“Tippy tappy b…..ks?” Verbal b…..ks more like!


head scratcherQuite where Sam’s head was when he described “tippy tappy football as b…..ks sometimes” and that it was a return to the direct game in the second half which won yesterday’s match remains entirely beyond me!

This is not an anti Allardyce rant because I’m sure he was winding up the faithful for reasons best known to himself.

Personally I don’t understand a single word of what he had to say. I just don’t get it – somebody help me here please.

I can see no context in which the remarks make sense at all.

His precise quote was: ““All this tippy-tappy stuff – everybody keeps on going about the right way to play football – is all a load of b******s sometimes.

“Getting the ball into the opposition box as quickly as you can with quality is definitely sometimes the best way forward and that’s what we did in the second half and that’s why we won the game.”
Does Enner Valencia and Morgan Amalfitano’s fancy footwork for the Frenchman’s goal qualify as tippy tappy?
Was the glorious pass to Stewart Downing from Alex Song and the run to score, tippy tappy?
Was the rocket shot from Enner Valencis which fell to Andy Carroll tippy tappy?
Sorry Sam none of what you had to say makes the remotest sense to me unless for reasons I don’t understand you considered out first half display tippy tappy.
In fact we didn’t play any football at all and your admission that you returned to the diamond in the second half is peculiar given that most don’t believe you should have abandoned it in the first place.
A return to a style which has seen us produce our best football this season is hardly the mark of tactical awareness – quite the opposite in fact as it should never have been abandoned in the first place.
If there’s anybody out there who has the first clue what those remarks are all about, please leave your comments here or on the FB ClaretandHugh forum.
Enlighten me…PLEASE!

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  • bubs says:

    HUGH he has no idea what he is saying,what ever arrives in his head first,the only thing he has prepared I are the answers about why KN is in the starting line up,if he wants any future in football that is not with championship team with no ambition he needs to adapt to the changes since he played,there is no place for players in a top 10 team like KN we need to play fast accurate entertaining football,he knows what needs to be done but is so stubborn and defensive of his ways I think he will die like all dinosaurs,some where he heard someone say tippy tippy and thought one day I will use that,BFS tippy tippy means little short passes quickly between your own players without giving it to the other team waiting for a break in the other teams defence so you don’t have to spend the next 10 min getting the ball back,yes BFS just like how Cheiski and Arsenal played against us a few weeks ago or just like Real and Barcelona play every week and if we don’t want to look like a bunch of ****s next year in Europe just like our new manager will want us to play
    No tomost of us at west ham not tippy tippy but FOOTBALL

  • barkingroad says:

    What he means by tippy tappy is the short passes around the penalty area, keeping possession and getting nowhere. Keeping possession is important but as he says scoring goals is even more important. Carroll is an in-form man at the moment. Utilise his strengths as Allardyce is doing.

  • bubs says:

    Anyone can tap in from 2 feet, it was the brilliant shot by a brilliant forward,who then made another good goal,I agree Carroll is in form but only when we play good football as in the second half yesterday,even Carroll does not want to spend all his time jumping for balls that are hit and hope,tippy tippy football can be played all over the pitch not just around the other teams box,we do not have to put 6 defenders on the pitch for 25 mins when we are 1 up and just hump the big ball out of defence because it just comes straight back until we make a mistake, other teams will break you down in the end because they have tippy tippy players with patience n wait till we tackle each other for there breaks,

  • RangeyFlorida says:

    It would be interesting to see Sam in charge of Man City and cut out all that tippy tappy stuff they play that opens holes in 6 man line defenses for players like Silva and Aguerro to score sublime goals. Or at Arsenal or Chelsea to tell those pesky defenders to bang the ball up instead of intricately passing out and creating stunning breakaways.
    Sam is what he is . He has moments of brilliance such as the no striker at Spurs and then he tries to play it every week ad nauseum and fails. Then he recreates Stewart Downing who has mobility, vision and technical skills in the diamond only to decide to play others with less qualifications and put Downing outside.
    Trying to figure out Sam is asking for your head to explode. He is what he is and says what he does. Politicians come out with the same claptrap every day as well.

  • WHU647580 says:

    I find it amazing how many people can’t digest or understand the context in which some of his comments are made. For me it’s simple we didn’t get the ball forward quick enough, we tried to pass it, all too often and failed miserably we were trying to make 2 or 3 yard tight passes and failing rather than playing some more direct forward balls.

    In the 2nd half we got the ball forward much quicker therefore turning their defence around and making it uncomfortable for them at the back.

    And fair play for taking off Noble he was having a ‘mare.

  • rads45 says:

    Yeah we got the ball forward much quicker coz he reverted back to what we have had sucess with all season.Maybe if Downing hadnt of been stuck out on the wing most the first half we would have had the formation to allow our midfield to pass the ball through them.You will never achieve this with Nolan roaming round doing nothing in particular.Song & Noble cant move the ball through midfield on their own,as soon as Downing came back to form the diamond we moved the ball nicely.Tippy Tappy football is Sams description of playing football how we all like it to be played,passing fluidly through the team.He is just stirring the fans up,being controversial for the sake of it.He needs to be sent back to his retirement home for a few days,given his pills & he will be fine by the weekend 😉

  • philtheiron says:

    I don’t think BS’s comments were not a direct quote on the hull game but just a general statement made on a subject that is close to his heart?

    It is true that we were poor in the first half, we were second to nearly every ball and our passing terrible.
    But I believe the second half improvement was more to do with the rocket they undoubtedly received at half time than anything else!

    Once we woke up and started moving at pace our quality shone through and we were easy winners in the end.
    I thought Valencia was outstanding, he looked more like the hard running 100% effort player we saw earlier in the season. It is clear that his confidence is returning and was unlucky in that he did everything but score.
    His partnership is beginning to click with AC who himself is playing very well also. His all round play is much improved and he seems to be everywhere.
    In fact the work rate of the players is a major factor in our stunning rise this season.
    Long may it continue! COYI!

    • rugbyirons says:

      How can Allardyce bollock players for doing what he wanted in the first half! He picked the team,tactics and tempo so its hardly surprising it failed.The change of system changed it but where did that come from? If it was good for enough a cond half why not the first? As for Noble coming off ,it should have been Nolan ,who apart from scraping the bar created nothing ,tackled no one and the an nowhere.And before anyone challenges this go back and watch him in the game Noble was trying but with Nolan next to him it was never going to work.If Allardyce played Amalfitano instead of Nolan,we might actually put two good halves together for a long awaited change!

  • rads45 says:

    Damn Rugby,you have put me in a bad situation.I almost have to agree with much of what you wrote.I guess the world must be ending tomorrow 😉

  • rads45 says:

    Btw,i could not believe Robbie Savage on MOTD2,saying that Sam should be given a pat on the back for his tactical awareness.To see the system wasnt working & having the abilty to change it at half time.What a load of sh*t.He should instead have been asking the question of why we didnt start with the diamond in the first place as it is what we have had sucess with!!

  • aussihammer says:

    people don’t seem to understand that you cannot keep playing the same tactics formation non stop unless you no doubt have the better quality players. We really have an average side with a few real gems in it. Not unlike alot of teams mid table.

    What happened last season when we changed to the false 9 and kept with it. We got worked out and it didnt produce the results.

    Sam puts out what he thinks will be the right squad. They had 3 cbs and a packed midfield. Pretty sure we tried to play football but the first half the players looked lethargic and got nowhere near the pace they got to in the second half. Whereas hull seemed to tire much quicker than us after a good first half.

    We won 3 – 0. Credit where it is due. Some people are never pleased.

    Somewhat agree about nolan playing in downings position as downing is clearly better there, though but he isnt as **** as most make out. He had some great moments in the game almost scored 3 times, ran a fair ol distance and put in some decent tackles.

  • el martillo says:

    Great picture! Is Sam about to rip his mask off and reveal a proper premiership manager.
    Nah. If there’s anyone in there it’s got to be Kevin Nolan.

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