Tim Steidten’s Masterstroke

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West Ham United’s success hinges on retaining their star players, and director of football Tim Steidten has demonstrably achieved this with Jarrod Bowen.

The 27-year-old forward has been on fire this season, notching an impressive 20 goals and 10 assists in 44 appearances. His performances have fueled speculation about a call-up to the England squad for Euro 2024.

Understanding Bowen’s value, Steidten took the initiative in October of last year to accelerate contract negotiations. This foresight secured Bowen’s signature on a long-term deal extending until 2030.

The new manager, Julen Lopetegui, inherits a crucial piece in Bowen. The player himself has endorsed Lopetegui’s appointment, and it’s expected that Lopetegui will build his team around Bowen’s talents.

Recent reports wrongly attributed the successful contract finalisation to David Moyes. A recent report in The Athletic has clarified that Tim Steidten deserves credit for this critical move.

West Ham fans revere Bowen, and Steidten’s proactive approach ensures Bowen’s continued presence in the claret and blue for years to come. This long-term commitment signifies Steidten’s shrewdness in securing West Ham’s future with one of their most valuable players.

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  • Haribo says:

    Why are you still trying to stick the knife in Moyes, firstly it’s Steidtens specific job, secondly I suspect if it hadn’t been for Moyes he wouldn’t have signed (it was Moyes who recruited him after all) and thirdly I also suspect he had a significant amount of pressure from his family (Dyers) to sign a long term contract.

    • Bennyboy baker says:

      Yes moyes made a great move when he brought Bowen to the club but he’s made some big gaffs as well Phillips immediately springs to mind and a good few others but on the whole he did a fairly good job till the start of the year and how the standards have dropped like a lead weight something had to give and it feels like the right time for moyes to go so let’s give Lopetegui a chance and see how things go hopefully he will take us up another level

  • Morty says:

    I think it was the right time for West Ham and Moyes to part, but nobody thought Phillips was a bad signing at the time

    • Hf says:

      I did

    • Alex says:

      Surely anyone in their right mind thought Philips who’d played next to no professional football over the last year, instead of a striker we so desperately needed was a terrible signing

    • Ken Edridge says:

      Moyes wasted millions in his time at West Ham on players who couldn’t or wouldn’t play his way play. The players he brought on because of the way they played other team. Moyes brought in Somme very good players and then tried to change them. Stickers are not defenders.

  • Chris says:

    Pellegrini was meant to be a upgrade…..moyes returns to save us again..if anyone thinks we are going to be looking at a top 6 finish 🤣🤣 more worried about relegation battles because the amount of new players we have to bring in and gell in a very short space of time.
    You forgot more players that Moyes brought in was top players ..a couple got found out … Peregrine brought some s*** more s*** i than Moyes ever did attacking football peregrine played what was the reason he got sacked??? You lot have a short memory.,… and now we have a manager who doesn’t play attacking football.. Sullivan is our devil

    • Ian says:

      Agreed most of the journos on these West Ham blogs are deluded let’s get behind the new bloke but if club had given Moyes his statue, new contract on crest of the European win and gave him big kitty after record pints in premier league at that point I think it would be very difrent and we would be where Aston Villa or spurs are. But we have to move on

  • Kevin waylen says:

    I certainly thought Phillips was a poor signing as moyes persude him relentlessly! He had been at city and had hardly played any games! So when he arrived at west ham he wasn’t match fit,and then when he played you could see he was way off the pace.Why the hell did we do a deal to get him on loan on a huge fee? It was west hams fault we should’ve sent him back when we saw his condition.It has been a disaster and west ham have only themselves to blame.Lets hope that we learn from this mistake and move forward.

  • Dino Sabatini says:

    Why keep commenting on what Moyes has done for WH, his left Lopetequi with hardly a squad. A ageing back 4 or 5, played boring defensive football throughout the season, shipped in over 70 odd goals. Sullivan should of got rid of him much earlier, and we could of been playing in Europe next season. Good riddance to him

  • Jared says:

    As an American looking in from an outside perspective West ham fan for the last 15 yrs, Moyes brought a sense of stability, professionalism, and consistency I’ve haven’t seen since I started being a fan….don’t get me wrong at times play was stale, didn’t give much opportunity to the academy players, and some players brought in or didn’t bring in based on needs was very suspect but any fan who hasn’t enjoyed the success we’ve had over the last 3+ yrs are ignorant and should just go cheer for a big 6 club if you want to consistently demand championships and trophies, enjoy the present.. celebrating w my son when we won ECL was a day I’ll never forget..thank you DM COYI

  • Jon says:

    Calling the writers on this site ‘journos’ made me laugh.

  • Colin says:

    When you think logically about the supposed top 6, we can safely say that for the money spent, man utd, newaste and Chelsea would have expected a lot more from there seasons, no excuses they all underperformed from what was expected and spurs to a large degree as well, so with that in mind we haven’t done so bad at all in reality, and all 3 of them spent lots of money more than we did and are still rebuilding, it doesn’t happen overnight, we will rebuild but don’t expect instant result if you do your seriously deluded. And i would vote for Cole palmer as the signing of the season, he been Chelseas best and most consistent player, without him Chelsea would likely still be below us.

  • Matt says:

    Moyes was so Lucky he had Declan Rice in his team… without him he has been shown up to be the old fashioned manager that he is. His Record in the transfer market is abysmal…Philips was the straw that broke the camels back… Vlasic.. Cornet..Scamacca…Aguerd.. name a few that were duds.. millions wasted .. doesnt give youth a chance. Fornals..Benrahma.soucek ..cornet..all became worse players under his management… 1 style of boring low block defensive tatics.. glad to see him go.

  • Bill says:

    Any made up story to discredit Moyes by this bunch of clowns
    Imagine praising a talent scout as some sort of savior
    The same scout who could not interview the correct players agent
    No wonder this group of supporters has become toxic

  • Graham says:

    Just so I know the rules, if the signing is a good one then it was done by Steidten/Newman and if the signing is a bad one then it was made by Moyes. I think i’ve grasped the nonsense.

  • Ken Edridge says:

    Moyes wasted millions in his time at West Ham on players who couldn’t or wouldn’t play his way play. The players he brought on because of the way they played other team. Moyes brought in Somme very good players and then tried to change them. Stickers are not defenders.

  • Cliff Jones says:

    As a long time fan and former schoolboy at Hammers I don’t apologise for wanting to see a brand of football that gets you off your seat at times…Moyes was a top manager especially in his first spell when we discarded him too soon but has lost His way and a change was desperately needed Let’s see the academy players getting a chance without forgetting we have half a dozen quality players…Looking forward to next season already!!!!

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