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Time For Slav To Go?

We’re back with ‘Your Shout’ and I have been sent five videos by some pretty frustrated West Ham fans following the 3-0 humiliation away to Newcastle United.

As you’d expect there is anger and analysis in equal measure but also a voice of reason amongst the supporters who have been kind enough to send in clips. The problemsΒ may be tactical, theyΒ may be the players themselves and it may be motivation but something is clearly not right in the team and the lads try their best to figure out what has been going wrong.

Regular contributor Mike thinks that the team have a lack of identity and structure and goes on to make some very interesting points about the direction of the team and lack of a coherent system.

From my own point of I found it very strange that having lost Marko Arnautovic for three games Slaven Bilic opted to play a central midfielder on the left wing despite having other options. Surely a 352 formation, Masuaku on the wing or even an in form Nathan Holland would all have been better options?

Unfortunately square pegs in round holes seems to be a regular feature of the managers tenure but it does beg the question of whether SlavΒ knows his best team of even how to deploy players like Fernandez and Andre Ayew.

Anyway I’ll leave it to the lads to give you their opinions and if you’d like to get involved and have your say please send your clips to info@hammerschat.com

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34 comments on “Time For Slav To Go?

  1. Been time to go for over 6 months now, he should of left when payet went as he was his plan a b and c.

  2. Time for negative review sites like this to close.
    Support West Ham and our manager.
    If Slav had available his best team at any time during the last 3 games I didn’t see it. He was at least 3 players short every week. The team also played well in my opinion with 10 men at Southampton.

    Last year he was lumbered with Zaza, Nordveldt, Calleri, Feghouli, Fletcher, Tore and others who were just not premier standard. It’s not coincidence the number of players we have got rid of this summer already. These were the players he had to,play last year.

    another manager may do better as they are likely to benefit from an uplift in squad quality once players are back from the International break.

    • Deluded, are you not watching??? The team are a shambles, formation, tactics, energy and team selection all a disgrace. One man to blame, Bilic, he hasn’t a clue.
      Give the same set of players to a Benitez, Silva etc and we will push for the top 8 I have no doubts.
      He has to go, it won’t get better, he doesn’t know how

      • But if they shut down sites like this where would all the negative fans go.They need places like this and whtid so they can stink the west ham world out with their armchair manager expertise.

        • Isn’t just this season and apparently u both like the site and go to any West Ham site and u will see the same.
          Who cards if down 2-3 players other teams are too we shouldn’t be getting trounced. And agreed w Article and have been screaming why Fernandes a right footed CM at LW. Why Kouyate AND Obaing bench but Noble starts.
          We should have played a back 3 from start bc worked last season towards end really saved Slav’s job with taking us from 15rh to 11th and Spurs win.
          But back 3 is his Plan B and that’s be Zab isn’t a Wingaback he was waning when at Man City. I like him but we should have Byram and Masuaku. Raneiri won league got sacked Peul finished 8th got sacked. So Bilic was lucky.
          He is a nice bloke but don’t want to hear exuse out players that’s part of football when have CBs like ours get the best in back 3.
          No plan A or B and Tactical inept 4-2-3-1 not formation for squad at moment.
          So look at any site Forum Twiiter where u like and the song is the same Bilic’s time is up and if we stick with him till Christmas could end up like Villa would u like that!!

          And just had I heard just now Hart has let in 20 goals in last 8 games going back to Torino. I say this bc I think Adrian should start and was never fan of loan.

    • What are you talking about he was lumbered, at least three of those signings you mentioned was his own choice.
      Go back and do your homework..

    • You can’t have positivity without negativity , that would equal zero . So , in effect if we are left with only negativity because the positivity has gone . The only positivity is that we have 35 games left in which to survive negatively speaking .

    • I agree it is getting very negative. I’m finding it hard to back Bilic but if he stays pen he turn around it round soon.

      Newcastle had a worse injury hit squad than us and many championship level players. They beat us with ease 3-0. Injuries should never be the excuse, Sam Allardyce used that one often.

    • Are you nuts.. it’s your opinion and I respect everyone right to it.. but this is nothing new. Missing players is a problem but that is not our biggest problem. Slav to poor. Probably a hell of a nice guy. However, this is his MO. It’s been written long before he came to our club. He’s been known for leaky defense and playing players out of position. He never lasts more than three seasons and his first season is always his best. He did have the benefit of fat Sams defense set up for him when he took over. He had Payet he had. He had the sellouts in the hype associated with our last season at Upton park. He’s got to go

    • it’s your opinion and I respect everyone right to it.. but this is nothing new. Missing players is a problem but that is not our biggest problem. Slav to poor. Probably a hell of a nice guy. However, this is his MO. It’s been written long before he came to our club. He’s been known for leaky defense and playing players out of position. He never lasts more than three seasons and his first season is always his best. He did have the benefit of fat Sams defense set up for him when he took over. He had Payet he had. He had the sellouts in the hype associated with our last season at Upton park. He’s got to go

  3. ?

  4. No axe to grind but this place currently seems the most down on Slavram

  5. In 15/16 we had a direct attacking team and an Alex Song who mopped it all up but he fell out of favour half way through the season and then we started shipping goals at 2 a game and the 1-4 at home to Swansea summed up our leaky defence and how the small margins had been working in our favour for many games. The writing was on the wall at the end of our “terrific” 15/16 season……we’ve not stopped leaking goals since – other than when we “all had to dig deep” and play 3 at the back to get a result with the 1-0 wins (ie Hull – awful game). Won’t win many games conceding so many. Was always a strange appointment given record at Moscow etc. Lovely guy but its not a personality contest….

  6. Slaven should have gone after last season . We beat Spurs and he was given more time .
    Carried on doing the same thing week in week out . No point in repeating any of what has been said already ….. Except for one thing ; If we manage to beat Huddersfield does that mean Bilic will be given more time again ? . Heaven forbid . As a fan it’s a horrible situation .
    I want us to win and get three points but , I also want Bilic to be gone .. HELP .

    • Well you’ve wanted him gone since we lost to Bournemouth in his 1st season KevπŸ˜†πŸ˜† Nothing like banging the same old tired drum eh ? Then again you never took the loss of your beloved Slug well did you 😁😁

    • Yeah i felt the same when we only won 3 of 21 or 22 games under BFS Kevin but i was out of order for that according to you.Different when its you is it 😁😁

      • Rads that wasn’t Hippo’s fault though πŸ˜†πŸ˜† The board didn’t believe in him and he should have been given a new 5 year contract for taking us to the league cup semi and getting hammered and for destroying the youth players careers at Forest πŸ˜€ Not forgetting for all that money he got paid he couldn’t get to 50 points in a season and the fact he made a few bob for his good pal Curtis when we signed the glass boned porcelain princess on a 6 year contract πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

    • I have read he will be given 3 games and that’s Huddersfield who want be easy. West Brom and Spurs. All will be harder to get 3 points from the bloody Newcastle. If stay at back 4 Wagners Press will rip our back to shreds w Mounie Mooy Ince. And they have solid CBs Zanka Schinder.
      Then West Brom best hope is Evans is gone but Hegazi looks strong and we know Pulis defense. Then Spurs.
      Need at least 4 points but if recent form will be hard. And not sure International break will help.
      We will see. Jokanovic for me if in 3 games we are were we are. Or just give Westley a ho as Interim been great for U23s couldn’t do worse.

  7. Slav has final say on players he can veto as we have seen. But when players that are good come here and are rubbish Feghouli (I liked he got good towards end) Snodgrass is a decent player not Payet but played in wrong Position. Even Fonte was great a Southampton here horrible. Bc either played out position or Training formation etc.
    Tore was rubbish period Slavs 1st pick. But says something when seen so many players who are good come here and end up ****.
    Has to be something to that yes.

  8. I saw Huddersfield on Match of the Day last night – only for five minutes admittedly – they look well organised and fit, no walkovers by any stretch of the imagination. If West Ham continue showing their present poor form and get turned over by Huddesfield it could turn very ugly!

    God knows where we’d go from there!

  9. We are traditionally loyal to our managers, and that does us credit, but Slavan’s time has come. Enough is enough. Get rid of him and his entirely useless team. Sorry Slav. No ear cupping from you, just stubbornness and tactical nievety.

  10. Well, its no surprise that the lotus eaters on this site wont acknowledge we are in pretty dire straits. They’d rather bury their heads in the sand.

    Come on you fellow Irons!!!

    This is about what is good for us all, not a popularity contest between the Slug and Slav.

    • Lotus eaters lol πŸ˜† After spending the last 3 decades travelling up and down the country watching good games, bad games and the ****e served up this weekend I ain’t burying my head in the sand πŸ˜† Slav ain’t pulling up any trees and if he goes he goes but it royally p’s me off hearing those that bang a drum for the return of a geezer who didn’t care a toss won 3 off 22 games and told us we were all deluded 😑

      • Oh leave it out Muck we was just having a laugh with Kev who is a top geezer.
        Ffs its a football manager at a football club & if he stays or goes it aint going to effect my mortgage,make food more expensive or lead to rises in inflation rates so yeah i cant be with all the amatuer dramatics from some of the day pass from Bedlam girls on here atm 😁

        • It seems the norm lately rads ! CPP,s everywhere ! No fekin sense of humour
          Just serious dross πŸ˜‰

  11. Three very positive words that no one can find negativity about!!! LEMON DRIZZLE CAKE!!!
    HAVE IT!!!!
    Sadly im diabetic,overweight and sugar is bad for me. You can go blind lose toes or legs and your dinkle might stop working.

    • Its too early for Lemon Drizzle Cake but i will have a breakfast beer if youve got any.That wont make my dinkle fall off will it 😁

    • I was going to send you some for the tombola boogy πŸ˜‚
      I’m afraid I can’t send it now because of health issues with GW,s rules and regs with distribution to at risk parties ! So ive sent some soap on a rope with a safety warning πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  12. I watched the debacle on TV here in Australia. Newcastle were poor, unfortunately we were worse. I am an under 13s coach locally here and if my 11 and 12 year old boys played as badly as West Ham did last weekend against Newcastle then i would be looking for a new club and I’m a volunteer!
    I’ve never been a believer in old players going back to their old club to coach/manage, i have supported Slaven over his managerial time at West Ham, he has had some bad calls, the 3rd goal at Southampton for one. But enough is enough, start looking for a new manager one the players will play for, a manager that will make hard decisions, like not starting Noble. So far very poor team performance and no guidance from the manager poor team selection and tactics….the list goes on. Sorry Slav…….as explained above…..time to go.

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