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Time for PL to end it NOW as German doubts grow

The chairmen only need to look at the forums here and elsewhere. All the majority of fans want is an end to the disease…football has gone right out of the window.


It should be over – it really should!

Right across Europe Leagues are closing down – the Belgian, French and Dutch have all bowed to the inevitable yet still the Premier League hangs on and on.

There’s even a suggestion that the Germans will pull back on their decision to go ahead with a restart for the Bundesliga.

German chancellor Angela Merkel’s words on Thursday will be of the utmost importance when she addresses regional leaders, and no doubt the  plans to resume matches in mid-May – plans that have acted as a source of inspiration to other countries around Europe.

But there has been a recent spike in cases in Germany with the immediate fear being that their lock down may be tightened again. The obvious outcome could well be that like the French, sport will be ruled out for several months.

Yet still the PL is trundling obstinately on with a series of plans – we were told they had 25 of them – to complete the season here and once again chairmen will gather at their video conference to discuss a way of keeping something going that has eluded everybody else.

I reckon they will kick the can down the road again and wait for the government review in early May. But let’s be realistic nothing  is gonna change.

And it would be a far better idea to simply bow to reality and for the chairman to say: ‘Let’s call it a day so we can put ourselves, the players, their families, and the fans out of this perpetual piece of worrying,hopeless and frankly , immoral piece of nonsense.

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About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

8 comments on “Time for PL to end it NOW as German doubts grow

  1. Well said! As always, it goes to prove -yet again-how these people are out of touch with today’s football!
    Yes, we want footy back, but we rather live long enough to see it back to ‘normal‘, and have families still alive next to us!
    Get your priorities right!🤦🏻‍♀️😡

  2. Blimey for once I agree with old Hughie boy!

  3. I believe the correct decision is to finish the season now and get the plans and measures in place to start the season at the end of August. I would award Liverpool the title and the current top 4 go into the champions league. I would not relegate any team but I would promote the two teams from the championship Leeds and West Brom. I would reward the 4 teams currently in the playoff places with a playoff place for next season so we the top 4 from next season I would make it a 8 team shootout. I would compensate these teams too, I would apply the same principle as you go down divisions. It is the right thing to do. At least by doing this we can really focus on efforts for the next 4 months on this virus.

    • 👍agree 100%

    • I like your thinking John but still not sure it will work. Massive legal challenges from everywhere would follow I think.

      Also those teams in the play off places now that are going to be awarded a play off place next season. What are they playing 46 games for next season then? Just to keep their players fit ready for the play offs or in the hope that they get a top 2 place an automatic promotion? What if they finish in a relegation spot? Do they go down or do they play in the play offs to go up?

      Personally and I’ll doubt it will get much support but I think this season has to be finished, whenever that might be. Even if it means the following season each team only plays each other team once. For this to happen there would need to be a seeding structure agreed and signed off by all clubs before the season starts so that nobody can complain later if they feel it worked against them with hindsight. So what I mean is the top 6 for example are seeded in group 1. Therefore a club like West Ham would play all 6 of them but 3 of them at home and 3 away. The seeding groups could be worked out however clubs want or can agree to but this would mean a quick 19 game season and allow everything to return to normal the season after hopefully!

  4. Well said hugh …enough is enough..!

  5. Every one that has put money before health has seen catastrophic results for its population. In truth we may lose two seasons of football, until there is a vaccine social distancing will be required which means in the case of contact sports surely some tough decisions have to be made ?

  6. They need to call it day now , in fact they should have declared the season void weeks ago .
    This virus is showing no real signs of going away any time soon and to risk further infection’s
    By playing football would be veeeeery dangerous and in my view , as Hugh says , Morally wrong . It would be grossly irresponsible and tantamount to attempted corporate manslaughter . I would rather see football with a healthy crowd in attendance than be mourning the dead . Stop it now . The government Should step in and instruct the football to cease proceedings under the National Emergency Laws .

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