t worry they’ll calm down as soon as Wifi is installed so they can keep an eye on the match day thread and post that someone swore in front of them and cause panic for those watching in Oslo 🙂

          • Unfurl the banner in Oslo ‘Brady,Gold & Sullivan are killing WHU’ lmao
            Right tithead he is.

  10. I hope they sort this ticket trader thing out would be nice to actually choose a seat instead of the ballot, although Sean has used his +2 for two Norwegian fans, I would really like to see something done to mitigate it next season or just offer all those that had a two year deal a way out if they are not happy, anyway enough of my moaning I saw this funny clip from Frankie Boyle about Sam Allardyce and the FA on BBC there is surprisingly no bad language at all so feel free to play it and enjoy http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p049l4p3?intc_type=promo&intc_location=sport&intc_campaign=boyleonbigsam&intc_linkname=radio4_com_vidclip1

  11. I hope they sort this ticket trader thing out would be nice to actually choose a seat instead of the ballot, although Sean has used his +2 for two Norwegian fans, I would really like to see something done to mitigate it next season or just offer all those that had a two year deal a way out if they are not happy, anyway enough of my moaning I saw this funny clip from Frankie Boyle about Sam Allardyce and the FA on BBC there is surprisingly no bad language at all so feel free to play it and enjoy http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p049l4p3?intc_type=promo&intc_location=sport&intc_campaign=boyleonbigsam&intc_linkname=radio4_com_vidclip1

  12. Lot of empty seats near me. Tickets are band five £279. Great view looking over the corner flag. Actually one of the closet areas to the pitch because it’s in the corner. I reckon a lot of people bought them because they were so cheap despite not being able to attend a lot of matches. Probably Still works out cheaper than being an academy member and paying vast amounts just to attend a few games a season.

    • Yeah you could be right Slaven.At that price you dont have to go to every game.You can miss a few & still not feel that you are out of pocket across the whole season.Maybe some are people who live abroad or a fair distance away who knew they could get one for occasional visits 😉

      • Hi Guys, I’m one of those that you’re talking about that live some distance away. With travelling abroad a lot with work, its always a potential issue for me to get to every game. However, we have two tickets, one for my youngest son and myself, but always have backup to go from my oldest son. I think the whole +2 etc are where we get gaps. Was hearing for example that a couple of Arsenal supporters got season tickets on the basis that they get to go see the Arsenal match with no ticket hassle. This is where the club went wrong in my opinion – should have found a mechanism to ensure only Hammers fans got tickets. And how the hell do we manage to get touts around the ground? They need to sort that out.
        Having said that, first season was always going to have teething issues; just hope the club allow people to move around for next season to find the right spots for them (standing/seating etc). Loving the whole thing despite all the issues

        • Thats fair enough Jammer im sure there are many like you who cant make every game through work commitments or various other reasons.I probably miss two or three matches each season for work related reasons myself.It happens in life.
          Maybe in the next couple of seasons the novelty will wear off for fans like these Gooners.
          Touts will always find a way to get their snouts in the trough lmao

  13. My big question would be how come you can go onto these 3rd-party Ticketing sites and they have got hundreds of tickets for sale?

    • It might not be that the club have sold them to 3rd party traders. I think more likely is that they are sold by individuals to the traders and the club didn’t get who they selling ST to

  14. The ticket trader will likely fill quite a few of the empty seats. it isn’t going to solve all the migration issues that we have had though. Hopefully like some of you guys have said above once the novelty of the LS wears off all these numpties with seasons tickets and no actual interest in the club will f**k off and be replaced with proper fans.
    I am one of the many thousands on the priority list so hopefully will be able to get a ST in a couple of years for me and my boy. He’s not quite old enough now anyway

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