Time for Nene

By Richard Oses

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neneNene has to play our next game. As simple as that!

In fact, being that Diafra Sakho is likely to miss the rest of the season, Enner Valencia (should he return as expected) will be leading the line on his own and one can only assume Nolan will be sat behind him.

What I would love to see is Downing sat behind Valencia and Nene on the wing, the pace and creative play that trio would bring to our attack would be streets ahead of what we have seen playing one upfront so far this season.

It is a frustrating head scratcher as to why a former PSG winger is finding himself even behind the likes of Nolan and Cole, especially in games where some magic skill, a nippy runner and a seasoned finisher would have made the required difference and perhaps helped convert draws into wins.

There are some who have voiced their Sam isn’t keen on the Nene signing therefore will not play him opinion – who knows but it’s difficult to come up with alternative theories.

Performances are poor, the players’ confidence is fragile which may well be due to the uncertainty surrounding the manager’s own future. The fans are fed up and the club has nothing to play for except more money and pride.

Get Nene on the pitch to add a touch of class to our misfiring front line and we may just see the team scoring the required amount of goals in remaining games to actually seal all three points and put some smiles back on the faces of our fans.

Sam wouldn’t even need to tweak the formation too much either, but one simple addition to the starting XI to inject some pace and flare could make a small change return huge results for the good of the team.

Not only that, but Big Sam can bow out with some dignity at the end of the season which he surely deserves like any other human being.







8 comments on “Time for Nene

  1. Don’t hold your collective breaths for the ‘enlightened one’ to use the above lineup.It would be against the grain and makes too much sense.

  2. There’s nothing simple about it – it’s obvious BFS doesn’t like him so the chances of seeing him are slim even with the injury problems.

    The Man City game could be embarrassing!

  3. I’d like to see the same stating 11 as Stoke, obviously with Sakho out , put Nene in his place, but I suspect it wont happen.

  4. Sullivans signing,not Allardyces.Same as Zarate,with the predictable same result.Both were not wanted by the genius so both wont play.Mind you Sam is such a good judge of a player he didnt want or rate Sakho.Enough said 😉

    KOUYATE, NOBLE, JARVIS, NOLAN, DOWNING / COLE up front on his own

    would like to see:


  6. cutting his nose off to spite his face .. Sam all over

  7. What’s the point in even commenting on BFS TEAM SELECTION,
    but I think he will play Nene and Poyet and even Jarvis and save Nolan from the embarrassing result, he has done it early in season when he covered Nolans back by keeping him on the bench when he thought we were going to loose,
    Man City are hungry for a result and I have a sinking feeling we are about to go through an embarrassing result the same as last year.
    Thank BFS for making me so positive about our side

  8. ahahahah thanks Bubs, I’ve got in my mind my sophisticated tactics….

    You know my model is Samuel Guardiola, like him I’m a total attacking manager. My football philosophy is very easy and sophisticated: 1-0 and then all in difence trying to respect the 3 points. If it doesn’t happen, I trusts Kevin the key of my team: Ginge, long ball to Carroll header for Nolaninho, bycicle kick and goal!!! In case of a draw no problem, I’ll always respect the point.

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