Time for Moyes to depart?


Following Paul Nevin’s exit from the club, I feel it may now be time for David Moyes to depart too.

Without wishing to create a story where none exists, there is clearly something amiss at the club. Nevin’s departure follows hot on the heels of Mark Warbuton’s Hammers exit. That’s two first team coaches leaving in the space of two weeks.

Considering the manager only has a year left on his contract, is it really prudent for a Moyes backroom rebuild? Let’s not forget that 12 months ago the club were dealing with the departure of Stuart Pearce too. That followed the resignation of the highly regarded Alan Irvine who was Moyes trusted right hand man.

By any metric, this is a hemorrhaging of the couching staff on a regular basis. It’s not my intention to make mischief or read between the lines, but something ain’t right.

In many respects Moyes has the look of an isolated man. Tim Steidten has arrived as football director, and as a result Rob Newman’s authority has been diluted. At a time when the broom of change is sweeping the club, I’m not sure Moyes should be charged with hiring coaches.

Moyes can become a Hammers legend

Time for David Moyes to depart West Ham?

I also believe a manager of Moyes standing in the game deserves better than having a new backroom team forced upon him.

Moyes doesn’t fit the new West Ham Way

There is a suggestion that Steidten should be the man to appoint any new football staff. That idea is one that I would agree with given the mandate of a footballing director. However, I’m less than confident that Moyes would be able to work with coaches not chosen by himself.

I am eternally grateful for the glory and stability Moyes has brought to the club. I was certainly of the opinion that he should be allowed to work the remainder of his contract following the Conference League victory.

Regrettably, I think Warburton and Nevin departing has changed things for the manager. To lose half of his coaching team when he has less than 12 months remaining on his contract is not promising.

The unfortunate circumstances may well have presented Steidten with the ideal opportunity to reshape the whole structure immediately.

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  • hammerpete6 says:

    I agree Gonzo I think there are many ‘its time’ pointers. So much has been said about last season in the League – disjointed and awful to watch. Yes the glory was wonderful for us all, but there is the feeling that the players did that not the set up. The Moyes style template is old fashioned and predictable, and League form shows its found out and run it’s race. The gifted players don’t like it, and now all of the coaching staff have drifted away. Do we want Moyes to spend the Rice money? For me, not in his vision of desirable players and system. So it’s thank you so much David, but it’s time.

  • Bella100 says:

    100% , get rid of him now ….

  • Pessimist says:

    Oh how I hope you are right !

  • dirk says:

    Article ghost written by jonham1? Seriously, guys, you are going to have to get your heads around the fact that David Moyes will be manager at the start of this season. Pre-season started today.

  • johnham1 says:

    Dirk I am back !!!!!! I just want to say that unsurprisingly I totally agree with the article. I have said this so many times that we will begin to see the true reflection of the gravity of the situation at the end of the season when we will see coaches and players leaving. None of this has surprised me because I can see the frustration shown by the coaches when Moyes basically ignores their recommendation at the games. He has to be sacked before we end up in a horrific situation where we gave lost top players and we gave spent money on players bought by Moyes. I am not sure how many more coaches/players have to leave for the board to make the decision but they need to make it now.. I just cannot believe that Moyes himself had not the common sense to walk away .

  • juleshammer says:

    Moyes has to go to save our club. Yes ok we won a Mickley mouse European cup and so we should have to be honest. We ought to be playing football with more flair and challenging for the europa Cup and not fighting relegation. I wouldn’t trust moyes to spend the Declan Rice money after his other transfer failures. COYI

  • Budgie says:

    Wide of the mark.
    Moyes will see out his contract, new assistant from Arsenal has worked with him before so his choice. I was never a fan of Warburton so pleased he went. Coaching staff are always changing as players get bored with routines so what’s happening is normal. Moyes is clearly happy with Tim Statden being appointed and its a sign that the club are strengthening this year to match our long term ambitions

  • Buster says:

    Nothing would surprise me now at West Ham…….
    Que sera sera.

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