Tough talk Mr Moyes but where are your options

Difficult to know what goes on inside Carroll's head.

Difficult to know what goes on inside Carroll’s head.

Perhaps the most interesting comment made by David Moyes after the latest West Ham drubbing was that some players with big reputations disappointed him.

Slaven Bilic had a reputation for honesty but usually  it led nowhere with his inevitable conclusion being that the buck stopped with him.

Not so with Moyes and he had no trouble in  attributing responsibility where it belonged and drawing attention to a couple of players in particular – senior ones at that!

Of the second goal he said: “I think Zabaleta went in for a cross and before we knew it, they were running at us.”

And he added that Andy Carroll’s  behaviour during the game had clearly worried him saying:  “I wasn’t sure if Andy was going to get himself sent off so I told him at half time I was going to take him off after 10 or 15 minutes.”

He appeared to be discovering what us long suffering fans have known for a long time – that Mr C can be the worst possible liability when the red mist comes down.

Carroll – so soon back after suspension – drew blood from a Watford player when again leading with his elbow early on and was then booked after clipping  Richarlison.

Quite what goes on inside Carroll’s head at times is not a productive question but it’s certainly not a space many would want to share.

It all led Moyes to comment: “I think there were some players with big reputations that disappointed me a little bit, I thought they will show me more and why they play in the team regularly.

Today was the first time I had a chance to see them play and I think they need to show me if that’s the reputation you have, show me why you have got it.”

Tough talk but where are the options – the squad is remarkably light on top players despite  all we have hyped ourselves into believing.

Antonio is around 60-40 for the Leicester City match whilst Hernandez is out for another two minimum, leaving us to consider the merits of Sakho and Martinez.

Sam Byram is not yet available to compete for the right back spot where just maybe, given his comments, Moyes may see a problem.

Elsewhere Obiang had a ‘mare, Noble was, well Noble, Cresswell failed to pull any trees up and Ogbonna and Reid were no better than okay.

Kouyate blew a couple of fine chances whilst Lanzini was less creative than we would like him to be while Carroll simply ran about to little effect.

It’s fine for Moyes to explain he wants the players to show him why they are regulars but the sad truth is becoming all too apparent – they aren’t very good but are the best we have.

Add to all of this is the anti board movement and you have a toxic atmosphere home and away… a set of symptoms which contain all  the hallmarks of relegation.

Right now it’s difficult for the average fan to have any realistic answers. We have to hope and believe that the new manager can start producing some hefty bunnies from the hat.




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4 comments on “Tough talk Mr Moyes but where are your options

  1. The first person who can accurately describe the function/dysfunction in Andy Carroll’s puzzling brain will surely be awarded a Nobel prize in Medicine/Neuroscience.

    Sakho and Chicharito (when fit) should be our best starting strikers, since they are probably the best we have. Martinez also deserves a go!

  2. Defensively he has one option in rice !!
    M/f Quinna, Samuelson , Vic , who I watched again on Friday and are not ready for first team duty ! We would end up with the same problem we already have ! None can defend ?
    But offer more pace than noble ?
    Martinez isn’t blessed with off the ball movement , non existent really and put that down to the coach !! Needs drip feeding into the squad under the new coaches !
    Dianganna came on as sub on Friday and transformed the team ! His work rate was right up there and was a constant threat , scored a great goal as well ! But not included yesterday? Quinn’s and Martinez was ? Don’t get that one , maybe quinna contract had a say in his inclusion ? That’s it on the options ! Nobody to replace cresswell , zabba, Reid , fonte , kouyate , obiang , noble , Arnie , Carroll , unless rice is a magician were feked for choice ? It was always going to hurt us when we didn’t replace who we let go in the summer! Sully that was you’re doing ! Not sacking bilic , and having deep pockets along with hype we have a great team ! The best for years evidently ! No class of vision there then but then again it was all brand hype ! Unless we spend heavily in Jan ( who will want to come ? ) its not looking good is it , you can’t coach for lack of pace or brain deficient players who can’t think off the ball be it defensively or offensively ! Moyes and his team have a problem ! Its not their fault ?
    After yesterday Moyes has a selection headache ? Migraine is probably the word !!! Hope he’s got thick skin and a pair of plums to match his comments 😉

    • Lol Laz, he is definitely going to need that thick skin and big plums, he said he is going to work the players hard and he doesn’t have time for niceties with his contract, all fair enough, the players have been getting away with too little effort for two seasons they say they want to put the effort in, now they have to pay the price and dig in he is going to have to start dropping players when they don’t produce, the players have to take responsibility and work for each other, someone has to drive them onto that on the pitch, when Noble can’t anticipate where his opponent is it is hard for him to dive in and make a tackle and the players take their queue from him, I think he has to try a new broom in the captaincy or find a way for Noble to be better, Carroll actually puts himself about a lot so maybe he can be given the captaincy if he isn’t going to give it to Zab and I think Moyes is stuck with using Carroll because Sakho doesn’t appear to be trying as hard and wants out in January, lets see how we go Moyes can only give the players the best training possible an arm around their shoulders may be appropriate in a few cases but the time for comforting has left the players all have to man up now.

  3. It’s hard to recall a worse performance than that . Nobody did anything right . From the Keeper right on down the pitch . It was unbearable , unbelievable , underwhelming , undesirable , unprofessional , unwatchable , unthinkable , unexplainable , uncaring , and most certainly unproductive and unpleasant . Never seen such a poor West Ham side in all my life . No drive , no Heart , no desire .
    It was really Horrible and Horrific .
    Now with that out of the way ; is there any room for Optimism ?, well yes because there has be . Without it we are doomed to the Championship . Every single player must take full responsibility for that rubbish they dished up last night . Because I feel they will I believe there is room for Optimism . Thier own shame should get them shock them into life .
    Moyes currently has the Hardest job in Football . Let’s stand by him .

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