Tim Steidten will dilute managers power


Director of football looking dilute managers power

According to Sky Sports’ Darmesh Sheth, the future West Ham manager will play no role in player recruitment, underscoring the shift towards a more continental approach by the club. Under the guidance of football director Tim Steidten, West Ham are actively seeking to appoint a head coach rather than a traditional manager.

David Moyes has less than a year remaining on his contract but he has traditionally wielded significant influence over player recruitment. Even if Moyes were to agree to a new contract at The London Stadium, it would likely come with terms that he might find unacceptable. Moyes, whose sole signing James Ward-Prowse has been instrumental with the most assists for West Ham this season, may be reluctant to relinquish full control.

That of course would be in the event if West Ham offering him a new deal which is far from certain.

Tim Steidten will replace the old managerial model at West Ham

Tim Steidten will dilute managers power to recruit players.

Sheth commented, “If he does not continue at West Ham United, I anticipate the next manager to take on more of a head coaching role, with less influence over recruitment compared to Moyes in recent years. This would likely be a manager accustomed to working in a setup where a technical director selects players, and the primary focus for the boss is coaching rather than managerial duties. Effectively, they would serve as the head coach rather than the manager. This seems to be the likely direction for the next appointment, considering that, as we’ve emphasized before, it’s far easier to replace a manager than to part ways with multiple players tied to long-term contracts.”

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